Friday, September 16, 2011

Well that was a nice start

The Red Sox went down in flames last night to the Rays 9-2 to have their wild card lead cut to just three games.

24 year old call up Kyle Weiland didn't even make it through four innings before getting yanked as Jeremy Hellickson continued to show the promise that the Rays hoped for when bringing him up last year.

Beckett's on the mound tonight and I'd like to see the guy that was cruising towards 20 dominating wins this season, but frankly the way this season is going, I won't be surprised if he gets blown out of the stadium.

I had such hopes for this team once they got off of that crappy slow start, but seeing the injuries mount and watching them stumble in these last weeks -- they were leading the division at the beginning of Sept(!), it's kind of like watching the old Dan Duquette era Sox all over again.

If the Rays get in the post season, it'll certainly be fun down here. And hopefully these indifferent local fans will fill the stadium for the games. But it's no guarantee.

Also no guarantee is either Boston or Tampa Bay in the wild card game -- I think the Angels are closing in fast and it would be the ultimate irony for both of these teams to pummel each other out of the playoffs.

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