Tuesday, January 16, 2018


fuck you antifa

These guys at Spike's Tactical stirred up a storm when they posted that image as part of a tweet to announce some sort of sales convention in conjuction with the Pipe Hitters Union which I think is a clothing line.

Naturally they're being accused of supporting white supremacy and being racists and all because they call out the Antifa thugs and because there are four white dudes standing up to a crowd of anarchists.

Me personally, I'm just wondering if it is really such a long shot that things may get to the point where we need an armed militia (2nd Amendment anyone?) to keep law abiding citizens safe from these ever more unruly mobs that are lionized and cheered on by Democrats and the left wing media. That's a scary thought.

I'm also not surprised that lefties started hurling the "race" card right off the bat. Ever since Barack Obama was running for President, that's been the default insult and sledgehammer used by the left to silence anything they don't agree with.

Over at Legal Insurrection the other day, Prof. Jacobsen pointed out, correctly imho, that the only reason scumbag Senator Dick Durbin went public with something said in a closed door meeting was that Dems were finding out that President Trump wasn't going to knuckle under on DACA, and their only hope was to force his hand somehow. Using Trump's salty remark as proof he's a racist and then saying that the only way to prove he isn't is to pass the Dem's version of DACA is such a transparent case of Kafkatrapping that I'm surprised I've only seen the Prof. talking about it.

I like that the guys at Spike aren't backing down about the ad and I'd like to see Republicans on the hill lock their arms and push back against this. I'm not sure it will happen, because there are plenty of open borders advocates like Lindsey Graham who will stab the President in the back to get full on amnesty passed.

Wish I had an answer for all of this.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Because of course he is

Convicted traitor, cross-dressing homosexual and really unattractive pretend woman Bradley Manning has decided to run for Congress in Maryland.

The former Army private was caught after stealing hundreds of thousands of restricted documents and getting them released to the public via Wikileaks. Bradley Manning is a traitor. He was caught and convicted. That alone should remove him from serious consideration for public office. But in this day and age of the so-called resistance even cop killers are lionized by the left. As long as one is anti-Trump, you can be anything -- pedophile, rapist, traitor . . .

As someone pointed out once, you don't ever see Democrats getting caught with ethics violations . . . they don't have any ethics to violate.

Manning's Twitter feed is full of the usual BLM, Antifa nonsense one would expect from a poser like this. He doesn't actually have any answers to fix things, he just rants that it all must be torn down. On Law Enforcement Appreciate Day recently, he tweeted out "F*ck the police!" along with a page full of emoji's which seems to be the level of his communication skills. I'm sure he'd do wonderful in Congress. But that begs the question of what he'd do if he got into Congress. If the system is the problem, and he's now part of it, how does he think he'll change it?

Answer -- *crickets chirping*

I doubt he'll get in though. His likely opponent is the incumbent Ben Cardin, someone with a lifetime "A" rating from progressive groups and a voting record that skews 96% toward progressive policies. He ain' going anywhere.

But little Bradley will put on his lipstick and paint his fingernails, stuff Kleenex into his bra and don his best come hither dress to preen before the gender-queer nation that'll support him. And their sycophants in the media -- Glenn Greenwald is already framing any Democratic hesitancy to anoint Manning as the candidate as transphobic.

Oh brother.

This should be an interesting race to watch the Dems try and find a clean way out of.

Also . . . traitor Bradley Manning's sentence was commuted by outgoing President Obama. Deserter and traitor Bowe Bergdahl was ransomed back and then feted at the White House as a hero by President Obama. And they say Trump damages the presidency with his actions.

And just because I have them, here are some pics of the ladies who weren't invited to the virtue signaling awards the other night. I meant to write about this then, but didn't get around to it. Actual sexual assault victims of Harvey Weinstein not invited to the Golden Globes . . . shame on them.

annabella sciorra not invited to the golden globes
asia argento not invited to the golden globes
daryl hannah not invited to the golden globes
mira sorvino not invited to the golden globes
rose mcgowan not invited to the golden globes

As an aside -- it's really hard to find quality glamour pics of Daryl Hannah. Her Playboy pics are out there, and I thought those a bit inappropriate for an article on sexual harassment, but there really isn't anything available other than some boring red carpet stuff. So odd.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Celeb oops of the day

It's Blanca Blanco

Yes, this "actress" I've never heard of before with one of the most ridiculous names ever was doing a beach photoshoot, trying to be provocative and all, but like Joanna Krupa, she underestimated her wardrobe a bit:

blanca blanco bare breast

I checked Ms. Blanco's IMDB page, and though she's appeared in a lot of stuff, I've literally never heard of any of these "movies" she's been in. They made a Showgirls 2? Who knew.

blanca blanco nipple
blanca blanco ass

Nice to see our homegrown SoCal girl is a Jeff Gordon fan. Either that or that's the only jacket anyone had that was available for the shoot. I'll go with NASCAR fan for now.

I had thought this was an outlier for Blanca, as she seems to be strictly a not-too-daring swimsuit model type, but she turned out in this little fishnet number last December for a photoshoot in the park. Good thing it was a warm sunny day I guess:

blanca blanco nipples in mesh top
blanca blanco nipples in mesh top
blanca blanco nipples in mesh top


After a little looking around (not that I was actively looking mind you), I see that it's been insinuated that the 37 year old Ms. Blanco has been known to get photogs to work with her via her own version of TFP (time for prints), in this case a sort of reverse TFP where she offers an incentive *nudge, nudge, wink, wink* to the photog to get pics for her Instagram feed or whatever. Also, there's been a few remarks about her yachting sideline. If you're not familiar with that either, it's where these Instagram models offer to do modeling sessions on yachts as a pretext for something a bit more intimate and pricey. Basically a self-run escort service. Wow.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Rule 5 Friday -- Kiss a Ginger Day edition

maitland ward nipple

This is like that National Donut Day, I can't imagine how these very important holidays keep slipping by me. But what better way to celebrate than with my favorite thirsty redhead -- Maitland Ward

Maitland's been workin' the social media like a demon for the past year. Not sure if she feels she's trending towards the end of her very extended 15 minutes or whatever. But she's been dialing the exposure up to eleven in her posts, and I'm not talking about ISO or filters here.

So if you know a redhead, go ahead and give her a smooch. Just be sure to get approval on signed and notarized documents before hand or you might end up staring at the business end of a #TIMESUP campaign. Just sayin'

*click on the thumbnails for full-sized images*

maitland ward nipplemaitland ward nipplemaitland ward nipple maitland ward nipplemaitland ward nipplemaitland ward nipple maitland ward nipplemaitland ward nipplemaitland ward nipple

Rule 5 Sunday suggested by this.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Michelle Wie is stylish

So says Golf.com who has annointed her as 2018's most stylish female golfer.

michelle wie sexy and stylish

Wie burst onto the scene some thirteen years ago as a lanky (six feet tall) 16 year old who could drive the ball like a man. She had done some good things in the youth leagues and because of her innate charisma and freakish ball striking, she got an exemption to play in the men's Sony PGA event. She missed the cut by one stroke and folks thought she was going to do for women's golf what Tiger did for men's.

Never happened. Beset by a never ending string of injuries, to date, Wie has only four victories (though one is a major -- the 2014 Women's Open) a Rolex ranking of 29 and a CME ranking of 15. Not the lights out career most expected of her. Still, she's young and may yet evolve into something resembling the player many imagined all those years ago. She's made $6M for her 9 years on the tour, so I'm not crying crocodile tears for her. But I think the women's tour would be a lot more exciting if Michelle could get some more wins and shake up the standings a bit.

Nice photoshoot for Golf.com here, she looks elegant in these pics. I like.

michelle wie sexy and stylish
michelle wie sexy and stylish
michelle wie sexy and stylish

Monday, January 8, 2018

So the Golden Globes happened

The 2018 Golden Globes Awards were last night. And of course the theme of the event, besides Oprah for President, was the Weinstein scandal and other related Hollywood issues. Everyone decided to wear black, because that's going to really change things. This from the industry that turned a blind eye to what had been going on for decades. But they're woke now and not going to take it anymore. So black $10,000 gowns dripping with diamond jewelry should really teach those pervs in their midst a thing or two.


Anyways, here's a few looks that caught my eye:

Alexandra Daddario

alexandra daddario 2018 golden globes

Why does this chick always come to these events looking like a ghoul?

Emilia Clarke

Emilia clarke 2018 golden globes

How can you be an actress an not know how to smile for the cameras without looking awkward? This happens much more than it should in an industry that exists on image.

Salma Hayek

salma hayek 2018 golden globes

My goodness, how amazing she looks! Please stay away from the botox and face lifts Salma, just age gracefully, you'll be so much more beautiful if you just be yourself.

Saoirse Ronan

saoirse ronan 2018 golden globes

Could this girl just once not look severe and miserable for a publicity event? sheesh

In the granny panties department:

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine zeta-jones 2018 golden globes

Age appropriate . . . I'll allow it.

Kate Hudson

kate hudson 2018 golden globes

Come on Kate, you're better looking than that. Bonus points tho for demonstrating that boob jobs don't need to go into double letters to improve your figure.

In the puffy sleeves division:

Kate Beckinsale

kate beckinsale 2018 golden globes

Kate Beckinsale wins over Olivia Holt because . . . she's Kate Freakin' Beckinsale! She'd win the taking out the trash in sweats competition. Amiright?

Olivia Holt

Olivia holt 2018 golden globes

In the Someone didn't get the Memo division:

Blanca Blanco

blanca blanco 2018 golden globes

Yes, there's actually someone named white white. Yeah, I don't get it either.

Hailey Baldwin

hailey baldwin 2018 golden globes
hailey baldwin 2018 golden globes

That is a seriously trashy look. What was she thinking?

Shay Mitchell

shay mitchell 2018 golden globes

Points off not only for age inappropriate granny panties, but also the slutty matador looking outfit.

There's one born every minute

As the saying goes.

I had a Sunday only paper subscription in 2016. The weekday thing doesn't work out for me since the paper is always delivered after I've already left for work. Which doesn't do me any good since the whole point is to have something to read when I eat lunch. If I actually get a lunch. Which is rare anymore, but anyways . . .

I let the subscription expire at the end of the year, but the paper boy/guy kept on delivering the Sunday paper on and off throughout the year. He'd put little smiley faces on the wrapper along with things like extra or free or enjoy. I'd occasionally get the Sunday paper on Monday, which wasn't a big deal since I only wanted it for the comics and sports. Seemed a very nice thing by the paper guy.

When December arrives, I get the paper along with his Merry Christmas/it's okay to tip me note enclosed which included his name and address (PO Box). So I sent him a tip in thanks for the extra papers all year.


No paper since.

This is me:

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Courtney Stodden is topless . . . for real. Should we be concerned?

courtney stodden topless

Desperate celeb Courtney Stodden ended 2017 with a flourish, publishing a number of topless photos of herself to social media in what I had assumed was the usual frantic grab for attention from a flash-in-the-pan manufactured celeb seeking to extend their fifteen minutes of fame.

courtney stodden topless
courtney stodden topless courtney stodden topless
courtney stodden topless

But is their something more tragic or sinister at work here?

Over at the celeb blind blog Crazy Days and Nights, the entertainment lawyer that runs the site posted a blind item a while back about Courtney popping pills and acting erratically. He recently posted another item, presumably about Courtney, implying that she's on the verge of suicide or some other sort of self-destructive behavior.

I'm never sure how seriously to take this stuff. After her miscarriage, she mourned by doing a photoshoot on the beach with her creepy 50-ish husband -- her in a tiny bikini drinking champagne and wiping a single tear from her cheek. Was that for real? Makes it hard to take her seriously in my book. But who knows.

I wouldn't be surprised to see that Courtney is a damaged young woman (she's only 23 after all), it is stunning to look back at what 16 year old Courtney looked like before her mom pimped her out to a 50 year old creepy actor and stood by approvingly as she used plastic surgery to turn herself from this:

courtney stodden teenager

To this:

courtney stodden vivid porn shoot

I'm hoping this moment of danger is just another attention grab. But if not, it just goes to show that there are a lot more dangerous monsters in Hollywood and the entertainment industry than Harvey Weinstein and the others who've come out in the recent scandals.