Sunday, September 9, 2018

Weekend schadenfreude

A couple of news bits that caught my attention today:

Convicted traitor and pathetic pretend woman Bradley Manning cut an interview with an Australian radio program short the other day when the host brought up the fact that some of the classified documents that Manning stole and spread to the world online ended up in terrorist Usama bin Laden's possession.

In a stunning example of lack of self awareness, Manning claimed that he couldn't even comment on his feelings about documents in bin Laden's possession because the details of his court martial are highly classified.


Manning betrayed his country, stole 750,000 documents, many of which were highly classified and disseminated them on the internet via Wikileaks. He didn't give a damn about that. But info about his life that he doesn't want out there? Well, that's completely different.

And yeah, I know, his feelings certainly aren't classified, and he was clearly trying to dodge taking any responsibility for his traitorous actions. But still, you've got to chuckle at this jerk's chutzpah.

And then, of course, we have Serena Williams and her meltdown at the US Open.

I think this was her first major since giving birth some months back, and with the chance to take the wins in Majors title away from Margaret Court, who is now reviled in the tennis community for daring to say that she, as an ordained minister, believes marriage is between a man and a woman, all the media was in Serena's corner as she put her full diva on display for the world.

First we got Serena flouting her will by wearing a bodysuit in direct violation of the events wardrobe directives. When informed that the outfit wasn't approved by the sanctioning body, she retaliated like a child by wearing tutu's on court.

But despite the fact she's clearly off her usual regimen of steroids and human growth hormone, she got to the finals against 20 year old Naomi Osaka from Japan. The young Osaka was thoroughly defeating Williams, who did what she always does in these situations -- she threw one tantrum after another.

A line judge docked her a point in a game she was already losing for receiving coaching from the box. She then lashed out at the judge, who may be Hispanic -- Carl Ramos. When he docked her a full game for her outburst, she called him a theif, demanded he apologize and accused him of racism and sexism, blah, blah, blah.

She continued her petulant whining in the post-match interviews. Her boorish behavior had Osaka in tears and literally apologizing for kicking William's ass on the court. It was disgusting but not of character for a player who has threatened to shove a ball down a judge's throat and grew up cheating in the game. Whether it was her father coaching from the box or her and her sister throwing matches to help the other advance.

People are desperate for Williams to be the G.O.A.T. But until she learns to lose with dignity and grace, she's just a goat.

serena Williams loses US Open