Monday, October 28, 2013

Hey, Sydney Leathers got another job!

Alternate headline: Sydney Leathers topless pole dancing pics as horrific as you might have imagined!

When she was on Hannity some months back, Sean mentioned in his interview that Sydney was appearing at a club in NY later that night. Sydney threw up her hands in mock horror, saying it wasn't like she was stripping or anything, simply hosting an event.

Well, she's strippin' now, baby!

sydney leathers topless pole dancing

Yep, the gal who said she was so disappointed that Anthony Weiner wasn't the man she thought he was, she torpedoed his political career in retaliation, has now done a hardcore porn video for Vivid and was recently pole dancing at some club in Jersey, letting dudes stuff dollar bills into her oversized panties (don't most strippers wear thongs and such? not that I'd know anything about that *cough, cough*)

At this rate, how much longer before this chick is appearing on Monday Night Raw, or mud wrestling at some local carnival? Yep, she's really showing ole' Anthony what a class act he missed out on.

sydney leathers topless pole dancing

Hey, can't get enough of the toothy, tattooed Ms. Leathers? Check out my other links for more pics and news about this absurdly googled young lady:

Sydney takes Bree Olsen's job at Arrangement Finders
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How 'bout that Jonny Gomes, part 2

The World Series is tied at two games apiece after last night's win by the Red Sox 4-2. Mr. Intangibles Jonny Gomes hit a three run home run to give Boston the runs to carry the night.

After a heartbreaking loss on a correctly ruled, but aggravating call in Game 3, the Sox rebounded with some gutty performances and interesting moves by coach John Farrell.

I had a hunch Farrell might do a dual-starter thing with Buccholz and Felix Doubront, but I had no idea Buccholz would have to finesse his way through four innings with a fastball in the mid to high 80s. Tough work. Surprised Farrell only left Doubront for two innings, but it worked out. Especially since Breslow is struggling on the mound.

What a shock to see John Lackey pitch the eighth! But apparently, Lackey had gone to Farrell either before or during the game to say he was willing to come out of the bullpen to help out. And he did just that with a 1-2-3 eighth that got the game to magical closer Koji Uehara in the ninth.

And what a finish with Koji picking off the runner, Kolten Wong, to end the game! That's two freakish plays in two nights. Fans in St. Louis must have felt gut punched at that sudden ending to their night.

Game 5 is Monday night, with Jon Lester going against Wainwright again. I'm hoping Lester has a chip on his shoulder and dominates once more. The guys have the opportunity to return to Boston needing one win in two games to clinch the Series. It's been a roller coaster, but fans are getting their money's worth this year.

Fear the beard, baby!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

So, Sydney Leathers got a job . . .

. . . and it used to belong to Bree Olson.

No, it's not what you think. Or maybe it is. I don't know. Anyway, the toothy, tattooed Ms. Leathers is set to replace Playboy/Penthouse model and porn star Bree Olson as the face of Arrangement Finders, a sugar daddy website dedicated to hooking up shameless, desperate young women with horny, lonely rich dudes.

The money quote from the site's spokesperson says it all I think: "Sydney personifies the upwardly mobile sugar daddy community perfectly and we’re excited to have her on board!"

Yeah baby!

Now I don't know about you, but using the face of a chick who embodies the "I'll sell your ass out in a heartbeat, old man!" dynamic of interpersonal relationships to drive guys to your stable of girls with low esteem, just seems to me a bit counter-productive from a business standpoint.

Plus there's this -- Sydney Leathers:

sydney leathers arrangement finders
sydney leathers arrangement finders

Or Bree Olson:

bree olson nude
bree olson nude

When it comes to having a visual to drive visitors to my hook-up site, I think I'd want the hot chick with a resume of totally rockin' it in the sack as opposed to . . . well, the other one. Just sayin'

I had sort of forgotten, but . . .

. . . there was a time when Madonna was kinda hot:

madonna herman kulkens auction pic

Also, Gabrielle Union turns 41 next week and tweeted a pic of herself looking crazy fine in a bikini. How come we don't see more of her on tv and in the movies:

gabrielle union twitter bikini

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Salma Hayek's new movie has my attention

Salma Hayek is out in Malibu filming a new movie, something about making love like an Englisman or to an Englishman . . . I don't know. It's not about making love to a lonely mailman and I'm not in it, so there ya go.

Set pics are trickling out, and the voluptuous Mexican beauty is busting out all over the place:

salma hayek movie cleavage
salma hayek bare ass

Salma snarked in an interview when asked if Sophia Vergara was the new Salma Hayek, that the original was still around. I'm gonna agree, the original is still getting it done for this guy :-)

Red Sox win Series opener, 8-1

The Sox beat the Cardinals in the first game of the Series 8-1. Uncharacteristic sloppiness by the Cards, coupled with good hitting and some lights out pitching by the Sox gave the home team a big win on the first night.

Jon Lester threw 7 2/3 shutout innings, looking as dominant as he ever has. Mike Napoli drove in three runs in the first to give Lester a nice cushion to work with and the power lefty ran with it. Kind of fun to watch David Ortiz hustle it around from first to score on that hit. Always gives me a chuckle to watch the big man chug it like that :-)

Speaking of Papi, he had another post season home run in the seventh and almost had a granny earlier but Beltran caught it over the bullpen. Nice job there.

But some bad luck and sloppy play really got the Cards in a bind. An easy pop-up in the second that fell between Molina and Wainwright looked like first night jitters. And the overturned call (properly, I might add) on the attempted double play in the first inning gave the Sox a bases loaded situation that Napoli converted with gusto.

Farrell's swapping up the line-up in the series, so I'm assuming Lackey's on the mound for game 2. I'm sure he'll be dialed up for this game, which might give the Sox the chance to head to St. Louis up 2-0. Which would be nice.

I've seen where Farrell is concerned about Buccholz' fatigue factor in his starts and may push him into the four slot of the rotation. Oddly enough, that would give Jake Peavy the chance to close out the series if it goes to seven games. Wouldn't that be something for the late season acquisition?

Way to start things off, guys! Fear the beard, baby!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

No big reveals in tonite's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

But lots of little tidbits to digest.

No new insights into the "is he or isn't he" question about what's different about Agent Coulson. It appears that Melinda May may have taken the bait from Akela Amador in last week's episode, as she tries to get Coulson into a little hand-to-hand exercising like the old days. I don't think that was a throw away, but rather her chance to check Coulson out up close. Subtle touch.
Update: I had forgotten that May had queried Coulson about his problems sleeping. So there's that little bit as well.

The teased betrayal by hactivist Skye, turned out to be that she has a sort of boyfriend from The Rising Tide who hacked into a S.H.I.E.L.D. data stream to help some unsavory folks. Since I finally watched IronMan 3 the other day, I can say that it appears that the people from the episode 1 that were making people blow up when they got mad are perhaps an offshoot of the AIM baddies in that movie. They're using the same chemical compound, extremis, to pump up mutants into super-soldiers or something.

I wasn't sure about Skye's flip-flop on her feelings for/about her fellow hacker after they were captured by the S.H.I.E.L.D. team. It seemed a little too convenient, like maybe they were playing for the agents they knew were watching them while they were under surveillance, but it made more sense by the end of the episode.

I liked how they exposed a harder edge in the agents and agency this time -- when they couldn't talk the firestarter guy down, they overloaded him with extremis and let him blow himself up. After capturing Skye's boyfriend, they gave him the choice between prison or an undetermined time wearing a bracelet that prohibits him from using electronics.

One interesting bit, was Coulson finally got Skye to reveal what her "big" secret was -- why she had infiltrated the team and such. Apparently her parents disappeared when she was a child and all evidence of them scrubbed from public records. The only thing Skye has is a redacted form of some kind. Redacted by S.H.I.E.L.D. Coulson promises to look into what the dealio is there, but gives Skye a bracelet also. Not sure how she's going to do all their nifty computer work if she's banned from electronics by the bracelet unless Coulson and company can moderate the bracelet's effects.

A lot of stuff going on for an episode that didn't seem like it was going to offer much at first. The series is growing on me more each week, which is nice. And despite my earlier hunch, they do seem to be giving out background info and foreshadowing in small doses to string viewers along. Nice.

Also nice -- we got some post coital lingerie action from Skye. I'll take a little saucy from time to time in my broadcast viewing day :-)

chloe bennett

Monday, October 21, 2013

So Taylor Swift was a normal teenager

taylor swift teenage modeling picture

Which is to say that before she hit her twenties and began writing vindictive break-up songs about an endless parade of desperate crushes and wearing clothes from the Disney Princess collection, Taylor dressed like every other teenager -- hip huggers, tight t-shirts, even allowing herself to be photographed in a bathing suit that didn't look like it was designed in 1840. I guess she's doing the reverse Miley or something.

taylor swift teenage bikini modeling picture
taylor swift teenage modeling picture
taylor swift teenage modeling picture

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Back to the Series. Sox win 5-2!

Boston continued it's storybook comeback season by defeating the Tigers last night, 5-2. Once again, presumptive Cy Young winner Max Scherzer was done in by a grand slam after a lights out performance. This time, petite outfielder Shane Victorino, mired in a 1-22 slump, broke out the lumber and sent the Sox into the World Series for the third time in 9 years.

Detroit reliever Jose Veras threw three straight breaking balls to Victorino, knowing the outfielder was struggling at the plate, particularly against the off-speed stuff. But the third pitch was a hanger, and Victorino got just enough of it to lift it over the Green Monster for the winning runs.

Boston's closing tandem -- Tazawa and Uehara shut down the Tigers for the win.

The Series match-up of the Cardinals versus the Sox is a replay of the 2004 Series that Boston swept on their way to breaking the curse. I doubt it will be like that this time. Both St. Louis and Boston had 97 wins this year, which might be the first time the top teams from each league have met in the World Series. At least as far as I can remember.
Update: It's only the third time in the wild card era that the top teams in wins from each league have met in the Series. Thank you Sportscenter :-)

Also nice, for this fan, will be the fact that there won't be any distracting back stories to the Series. As there would have been if it had been Sox v Dodgers. It'll be nice just to sit back and enjoy some great October baseball.

Also have to give props to the Tigers for their grace in defeat. None of the sniping or grousing that we had to endure from my local team, the Rays. Maybe Maddon and the boys could take some notes on how to behave like grown ups from Detroit, whose loss in a series full of one run games was far more gut-wrenching than the thumping the Rays suffered.

Way to go, everyone! Fear the beard, baby!

Also happy to see that Koji Uehara got the ALCS MVP award. During the series, Koji earned one win and three saves -- striking out eight while walking none and only allowing 4 hits. All this on top of his incredible regular season stats of 21 saves with a 1.09 ERA and an 11.22 strike-out-to-walk ratio. Pretty special for a 38 year old who was brought in as a set up guy and then thrust into the closers role out of desperation.
Just more of the magic that has surrounded this team this season. Nice :-)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Sox return to Boston up 3-2 in ALCS

After their 4-3 victory over the Tigers last night, the Red Sox are one win away from going to the World Series. This from a team that lost over 90 games last year and had baseball's most epic collapse the year before.

Jon Lester was solid through six plus innings and Mike Napoli came through again with a 3 for 4 night at the plate, including a monster home run off Anibal Sanchez early in the game. After a fairly quiet series against the Rays, Napoli seems to have caught fire at just the right time. Kudos to Farrell for repeatedly saying that they knew Nap was a streaky hitter and were more than willing to ride his slumps for the dividends it might pay when he got hot.

Saturday's game has Cy Young lock Scherzer going against Clay Buccholz again. I'm hopeful that Buccholz can ramp up his game to his earlier season dominance here. I'm also going out on a limb and predicting the Sox get to Scherzer this time. The guys a monster on the mound, but everyone is going to have a bad game and the Sox seem to get better against these pitchers when they see them the second time in a series (see Price, David; ALDS)

Every prognosticator, pundit, and jerky sportswriter for the Tampa Bay Times picked the Sox to finish dead last in the division this year. According to the experts, it was either the Rays or Toronto in the WS in 2013. Well, Toronto finished last in the AL East, and the Rays imploded against Boston in the Division Series. So eff you guys!

Not counting my chickens here, but "if" Boston goes to the series, I'd sort of like to see them against the Cardinals. Only because I'm so freakin' tired of all the behind the scenes drama about who got traded and who was unhappy and . . . whatever. I'd just like to enjoy some baseball. You know? But as I've been saying this post season:

Fear the beard, baby!

Taylor Momsen's new song better than you might think

The new video for Taylor Momsen's band, The Pretty Reckless, dropped today. The song is called "Going to Hell" and has drawn the usual snarky fire from celeb bloggers with nothing better to do than yak about Kim Kardashian's giant ass. Setting aside the sort of lame satanic imagery in the video, the lyrics are more about Taylor going to hell for being a bitch. Not so much a paean to devil worshiping, despite what you might think:

The song's a decent rocker, with some pretty full chunky guitar work. The lyrics aren't exactly drawing comparisons to the Moody Blues or Yes, but they are still sort of a garage-y band, so I'll cut them some slack here.

I've said before that I like Momsen's pipes -- she's got an amazingly big voice for such a little girl. And I'd love to see these guys get some professional producing/songwriting behind them, because in this world of Carrie Underwood singing Guns 'n Roses, I'd really like to see a good, legitimate female rocker.

Here's some pics from Momsen's recent Maxim gig along with some other stuff I had laying around:

taylor momsen maximtaylor momsen maxim
taylor momsen maximtaylor momsen maxim
taylor momsen fhmtaylor momsen revolver

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

More Coulson clues and stuff

In my review of the premiere episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., I mentioned the fact that Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) might be either a clone or a robot frame with Coulson's essence implanted in it or something. Coulson himself doesn't know he died in the battle of New York, telling others that SHIELD faked his death to spur the Avengers into action. During that episode, on two occasions he repeated the same phrase about Tahiti (where he assumed he rehabbed from his non-mortal injuries) -- "It's a magical place" when the subject was broached.

In last week's episode, again on two occasions, Coulson repeated the exact same line (which I cannot remember verbatim) while struggling to work the slide on his pistol -- something along the lines of "This used to be easy, I must be a little rusty."

In last night's episode, the team goes after a former protege of Coulson's -- Akela Amador, who now has a robotic eye and is being forced to commit thefts for some mysterious controlling entity. The whole episode had sort of a Ghost in the Shell/puppeteer vibe for me. But anyway . . .

At the end, Amador is talking to Melinda May (Ming-Na Wen) about Coulson. She asks what happened to him to change him so. May mentions the New York incident. But Amador pushes on with "But what did they do to him?" When May asks what she's talking about, Amador pulls back and walks away.

So what do we have now? If Coulson is a robot, he bleeds like a human (see his fight in a previous episode), so that seems a bit improbable. But he is exhibiting traits of programmed behaviour -- rote responses to certain questions or situations. And someone who knew him well long ago instantly recognizes something different, possibly physically, about Coulson. Hmmm . . .

The clone thing is looking more like a possibility. But if they're digging into MARVEL's vault of characters, you've got bio-engineered beings like Vision and mystics like Dr. Strange who could have re-animated a dead Coulson and altered his mind in some way. So I'm sort of back at square one here. There's more clues, but all they do is confirm something's hinkey with AC (as Skye calls him).

Oh well, guess I'll just have to keep tuning in.  heh

And since it's a Whedon-esque post, here's some Eliza Dushku goodness to finish things off nicely:

eliza dushku hotness

Lackey v Verlander doesn't disappoint, Sox up 2-1

Another nail biter as Boston won another pitching duel against the Tigers 1-0 on a Mike Napoli home run. Justin Verlander was lights out for 8 innings, striking out 10. His only mistake was a high fastball to Napoli who crushed it for the game's only run.

John Lackey was everything I thought he'd be in this game, pitching 6 2/3 shut out innings and striking out 8. Victimized all season by lack of run support, Lackey got just enough from former Padres teammate Napoli.

This series has been agonizing for this Boston fan, but a joy from a pure baseball standpoint. Three one run games, dominating pitching and clutch hitting. Some amazing plays (and almost plays, such as Hunter's near catch of Papi's granny) in the field and none of the punkish behaviour we had to endure from the local media or players such as David Price.

Jake Peavy's on the mound today for Boston. Not sure who the Tigers will throw up there, another ace I'm sure. This series could very well go all seven games. I can't imagine Boston sweeping in Detroit. So we could get another Lackey/Verlander match up in game 7 for the Championship. I'll go crazy, but how cool would that be?

Monday, October 14, 2013

Hilary Duff eschews tight jeans for short skirt = still totally hot

In what may happily become something like a daily or weekly Duffster update, Hilary Duff was spotted zipping down to her car in a very nice short skirt, soft sweater-y type top and killer boots:

hilary duff in short skirt and boots
hilary duff in short skirt and boots

I'm all for showing some skin, but see how effin' hot one can look if they just know how to dress? Like Kate Beckinsale, Hilary simply has the knack for killing it in casual wear.

And 'tis the season for the gals to start breaking out the sexy boots ('cause I'm a big fan of that as well), so I'm looking forward to many more months of great looks and sexy kicks from my Duffster :-)

Red Sox tie ALCS in dramatic fashion

Boston won game two of the ALCS against the Tigers 6-5 last night on a walk-off single by Jerrod Saltalamacchia in the ninth. But that wouldn't have been much of a moment if the guys hadn't roared back from a 5-0 hole in the sixth inning.

Nearly shut out in game 1 by the amazing Anibel Sanchez, Boston's hitters had their asses handed to them by Cy Young lock Max Scherzer last night. Scherzer went 7 innings giving up only one run. But when the relievers came on, the Boston bats finally woke up. Working some good at bats got a run in the sixth and finally the bases loaded in the eighth for David Ortiz, who didn't disappoint:

Hmmmm, well I tried to embed the video of Ortiz' granny but the MLB embed code didn't work. You'll have to check it out elsewhere :-(

Oh brother! Was that a moment!!

Koji Uehara shut down the Tigers in the top of the ninth and Salty drove in the winning run off former Sox prospect Jose Iglesias' glove. I was dreading the prospect of the guys going to Detroit down 2-0, but now it's a whole new series. I'm liking the Lackey v Verlander match-up, that should be like Game 1's pitching duel.

Still better fear the beard, baby! There's no quit in this team!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Scarlett Johansson...again. Really?!

My computer went on the fritz this week. Took me until late last night to get it up and running again. When I finally do, I see that Esquire magazine has named Scarlett Johansson the sexiest woman alive. Again.


scarlett johansson esquire

Is Esquire even trying anymore? Look, I've said before that I enjoy Scarlett's unconventional looks. But she's got a short waisted, kind of dumpy body. And their photoshopped image isn't changing my opinion any. Want an idea of what she looks like for real? Watch The Avengers. There's a quick shot of Scarlett from behind when she's talking to Loki. You'll get a real glimpse of what her body, supposedly honed to exquisite perfection according to press releases, looks like.

And I don't know about you. But for an actress, in this day and age, to be voted the sexiest woman on the planet, who lost the lead role in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo because as directer David Fincher gloriously opined -- "we can't afford to wait for Scarlett to take her clothes off" . . . seems a bit forced to me.

So here's a collection of some friends of mine, who I think are just as sexy if not more so, than Ms. Johansson. And these gals aren't afraid to go full monty on the job:

anastasia pierceashley grace
diana knightisobel wren
kendra jameskerri taylor
kim danielssavannah costello
sexy slyyystar9

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Bikinis still > Jennifer Nicole Lee

I wondered last month about what the deal was with fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee and her astonishing lack of ability when it comes to keeping her bathing suit on. Apparently nothing has improved as we saw in Miami recently:

Exercising, dieting, mental toughness -- yep . . . knot tying ability -- eh, not so much. So this is where I think she needs someone to travel around with her simply tying these freaking bathing suits on her body. Because I'm sure that these endless wardrobe malfunctions are in no way premeditated or orchestrated or anything like that:

And yes, for the record, I was suggesting myself for the job.


Prophecy fulfilled -- Sox win 7-4 up 2-0 in ALDS

Hey, maybe I've got a shot at the lottery this weekend after all :-)

Boston won again today, defeating reigning Cy Young winner David Price to take a 2 games to nothing lead in the AL Division Series. John Lackey wasn't lights out, but he gets the win giving up 4 runs in 5+ innings.

Not sure why Maddon left Price in there for eight innings to take a beating like that -- 7 earned runs, perhaps he's not too confident with his bullpen. But that's a tough loss to hang on your staff ace.

David Ortiz hit two home runs, for his first multi-homer post season game. Jacoby Ellsbury was the spark plug scoring three times, stealing bases and breaking up double plays. Once again, defense deserted the Rays with two more errors in this game. Tired? Might be the grind of all these must-win games is finally wearing the guys down.

Game 3 is at the Trop with Buccholz going against Cobb. Clay's an enigma here. Might be lights out or a total disaster as he's still working his way back after being out for a big chunk of the season. Whatever happens, I don't see this going past 4 games. And the Rays taking three straight? Not a chance.

Hoping for the sweep, but I'll take the series win in 4.

Fear the beard, baby!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Red Sox crush Rays 12-2 in Game 1

Man, after the crappy week I've had at work, it was really nice to come home to that score today!

Sox pitcher Jon Lester came out smokin' and held the Rays to three hits over 7 innings. Lester's a confidence pitcher and his mid season slump was credited to his thinking he had to carry the team by himself. John Farrell did a great job getting Lester to worry only about the game he was pitching and let the rest of the team worry about the runs. The Sox ace responded down the stretch with one dominating performance after another, capped by the series start today.

Jonny Gomes did his thing scoring from second base on a dribbling single that Stephen Drew barely beat out to energize the Sox, giving them a lead they never relinquished en route to the blowout victory. From the beards to the walk off homers to his hustle and attitude, this is why Gomes was brought to Boston. I had to laugh when Maddon gave him the intentional walk to get to Salty, a move that backfired as Salty crushed a two run double.

There was a lot of noise in the local papers about the rusty Sox playing the tuned in Rays, but what fans got was a team anxious to play against a bunch of guys that looked oddly star-struck and mistake prone.

Game 2 is tomorrow with Rays ace David Price facing the resurgent John Lackey. Not counting chickens here, but I'm thinking Boston will be up 2-0 by Sunday.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Subtlety < Miley Cyrus

Oh look . . . Miley's been gettin' freaky with Terry Richardson again:

miley cyrus see-thru nipple

Two things -- first, the question is not if Miley has done some nude stuff for ole pervy, she clearly has, but when they'll get released. Because girly just keeps inching closer to the full monty in public every chance she gets:

miley cyrus topless nipple

Second -- if anyone had any doubts about whether Miley was just trying to bump up her street cred with all the chatter about her love of the ganga, take a look at her pupils in these pictures . . . chick's as high as a kite:

miley cyrus self front wedgy

If she was trying to drive a stake through the heart of Hannah Montana . . . I'd say it's mission accomplished now, honey.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Oh my god, please make it all stop!

All this shutdown nonsense, I can't take it anymore. From the ghoul twins Harry & Nancy grinning like Cheshire cats while telling reporters that it's the Republicans who are refusing to negotiate, to the President making the absurd correlation between Apple's rollout and Obamacare's nightmare of sign-up hell -- word to the prez: Apple won't fine you if you don't buy their product! Just sayin'

Judith Miller -- well it's only the first day, why would anyone sign up on the first day? I don't know honey, maybe because we've been told that millions are literally dying to sign up for this?

It's the Tea Party's fault the national memorials are closed because of the shutdown . . . even though the government is spending more money and manpower to close the memorials than keep them open? Hey, they didn't even make this much effort to protect the embassy in Bengazi!

If I hear the word "optics" one more time, I'm going to cry. . .

So here's a collection of images of Pamela Anderson from back in the day when her nipples weren't up by her collarbone because of repeated enhancements and lifts:

*click for uncensored*

pamela anderson playboy
pamela anderson playboy
pamela anderson playboy
pamela anderson playboy
pamela anderson playboy

I'm gonna curl up in bed and put a good movie in the dvd player . . . *sigh*