Tuesday, September 27, 2011

And we're tied

Josh Beckett melted down in the sixth inning again versus the last place Orioles to help his team to a loss that coupled with Tampa's win over the Yankees, puts the Sox in a tie for the wild card slot with the Rays.

With both Tek and Salty questionable for the remaining two games, I'm not quite sure who Tito's going to put behind the plate. The injuries are getting voodoo freakish with this team and it's getting to the point where, as a fan, I'm just waiting to see what calamity can befall Boston.

Meanwhile, the Yankees are doing everything they can to insure their hated rivals don't get into the post season. Starting a rookie, Hector Noesi, with a whopping 56 innings to his resume, and filling their line-up card with the lightest hitting players on their squad, the Yanks gave the Rays every chance to win this game.

Now I'm not saying New York is throwing their final games, but with even Rays manager Joe Maddon talking about the Yankees fielding their JV team, all this talk about how New York isn't letting off on the final two games sounds a bit hollow.

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