Sunday, December 4, 2016

Choose a professional delivery service this holiday season

'Tis the season as we all know. And folks are doing even more shopping online. And that means your important Christmas gifts are coming via a delivery service. I don't want to rat out a particular service here, but let me share a little story with you from Friday this week.

I go into the lobby area of an apartment complex on my route and there's a package sitting by the cubby area where apartment management puts their notices for tenants and stuff. I look at the name on the box out of reflex because I carry USPS parcels up to the door and I want to see who delivered this and if it belongs there, and so on.

Well it doesn't. I immediate recognize the name and address of a customer in the adjacent condo. A customer who, because I'm his mailman, I know is leaving town the next day. The parcel is a same day delivery from Amazon. Obviously something my customer is in a hurry to receive. So I take the package next door and deliver it to him personally.

He shakes his head when I tell him where I found it and then relays to me that he called this company, Dynamex, to complain when he didn't get the package when they notified him it had been delivered. He said they realized that it had been mis-delivered, but had no idea where it was, incorrectly assuming it had been delivered to a nearby business.

He then tells me he checked online and found tons of bad reviews for this company -- mis-deliveries, lost packages, suspicions of theft, etc. I just shrugged, told him I was glad that I could help him out and told him that you get what you pay for -- as in: Amazon wants these packages delivered on the cheap, so you don't get professional service.

It's easy to poke fun at the Post Office. We've been around for over 200 years. We have nearly a half million employees. In all that time and with a workforce that large, you're sure to have a few clunkers in the ranks and some bad experiences from time to time.

But if you want quality service from a business, you want to choose a business that has employees that are invested in keeping that company in business. Hire a bunch of part-timers for minimum wage . . . you really think they give a sh*t if that company goes under? We, at the PO, have a vested interest in protecting our brand and our livelihood and our pensions and benefits and so on. We may make the occasional mistake, but we are dedicated to giving you the best service we can, seven days a week.

So if you're given the option of delivery services for your Christmas items this year, choose wisely or someone else may end up enjoying what you purchased for your loved ones.

Mariah Carey had a bathing suit oopsey

mariah carey nip slip

Does Mariah Carey even perform anymore? It seems like all I ever see are pictures of her at events or going out to dinner or some such. Oh well. Like Christina Aguilera, Mariah has a great voice but seemed to get caught up in the histrionics of running the scales on every song to the point where her music wasn't as enjoyable to the average listener.

Anyways, the former songbird was out frolicking in the surf with some dude (she and Nick Cannon aren't together anymore? Man, I'm out of the loop these days) and after going through a lot of effort to make sure no one saw her plus-sized ass in a swimsuit, forgot to properly restrain the girls:

mariah carey nip slip
mariah carey nip slip

One of those guy things I suppose -- I'm always amused at the effort women go to covering up their bottoms in this era of celebrating that booty, only to leave their bosoms in a precarious situation.


Girls are funny, no doubt about it.