Sunday, December 27, 2015

So everyone's doing their "best of the year" posts . . .

. . . and I might as well do mine too.


Though I may have finally topped a million hits on this silly little blog, I'm not under any illusions that folks are coming here for my commentary on sports or politics or my ravings about the great lie of man-made global warming. And why aren't they?! Damn!

I adhered to Stacy McCain's light-hearted comments about using pretty girls to drive traffic to one's blog. And of course, it has worked. 99+% of my traffic is image generated searches. So I present to you the images that may have caused their attending posts to be the top 12 most viewed of 2015:

Number 12:
Sadly it wasn't my story about the PO's return to profitability that drove eyes to this story but rather Nikki Sims' sauciness that folks were looking for:

next door nikki

Number 11:
The whole point of Rule 5 Sunday is from Stacy McCain's blueprint for blogging success and 60's beauty Margaret Nolan is still bringin' in the hits:

Margaret Nolan nude

Number 10:
It seems fans are still interested in Denise Richards after all these years out of the public eye. Her bikini pictures were in demand this year, botoxy face and all:

denise richards bikini

Number 9:
My favorite redhead, Maitland Ward, was a top hit getter in several posts, but this one drew the most attention. I wonder why:

maitland ward see thru

Number 8:
More Rule 5 goodness -- that sexy Texan, Elizabeth Marxs got plenty of well deserved attention in 2015 here:

Elizabeth marxs

Number 7:
Who would have thought Mena Suvari was still being searched on the web? I threw the pics in as a lark and boom . . . hit city. Go figure:

mena suvari topless

Number 6:
What I just said about Mena goes double for Tiffany Amber Theissen. Rule 5 magic of course, but folks are still Googling her plenty just the same:

tiffany amber theissen

Number 5:
Sexy, beautiful, conservative Stacey Dash is always a big attraction, hit wise, and my post celebrating her birthday was no exception:

stacey dash nude

Number 4:
I did a post about whether Paris Hilton had a boob job. I'm still not sure as her cleavage seems to expand and contract constantly. Not sure which pics in that post are drawing the eyes, so I'll go with the topless as a default (you're welcome):

paris hilton topless

Number 3:
Salma Hayek did an amusing tweet about how she was "still here" after the celeb magazines were touting Sofia Vergara as the new Salma. Well, rare bikini pics of the luscious latina drew some big traffic for this blog:

salma hayek bikini hawaii

Number 2:
Equally surprising this year was the interest in Katie Holmes. Specifically those nudes from The Gift. Not sure if she wishes those would go away, but part of her fame is associated with those rare topless scenes. No such thing as bad publicity, right:

katie holmes topless

Number 1:
And finally -- the number one traffic getter is my post about Melissa Reeves getting back at her friend Kayleigh Morris. Kayleigh led the pack, far outstripping (no pun intended) other posts about Melissa herself (who didn't even make the top 12). Wonder if Melissa knows that all her drunken stumbling around half-naked isn't making her more popular than her friend:

kayleigh morris topless by melissa reeves

Saturday, December 26, 2015

The new Deadpool trailer dropped on Christmas as promised

The studios had promised another red-band trailer for Deadpool would be put out on Christmas day, and they did deliver:

This one's not as great as the first trailer out, but it has more characters and more implications that this movie is going to go along the lines of the most excellent Watchmen movie. Which is to say that it won't be a cookie-cutter comic book movie -- instead using more adult language and themes than studios usually want to try in flicks based on comic books, even though the audiences are primarily adults.

As an old-time X-Men fan, it's fun for me to see Colossus properly presented in a movie, and I see Gina Carrano is making another attempt at a movie career (saw she was in a movie on pay-per-view as well yesterday). I think Ryan Reynolds box office clout, such as it is, is helping the writers and director of this movie get out the version they want. Bully for them. That backfired on Thomas Jane when he tried that with The Punisher some years back.

This movie is out Feb 12, and like I said previously, I think this will be the first movie I've seen in theaters in more years than I can remember.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

charlie brown christmas

The following is a reprint of last year's Christmas post because I really liked how it came out:

Just want to wish a Merry Christmas to my one or two regular readers and anyone else who happens along today.

I'm going to leave you with the quotation from Luke that Linus performs on the stage during the most excellent Charlie Brown Christmas cartoon:

And in that region there were shepherds out in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. And an angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were filled with fear.
And the angel said to them, "Be not afraid; for behold, I bring you good news of a great joy which will come to all the people; for to you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.
"And this will be a sign for you; you will find a babe wrapped in swaddling cloths and lying in a manger." And suddenly there was with the angle a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying,
"Glory to God in the highest,
and on earth peace, good will among men."

Monday, December 14, 2015

What did I think of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season three?

agents of shield season 2

Glad you asked.

I had meant to get on this and do a regular sort of critique as the season went on. But I missed the premiere, got behind, caught up via my DVR, and never seemed to get something together in a timely fashion. So I'll get my thoughts out this way.

After the ups and downs of seasons one and two, Phil Coulson's new version of S.H.I.E.L.D. is no longer the little engine that could. Nick Fury's infamous tool box has given Coulson a respectable amount of tech and financial resources to be a viable shadow agency ala the original S.H.I.E.L.D. (ugh, these long acronyms are gonna kill me!). New plane(s), new headquarters, a large staff, etc. -- papa's got a brand new bag, so to speak.

We see Skye, now called Daisy, more fully formed into the Quake character from the comics. She's trying to recruit new Inhumans to create a powered unit within SHIELD (that's it, I'm done with the periods!). We see her thwarted on two fronts -- May's ex-husband, the wonderful Blair Underwood as Andrew Garner, doing psyche evals on each new Inhuman and rejecting them outright. And a scary agency called the ATCU -- Alien Threat Containment Unit, supposedly created to contain the growing Inhuman threat, caused by the dissemination of the Terrigen crystals at the end of season two.

But neither of these stumbling blocks turned out to be what they were on the surface. Garner turned out to be Inhuman himself -- a monster that is driven to kill other Inhumans. And the ATCU, while doing what it's head, the unconventionally attractive Rosalind Price (played by Constance Zimmer) believed she was doing, instead it turns out the ATCU was in fact being run by HYDRA, through Gideon Malick (a former council head from the first Avengers movie), played by Powers Boothe with his usual lurid evilness.

We learn that HYDRA was not in fact created by the Red Skull in WWII, as put forth in the Captain America comics and movies, but instead a centuries old organization dedicated to retrieving a monster, most likely another Inhuman or some sort of Cree criminal, who was banished to another world via a portal that happens to be the monolith discovered by the agents last season. This would be the same portal that swallowed up Simmons at the end of last season.

Got all that? Okay, so . . .

After starting the series thinking that Daisy/Skye was going to be the focus, this season seemed centered mostly around Coulson, with a large part also devoted to Simmons and her awkward love for Fitz.

It took until the end of the season for Coulson and Rosalind to get over their Tracy/Hepburn-esque back and forth to become lovers. And then Rosalind was murdered by the increasingly annoying former agent Ward via the overused technique of a mile-long sniper shot.

After introducing Ward as nothing more than a trained soldier, the character has morphed over three seasons into one of those formulaic indestructible psycho killers from horror movies. He survives every attack, defeats a room full of armed soldiers without a scratch, can out-think and out-maneuver anyone and everything that comes at him. Blah, blah, blah. I was so happy when Coulson finally killed him off in the finale. But then we see him reborn as the alien/monster/Cree thing has inhabited his body and returned to Earth.

Simmons got to become more than just a geek due to her time on the alien planet. She's tougher now, and if the finale is any indication, may finally be able to show some affection for Fitz, who has overcome most of his aphasia from last season's near death situation. Indeed, we got to see Daisy and Lincoln kiss too, so maybe there's a love interest for next season.

Mack (Henry Simmons) is still struggling to cope with Coulson's seemingly fluid morality when it comes to missions and also the agency's alliance with powered individuals. Bobby (Adrienne Palicki) seems to have lost some confidence after her capture, torture, and near death at Ward's hand. And she and Hunter may be resolved, as lovers, or maybe not. Like I said, this season seemed mostly about Coulson and his struggles to lead the team against, and then with, Rosalind's ACTU.

There were a lot of good moments this season. If you can find it on demand with your cable or whatever, it's worth a watch, imho. The show has improved each season, which is what you want in your television shows. I'm hoping MARVEL keeps the thing alive for a while. It serves the greater purpose of furthering their mythology for the movies. And I find it kind of fun to see the tie-ins as everything progresses.

Maybe we'll even get one or two cameos next season from a few more prominent characters from the movies.

But thumbs up for this series.

Here's a couple of recent pics of Chloe Bennett, who needs to work on her red carpet manner -- she's got the deer in the headlights thing going on here:

chloe bennett evening dress
chloe bennett evening dress

And I GOOGLE'd Constance Zimmer for some pics and found out that she was in STUFF eleven years ago. Woof! I thought she was hot now, but:

constance zimmer stuff magazine

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Eliza Dushku reminds you . . .

. . . that she's still around. And oh by the way, she's coming back to a television show near you:

eliza dushku bikini

A bunch of bikini pics . . . always a good way to get the folks attention. I mentioned this before, but Eliza will be joining the cast of Banshee this season as an FBI agent (I think).

I'm reminded of a gal I know, who used to hang around the Playboy mansion a lot back in the day. And she said she could always tell when some female celeb or model had something coming up because she'd just start showing up at the mansion and hang around trying to get her picture taken or get involved with anything that was going on there. Guess that's what Twitter is for now.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

I had hoped it would finally be a bridge too far

Alas, I was wrong. Again.

A few days ago, Presidential candidate Donald Trump made the outlandish, at least I thought it was outlandish, statement that America should stop allowing Muslims to enter this country, whether they are already citizens or not.

I had thought that finally this self-aggrandizing ass-clown had finally put his foot so far down his own throat that Republican voters would wake up and see this fool for what he is. Nope. As I toured the web in the days after, I saw one respected blog or writer after another saying that Trump was spot on. I could not believe my eyes.

The normally common-sensed Michelle Malkin was totally cool with the idea of profiling anyone wanting to enter this country via a religious test or simply based on where they were coming from. An unusual stance from someone of Filipino origins who has for years documented the ethnic slurs she has endured from liberals. Plenty of Muslims in the Philipines last I heard. I wonder how Michelle would feel if she traveled abroad and found out she could not return simply because of how ethnic she looks.

There have been a few writers and pundits of note pushing back against Trump and his ridiculous stances on . . . pretty much everything. Charles C. Cooke over at the National Review has consistently showed Trump for who and what he is. His recent column is wonderful and I recommend it highly. One quote says it much better than I could hope to:
Whatever else he might be, the idea of Trump as a paladin of civil liberties should make one howl with terrible laughter. Since he announced his candidacy, Trump has threatened to ignore those who are carping about free speech and shut down parts of the Internet; he has promised to summarily deport those who are suspected of being illegal immigrants, without due process of law; he has endorsed extensive campaign-finance regulations that fly directly in the face of the First Amendment; he has vowed to restrict the Second Amendment rights of those on the terror watch list, again without due process; he has praised Franklin Roosevelt’s internment of American citizens, suggested that natural-born Americans can be deported against their will, and proposed that American Muslims be barred from reentering the country; he has described as "wonderful" a Supreme Court ruling that obliterated the "public use" limitations on the invocation of eminent domain; and he has refused to rule out registering Americans on the basis of their faith. Worse still, he has responded to the criticism that these positions have generated by channeling his inner Nancy Pelosi: "Are you serious?"
And for those ardent Trump supporters, shoving your fist in the air and yelling "F*ck yeah!" at every inanity utter by this vulgar cretin, let me try this on you -- so you're okay with the creation of a militarized entity to go around this country, kicking in doors and dragging suspected illegal immigrants out of their homes, packing them in buses, trucks whatever, and then driving them to the US/Mexico border and marching them across at the point of a rifle? Yes? This is what Trump is proposing. He has said this again and again.

So if Hillary or Bernie or Fauxchahontas gets in, you'd be okay with the following -- the creation of a militarized force going house to house throughout the country, kicking down doors, and searching the home for legally purchased firearms that the [fill in the blank] administration has decreed by executive order would now be illegal and confiscating them. 'Cause it's sauce for the goose, bro. If you're going to be all in for one party's fascist policies, don't go cryin' when the other party uses them.

We, as conservatives, have fought hard over the last seven years, to get our representatives in Washington to remember we have a Constitution in this country. We expect our government to follow that document. And we've been pushing the flaccid spineless members of the party out the door to get some true conservatives in the House and Senate. And now you want this f*cking bozo to run for President?!

Trump would never win a general election. We're supposed to be electing a champion for our beliefs, but also someone who can win over the undecided and centrist/right leaning Democrat voters. Trump is alienating everyone but the 30% of the poll voters who've got their heads up their asses about the big picture.

And plenty of bloggers are giving up already too. Stacy McCain, who I generally like, did a post the other day and basically threw in the towel for 2016:
Honestly, I’ve got a Zen-like serenity about the Trump phenomenon. The prospect of Trump going thermonuclear and running as an independent is the worst-case scenario, and so what?

Not my problem.
Yeah. Not your problem, Stacy. I'll remind you of that when Hillary's President and the country's going to socialist hell in a handbasket. We went through this stupidity in 2008 when bloggers like the execrable Allahpundit were saying an Obama presidency would be better than a Huckabee presidency. As I've said for 7 years now -- how's that Obama presidency going for ya dumbass? And now these guys are doing it again.

Like four years ago . . . we had such a moment that was ripe for serious discussion of policy and a new direction for the country, and we got the clown car circular firing squad of Republican candidates that allowed the worst President in the last century to get re-elected. Now with the door wide open, we get f*cking Donald Trump and his reality show campaign f*cking up everything.

I've got no idea what I'm going to do if this dolt gets the nod as our candidate. I cannot bring myself to vote for anyone this fake or dangerous and voting for whoever the Dems put up there isn't going to happen.

I'm lost. Truly.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Stacey Dash suspended for two weeks . . . still a FOX

pun intended  :-)

After this weekend's You, the public are so unintelligent and uninsightful, you can't appreciate my awesomeness . . . I'm so disappointed in you speech by President Obama on the tragedy in San Bernadino, oops, I mean gun control, a couple of FOX News contributors lost their composure on live television.

The always over-caffeinated Col. Ralph Peters called the President a "pussy" . . . something only allowed on MSNBC when speaking of any Republican Commander-In-Chief. And Stacey Dash said that the President "didn't give a shit" about . . . something. Honestly, I didn't get that far in the article. Imagining Stacey's breathy-sex voice swearing has me feeling like Gomez when Morticia speaks French . . .

Thankfully, Col. Peters never appeared in Playboy. Equally thankfully, the lovely Stacey has:

stacey dash fox news
stacey dash fox news
stacey dash fox news
stacey dash fox news

you're welcome

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Rita Ora did not have a moment

Rita Ora showed up at a recent X Factor taping in a daring and dangerously low cut dress:

rita ora x factor

But unlike Lizzie Cundy, it would seem Rita Ora planned for the inevitable by covering her girlie bits with pasties:

rita ora x factor pasties

Takes the fun out of celeb watching, but props to Rita for knowing what was likely to happen when you dress like that.

So who is Obama going to blame on television tonight?

I hear we're getting a prime time address from the President tonight to speak on the events in San Bernadino and the larger situation of ISIS and terrorist attacks. Is there anyone who doesn't know where this is headed?

I posted earlier that the administration was working to draft an executive action on gun control. So we're going to hear that the Second Amendment and its supporters are to blame for the San Bernadino tragedy. And we're just going to need more laws that only affect the law-abiding and don't deter the criminal one bit.

We'll hear how our own supposed intolerance -- "they were mocking his beard" and bigotry is bring the wrath of these terrorists down upon us. Why if we would only close Guantanamo, there wouldn't be any way to recruit or radicalize these new ISIS fighters.

Supposed hateful rhetoric from Republican Presidential candidates will be blamed. As well as FOX News and any conservative commentator who criticizes our lightworker from another dimension President.

And I'm sure the catch-all bogeyman of the left, George Bush, will be blamed in some way for all this. You know -- all the problems I inherited from the previous administration . . .their war . . . etc.

I don't know if I have the stomach to sit through anything this guy has to say, but I might tough it out just to see how he blames everyone but the terrorists for what's going on in the world today.


Well . . . I managed not to throw up. So there's a plus.

But it was a pretty unfulfilling speech, set at about 13-14 minutes.

Basically, the Prez isn't going to change anything he's doing now. Says he gets daily updates, but then why prior to the Paris attack, did he think ISIS was contained? And he's pushing for a cease-fire in the Syrian war.

The gun control stuff was just red meat for the lefties. The nonsense about the no-fly list -- first off, neither of the two terrorists in San Bernadino was on that list, so what would that accomplish? In fact, how many of these foiled attacks have had suspects who were on the no-fly list buying firearms? It's a symbolic move, nothing else.

And how much harder does he want to make it to buy an AR-styled rifle? And what does he want to do? Extend the waiting period? A more thorough background check? What? None of those things would have stopped or slowed this attack and they won't stop future attacks as the radical Islamic terrorists don't mind laying in wait for months to stage an attack.

It was just the usual pandering to his left-wing base. Nothing that would help stop a future attack on innocent Americans.

There was of course the usual straw man arguments about a non-existent backlash against Muslims in this country. You hear people talking about death threats and discrimination, but no one actually can point to it actually occurring. Kind of like the poop swastika that everyone knew about, but no one actually saw or took a picture of.

Like I said, I didn't throw up. And I'm glad I didn't sign up for one of those drinking games, because he did surprise me with the restraint in not attacking conservatives or Republican Presidential candidates. And with only 14 minutes of air time, the Prez wasn't going to be late for his big soiree with all the Hollywood deep pocket types he had lined up for later in the evening.

Basically, business as usual in the Obama White House.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Rule 5 Sunday -- Margaret Nolan

margaret nolan

I'm not sure which cable channel it is, but one of them is running a James Bond sort-of marathon right now. Watching the wonderful Goldfinger the other night, I was reminded of the busty and beautiful Margaret Nolan (a 20 year old at the time), who appears briefly as Dink, Bond's masseuse.

Nolan was quite the "it" girl for many years, appearing in an impressive amount of movies and television shows in Great Britain. Still alive and kicking, Nolan does graphic art, taking old images of herself and creating Dali-esque visuals with them. Nice to see a gal not shying away from her saucy past in the cinema.

*click on the thumbnails for full-sized images*

margaret nolanmargaret nolanmargaret nolan margaret nolanmargaret nolanmargaret nolan margaret nolanmargaret nolanmargaret nolan

Rule 5 Sunday suggested by this.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Here's a story you won't read at HotAir...

...or Townhall or from any of the cut-and-paste journalists at the various conservative online outlets.

The USPS announced a $1.2 billion operating profit for fiscal year 2015 that ended in Sept of this year. This makes three consecutive years with an operating profit and the second straight where that profit exceed $1 billion.

This despite our so-called obsolete business model. It is projected that the USPS will have delivered 15.5 billion pieces of mail in FY 2015, of which 600 million pieces will be parcels -- a 10.5% increase over last year's volume.

Once again, it is important to point out here that the USPS's financial problems stemmed almost entirely from the 2006 Congressional decision to force the USPS by law to fund future retiree health benefits 75 years into the future. Something no other public or private business in the country is required to do. As I have said in countless comments sections -- hang that $5.5 billion pre-pay on FedEx or UPS and let's see how skippy they are.

There are a couple of factors driving the upturn in profits at the Post Office. One is that upper management has mistakenly assumed that the decline in letter volume is a straight line and would not plateau. This is a bit ignorant and as any reasonable person would conclude, there would be a point where it would level off. The assumption that letter volume would decline to an eventual zero is simply ridiculous. So those projections were bound to not come true.

Also, as correctly projected by yours truly (and roundly ignored as I usually find myself) there has been an increase in catalog mailings as online stores vie for your business. With the proliferation of ad-blocking software, the only sure way to get news of your business into a consumer's hands is to send them a catalog. They can't block that. And if you create an eye-catching mailing, you can get some business. As I pointed out repeatedly -- people may buy from Victoria's Secret online, but they shop those catalogs. Studies have shown that direct mail advertising is still the best value in the industry. And businesses are taking advantage of that this year in a big way. My mailbox at home is packed every day. Isn't yours?

And finally, despite the totally inaccurate statements to the contrary, the PO has been downsizing and reducing the number of full-time employees. CCA's and PSC's take the place of the PTF's of old and work for a fraction of the pay rate that PTF's earned in the old days. It's a bit harsh and the CCA's quit in droves, but it makes good business sense. So there ya go.

So we're keeping Saturday delivery. We're doing Amazon parcels on Sunday because UPS can't afford to. We still do door-to-door delivery (unlike Canada, which may be changing its mind on that), and we're making money.

What's so obsolete about that?

Speaking of business models . . . I've never quite understood how models like Nikki Sims and Jordan Carver stay in business. After a few years of the big tease, paying customers should be realizing they're never going to get to see these gals in all their unexpurgated glory. But they keep on keepin' on. Case in point:

next door nikki

That's about the closest I've seen from Nikki. Guess it's a point of principle or something. She can always answer with a straight face "No, I never did nudity" when years from now someone asks about her internet modeling days.

Lady Gaga in b&w = enjoyable

Not sure what this image is from, I think it is an overseas publication:

lady gaga hotness

I'm liking it. Gaga usually goes for the overt sexuality in her imagery, and I've got no problem with that, but this minimalist look works well on her. Plus that particular angle with her face . . . her large nose makes photography challenging to get a look where you aren't fixating on that one feature, probably why she looks better and is photographed more frequently wearing sunglasses.

But the hair, the black and white photography (you know how I am about that by now), everything about this shoot is appealing to me. As I pointed out in another post, you don't always need to be rubbing our faces in it to make an impression.

Nice work.

Nice rebuke there, Barack

Feckless President Obama, in the aftermath of the Paris massacre, said that the best rebuke to radical Islamic terrorism was to hold climate change talks in Paris.

Well, that really showed them didn't it dumbass?!

Nearly two weeks to the day after a former CIA double agent spoke on television saying he expected a similar attack here in the US, we get the tragedy in San Bernadino. Now in the wake of this act of terrorism, we get another politically motivated maneuver by the President.

Reports are out that this administration is hurriedly working on an executive order to enact gun control legislation, specifically targeting the specious gun show loophole.

Never pass up an opportunity to turn a tragedy to a political advantage. Isn't that one of those Alinsky maxims?

Anyway, the gun show loophole, if you're not familiar with it, is the same loophole that allows you to sell your grandfather's 200 year old musket to your neighbor the vintage civil war enthusiast. It allows private sales of firearms to go unreported among private citizens. Lefty alarmists would like you to believe that private citizens are selling fully automatic weapons and rocket launchers and all manner of scary weapons by the thousands at gun shows, exploiting this grand canyon wide loophole in the law that requires background checks and waiting periods for firearm purchases.

Oddly, there's no waiting period if you want to murder your unborn child, but I digress . . .

This is another of the President's famous straw man arguments. There is no evidence of any act of domestic terrorism or mass shooting where the shooter obtained their weapons via this method. In fact, time and again, we find that mentally unstable killers have either stolen the weapons they used, purchased them illegally, or found someone else to obtain their arms for them. In the San Bernadino case, it was reported last night that someone else had purchased the weapons and ammo used by Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik (who not only came into this country with a false address on her visa, her name is false as well, so kudos on that vetting process Mr. President) in their act of terror.

After eviscerating our Constitution for the last seven years, President Obama has said publicly that his biggest regret is not enacting sweeping gun control legislation. This tragedy gives him his first shot, pardon the pun, at achieving this goal. The Republican controlled House and Senate better get their testicular fortitude in order or a lot of seats are going to change in the next election.

And a word about that climate change summit --

Setting aside the fact that there is not a scintilla of evidence that anything man is doing is causing any change in the climate . . . setting aside the fact that there has been no global warming for nearly 19 years . . . that we are a period of historic lows for any and all extreme weather events . . . that there is no scientific evidence that CO2 has any re-radiative properties and as such is not an effective greenhouse gas . . . President Obama and others met in Paris to set absurd CO2 levels and promise nearly a $100 billion in aid to poor countries to aid them because . . . I've got no f*cking idea! What handing billions of taxpayer dollars to India has to do with climate change baffles me!

no global warming 18+ years

Supposedly there is some goal of holding global temp increases to 2°C over some time period in the future. Problem there is that the last supposed increase in global temps was only .02°C!!! Which is less than the margin for error in the measuring process! So what are we worried about again? Oh yeah, white affluent American guilt! Silly me.

And remember Obama's campaign promise to bankrupt the American coal industry and shut down US coal-fired power plants? Essentially quadrupling your power bill down the road? Yeah, he's been pretty effective on that. Problem is, the rest of the world isn't on board with that idea. There are currently 2400 coal-fired plants under construction around the world right now, even Japan is building some in the wake of the Fukushima disaster. It is estimated that these plants will dump approximately 6.5 billion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

planned coa-fired power plants

So we bankrupt our coal industry, put thousands of Americans out of work. Jack up our own power bills so that low income and poor American families can't afford to heat or cool their homes. Send billions of our tax dollars to other countries in the world. And that is supposed to save the planet from something that doesn't even exist?

Hey Barack -- here's an idea: kill these f*cking terrorists, secure our borders, double down on immigration reform and control and try serving this country for once!