Thursday, September 29, 2011

And our long national nightmare is over

Boston lost a rain delayed game to the Orioles 4-3, while the Rays make a stunning comeback against the Yankees to win 8-7 and clinch the wild card berth.

Leading 3-2 going into the ninth, the reliable closer Papelbon blew only his third save in over 30 tries this season. A tough time to do so, to be sure, but Pap's been a rock all season and it shouldn't have come down to this. But it did.

I think overall, the Orioles won this six out of the seven games they played against Boston here in the closing weeks.

I said before, that Boston didn't deserve to be in the playoffs with the way they've been playing. Who knows, the Rays have been scrapping like mad the last few weeks. All they need is for their hitters to get going and they can cause some real trouble in the post season.

One thing to remember is that the Yankees won't be bringing their farm club next time if Tampa gets that far. I think the first series is against Texas (?), so nothing's a gimme yet.

That said, congrats to the Rays!

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