Thursday, October 29, 2015

How would I fix the Presidential debate format?

Glad you asked.

I think we can safely say, that after three debates amongst the Republican contenders for President, that the debate format is f*cked. Also, the RNC, after watching impotently during the 2012 primaries as the candidates to save this country from Obama and the Dems disastrous policies went up in flames as left-biased moderators turned the field into a bunch of easily mockable clowns, has learned nothing.

Last night's debate was the lowest of the three and all were pretty crappy in my opinion. Even the FOX debate was little more than "Donald Trump says this . . . how do you respond?"

So here's my solution:

One day -- five debates / one topic. Let's say . . . the economy, as last night's debate was supposed to be about.

We've got 10 fairly realistic contenders (listed basically in top down order by poll numbers):

Donald Trump
Dr. Ben Carson
Sen. Marco Rubio
Sen. Ted Cruz
Carly Fiorina
Jeb Bush
Chris Christie
Mike Huckabee
Sen. Rand Paul
John Kasich

Now we split the field in half -- the top five and the bottom five. Now using a little randomizing program I've developed (seriously, I did, and it works rather nicely), we reorder the candidates and pair them off thusly:

Trump & Huckabee
Cruz & Kasich
Rubio & Paul
Carson & Bush
Fiorina & Christie

Now you sit each pair down at a table with a moderator, someone uncombative like Brit Hume for example, and you ask them 12 questions. Give each candidate 2 minutes to respond with a 30 second rebuttal. That's about an hour for each pair. And each pair gets asked the exact same 12 questions.

You can post the full five debates on the RNC website and allow various news outlets to take what they want for their shows. FOX and MSNBC and CNN and the alphabet networks can all compare and contrast the answers according to their own programming decisions. And voters would have access to the unedited debates to answer any fears they might have about bias in the various networks.

And have separate debates on single issues -- economy, national defense, education, immigration, etc.

Easy. Right? Get the answers out there. No grandstanding or ad hominem attacks. Just pure substantive info on policy and the direction the candidates want to take the country.

And as the field winnows down, you can expand the time (answer time limits or number of questions or both) to get more in depth with the remaining candidates.

This is so simple.

How 'bout it Reince?

Okay, fine . . . here's Holly Peers in see-thru mesh:

holly peers obsessive lingerie

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Maitland Ward wins the Miss Fall contest

My favorite redhead tweeted out this pic with the embedded caption:

maitland ward miss fall

To which I can only reply -- Yes . . . yes you did!

maitland ward miss fall

Not sure how I missed this contest, but I definitely need to get on the judging panel for the next one. Wow!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Rule 5 Sunday -- Elizabeth Marxs

Elizabeth marxs

I haven't done a Rule 5 posting in quite a while, so I thought I'd toss one out since I'm so frustrated with the political scene at the moment.

This week's Rule 5 is Elizabeth Marxs, Playboy's Cyber Girl of the Year for 2014. With the venerable magazine eschewing nudity in future issues, I'm not sure what will happen to their cyber division, but at least I got a virtual introduction to this sexy Houston native before they gave up on their readers altogether.

That lush body . . . the saucy, smirky smile . . . a bit of a nose and a tad more ink than I prefer -- she's the definition of unconventional beauty . . . and that's right up my alley. Enjoy.

*click on the thumbnails for full-sized images*

Elizabeth marxsElizabeth marxsElizabeth marxs Elizabeth marxsElizabeth marxsElizabeth marxs Elizabeth marxsElizabeth marxsElizabeth marxs

Rule 5 Sunday suggested by this.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Kendall Jenner may have a pierced nipple

kendall jenner pierced nipple

With a career as a willowy runway model to protect and seemingly the personality of skim milk, Kendall Jenner has found at least one way to play the daring rebel as she showed off what looks to be a pierced nipple at sister Kim's birthday party recently.

It's tough trying to hang with this family of world class famewhores, what with the gallons of fat injections and porn tapes and fake deaths/marriage reconciliations and gender reassignments going on, I guess she had to try something.

kendall jenner pierced nipple

Maybe a tattoo next? It'll be something discreet to be sure.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

So what did we learn today?

In today's Bengazi hearings, we found out that House Republicans are arguably the worst inquisitors since the Monty Python guys doing the Spanish Inquisition!


Hillary was literally laughing as these inept ass clowns tried to tie her down on any guilt for that murderous debacle.

With three years to get their questioning straight, and enough information out there that the sub on a high school debate team could have formulated a more piercing line of questioning, these bozos just stammered and blathered and basically looked like they were trying to out bluster one another.

Did I hear this bit right today? 600 requests for increased security at the consulate and none of them were acted upon?! And while Hillary is claiming that as the Secretary of State, she had no oversight or responsibility to ensure our diplomats abroad were safe, none of these idiots could point out the jaw-dropping incompetence of that?!

And while I'm no expert at the structural foundation of government agencies, apparently there is some part of the State Department known as Security Professionals. Have you ever heard of that bureau? I haven't. And it would seem that none of these bozos on the committee thought it prudent to press Madam Secretary on exactly what the department is and who's in it and why were they so inept and derelict in their duty to protect our Libyan ambassador.

If Hillary Clinton is elected President in 2016, a large part of her victory will be due to the stunning incompetence of the House Select Committee on Bengazi.

Avril Lavigne has the first bare breast of the Halloween season

avril lavigne nip slip

31 year old perennial teenager Avril Lavigne put on her patented Arrested Development ™ Halloween gear and went out pumpkin shopping with her new boyfriend. But despite always walking with her head down like all teenagers do, Lavigne didn't seem to notice that she had an entire boob hanging out of her camisole under dress.

So much for self awareness, I guess.

avril lavigne nip slip

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Swifty changing her image again

Taylor Swift started out as a country singer. Worked her way up the ranks to one of the biggest names in the biz. With nothing left to achieve in that genre, she moved over to the pop music scene and immediately took that over as well.

Guess she's looking to morph out of her Disney princess phase if her recent shoot for GQ is any indication:

taylor swift sexy in gq magazine
taylor swift sexy in gq magazine
taylor swift sexy in gq magazine

No complaints here. I've always thought Swift was attractive, it was her penchant for boring wardrobe and those effin' high waisted shorts that drove me nuts. This is a move in the right direction in my humble opinion. And interesting to note -- these are some pretty sexy pics without actually showing anything. While I always enjoy admiring the female form, it just goes to show that you don't have to get nekkid to bring the sexy.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Thinning the herd -- part 2

Whitney Beall, 23, of Lakeland Florida decided it would be clever of her to drive around town, drunk off her ass, and livestream the entire event on something called Periscope.

Beall can be seen in the video noting that people are texting her to get her drunk ass off the road before she kills someone. She also runs over a median and takes out a road sign, all on video.

Fortunately, someone called the cops. And even though Whitney was so drunk she couldn't tell that she was not on Interstate 4, the officer was able to access his own Periscope account (?!?!) and track her down and arrest her.


Well, there was supposed to be a video there. Not sure why it didn't embed :-(

B*tch please!

drew barrymore whining about being fat in instyle magazine

In the current issue of InStyle magazine, Drew Barrymore whines about not being able to pour herself into a bikini anymore. Or a one-piece for that matter. She goes on about how fabulous 160lb Amy Shumer looked in her recent movie wearing a bikini top and short skirt. But she (Drew) simply can't pull that off anymore and has come to terms with her body image issues. Blah, blah, blah.

Like I said -- Bitch please!

Born into a Hollywood dynasty, young Drew never had to worry about anything in her life, literally from day one. The self-pitying 40 year old has a net worth over $125 million and sports multiple homes in California priced over $8 million each.

With nothing to do all day, and more money than anyone I know, pudgy Drew can't find time to work out or eat right or do any of the things women I've known all my life have found time to do while working 40+ hours a week and making pennies on the dollar what Drew gets for sitting in sound stage trailer stuffing her face with donuts and feeling sorry for herself.

Tough f*cking life there, Drew. No sympathy from me this time.

drew barrymore topless
drew barrymore topless
drew barrymore nude

Bikini car wash girl is at it again

Alicia Arden made a bit of a splash for herself earlier this year with a delightfully showy performance washing her car in public. Well, it looks like she's at it again:

alicia arden xpoz jeans

Arden was spotted out on Melrose Ave. over the weekend sporting a pair of the aptly branded XPOZ jeans.

alicia arden xpoz jeans

Not sure whether she just wanted another boost of public/internet exposure (pun intended) or perhaps just doing a little promotion for the brand. Either way, props to her for have the courage and body to air that booty out in public. She's giving my girl Maitland Ward a run for her money in the Hey, look at me! department:

alicia arden xpoz jeans
alicia arden xpoz jeans

That's a friendly little competition I could totally get behind  :-)