Sunday, September 25, 2011

A better look at Nolan's Catwoman

So more pics have leaked off set (I know, wow -- what a shocker, right?) from Chris Nolan's new Batman pic. We're now getting a better look at Anne Hathaway in character as Catwoman:

anne hathaway as catwoman

So . . . uhmmm . . . I was right when I said Anne had the curvy body to look hot in a catsuit. And the suit is sort of what I expected, which is something more functional for a cat-burgler as opposed to a fetish model. The boots/heels are obviously pushing it a bit, but he can't have her in flats after all.

I see he managed to get "ears" on the suit. It'll be interesting to see how those are justified. So I suppose the basics are covered.

I'm sure the fanboys will be outrageously outraged at the fairly benign look. But the problem with letting all these images leak out now is that people are forming opinions about the film/characters without full context. Nolan's no slouch, and I doubt he's punting on this thing. But there are a lot of imperious fanboy types that are going to see this pic in theaters with a huge chip on their shoulders, expecting to hate it based on pre-conceived notions formed from these leaked production images.

Not sure why Nolan's running such a loose production this time, but I think he's setting himself for more grief than is necessary on this movie.

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