Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Still tied

The Sox held on by the skin of their teeth last night, beating the Orioles 8-7 to remain tied with the Rays, who beat the Yankees farm club 5-3.

Called up to fill in for injured Tek and Salty, Ryan Lavarnway had the night of a lifetime, pounding two homers and showing some great defense. The guys were crusing towards an easy win until the perplexing Daniel Bard nearly gave the game away. Team management is grooming this guy to be the closer, but if they'd traded Pap as they were planning, this team wouldn't be anywhere near the playoffs at this point.

If both the Sox and Rays win tonight, and I'm sure the Yankees will lay down like dogs to insure a Rays victory, there will be a one game playoff in St. Pete for the wild card. Not sure who Tito going to put on the mound tonight -- does he save Lester for a playoff or try to use him on three days rest to guarantee the win tonight?

Pity it's come to this, these guys should have won the division, not be fighting for their lives just to get the chance to have the well rested Yankees pound on them in the first round of the playoffs.

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