Friday, February 28, 2014

Jessica Alba's Sin City promo picture reminds me

Of just how much it aggravates me when actresses take on roles as strippers but refuse to show any skin:

jessica alba in sin city

From Jessica Alba to Natalie Portman to Lindsay Lohan to Jennifer Aniston to . . . etc., I've ranted about this many times before -- why audition for and then accept a role that will/should entail some nudity then refuse to show any skin?

And the character of Nancy in the Sin City novels isn't a rocket scientist after all, she's a stripper, and her hotness and sexuality is a driving force in many of the stories. And Frank Miller certainly has no qualms about letting readers know about Nancy's physical attributes:

And don't even get started with that nonsense about Alba getting naked in the sequel. Ain't happenin' folks. Jessica Alba doesn't do nudity. Period. And she especially isn't going to go topless after having kids. Don't mean to be vulgar, but it's a fact. I know there was talk about it when the sequel was first floated, but just like the rumors about Aniston getting topless in her sequel (to We're The Millers), if there's any skin, it'll be backlit or blurred or body-doubled, just like the spanking scene that had folks so worked up a few years back (that wasn't Alba there either).

I'm sure Alba will do a decent job in the role (expanded for the sequel), but don't expect any eye-popping reveals of her body. But just one time I'd like to see an actress of note take on a role like this and have the courage and confidence to do it as written.

You can check out my similar rant spurred by Jennifer Aniston in We're the Millers here.

Btw, you can check out the trailer for the new Sin City movie -- A Dame to Kill for, here. And watch Jessica try her best to look smokin' hot as a fully clothed stripper:

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Taylor Momsen's still rockin' the bodypaint

Another promo image from The Pretty Reckless' new album:

taylor momsen going to hell

See the video for Heaven knows here.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

So the Daytona 500 is under rain delay . . .

. . . what have I got to say so far? Glad you asked :-)

Don't like FOX's new tracker at the top of the screen. Perhaps I'll get used to it, but I'm having a hard time telling who's in what place. The old scrolling thingy was better, imho.

Getting tired of these announcers saying Tony Stewart shouldn't be doing all the extracurricular racing he does because of the accident last year. If Tony wasn't racing, he wouldn't be happy. He's a race car driver, it's what he does to relax and have fun and, frankly, to live. It's his life, he's living it the way he wants, so back the eff off and let the guy be himself. jeez

Loved the commercial for new series about the stay at home dad -- with him in the kid's room at night with the baseball bat -- And so it begins....   heh   Don't know if it will be any good, but I laughed out loud at the promo.

Also the commercial for Walmart pledging to spend $280 billion on American businesses was nice. Nice song for the commercial too. Workin' man . . . by Rush . . . a Canadian rock band. Maybe someone should have thought that out a bit more.

Have to check out the details on the 300 movie. It looked cool. But my son cracked that it had so much slo-mo in it, that probably if they played it all at full speed, the movie'd only last 10 minutes.   lolz   That effect is getting worked to death in pretty much everything these days.

I think NASCAR needs to tweak their aero package to allow more/better drafting at these restrictor plate tracks. I seem to be the only one who liked that old two car tango stuff with the gen 5 cars. But the racing seemed more exciting and unpredictable to me back then.
just sayin'

Loved the Danica interview with Dale Sr.'s granddaughter. Adorable. I'd like to see her do good this season just to shut folks up.

Happy Birthday Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning turns 20 today. Seems like just yesterday she was just a little kid in that awful War of the Worlds remake.

From her turn as Cherie Currie in The Runaways:

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Anastasia Ashley just got my attention

anastasia ashley sports illustrated

Better known for her viral warm-up video and relentless instagrammin' of that ass, Anastasia Ashley decided to give the girls some exposure in the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue:

anastasia ashley sports illustrated
anastasia ashley sports illustrated

I'm not going to commit and say she won the issue, but she's giving those professional models a run for their money imho.

And while we're on the subject of mesh mania, I'd just like to mention:

hannah ferguson sports illustrated

Uhmmm . . . yeah . . .

I guess this is where she's looking at the camera saying something like -- It's so comfortable . . . I don't feel like I'm wearing anything at all!

No kidding . . . wow!

Monday, February 17, 2014

My two cents on the Ellen Page thing

I don't actually care that Ellen Page is gay. And I have to laugh at the drama of her "coming out" on the subject. Her choice of sexual orientation was probably one of the worst faux secrets in Hollywood. I mean seriously, is there anyone who pays attention to films that didn't know she was a lesbian?

And exactly how was she suffering by not being "out" in the first place? Hollywood isn't exactly known for discriminating against gays or lesbians. And checking the data on her career, Ellen hasn't exactly suffered for her choice of lifestyle that everyone already knew about. At 27 years old, she has a net worth over $14 million. She's got over 25 film credits, a half-dozen tv series, and some voice-over work for toons and video games.

Gee, we should all suffer so much.

And since she isn't exactly the "romantic lead" type, I don't know why she couldn't go around town holding hands with her significant other. Again, not like anyone was expecting to see her with a guy after all.

I saw on one of the celeb blogs where the guy who writes there opened up his fawning article on Ellen's big coming out party with this little gem:

"If you're one of those people who think gays should keep this to themselves and you find it uncessary[sic] for them to come out, first, you're part of the problem, and second, please be real with your reasons for feeling that way."

Well first off, it's you that's the problem, brother. Not me. You and all the others who make their living by lionizing and idolizing a tiny minority of people who choose to engage in aberrant sexual behavior. You and others like you who demand that I accept this behavior even though I feel it flies in the face of my religious beliefs and even the common sense of Darwinian evolution. You and others like you who wish to rewrite our laws and overturn legally binding referendums just to please your warped sense of what's right and wrong. It's you and others like you who demand that over 96% of the world's population bend to appease the less than 4% of the populace that has chosen to self-identify as LGBT.

Like I said, I don't care if Ellen Page is gay. I don't care if Anderson Cooper is gay. I don't care if the nice lady on my route is gay. I don't care if the nice guy who runs that shop I used to deliver to is gay. They chose to put themselves outside the norm of society. There's a risk to that.

But the last thing I need is some loser who posts pics of supermodels cuddling together and makes a lot of hubba-hubba jokes about girl-on-girl action lecturing me about how I should feel about this whole gay rights circus.

Thanks to Doug Ross for the linkage.

Happy Birthday Denise Richards

Actress Denise Richards turns 43 today. I think it's also Paris Hilton's birthday, but with a choice to do something on one or the other . . . is it really a choice?

Yeah, that's what I thought too.

I've always liked Richards as an actress. She does decent work over a variety of genres. And quite frankly, she has the best "smoldering" look of any of the gals in her generation. A combination of the eyes and eyebrows and the way she curls her mouth . . . when she tips her head down and gives the camera that look . . . woof!

Other than her foolish decision to marry that douchebag Charlie Sheen, she's done pretty well for herself. And, as evidenced by recent pics on celeb blogs and such, she's still pretty rockin' at 43.

Anyway, here's some pics from her Playboy pictorial some years back:

denise richards playboy
denise richards playboy
denise richards playboy
denise richards playboy

Okay . . . I guess I just can't let this pass . . . apparently Paris Hilton went commando at her birthday party over the weekend and wore a dress that made sure everyone knew that she was letting things breathe, if you know what I mean:

paris hilton no panties birthday

*sigh*   Thought I was going to get away with ignoring her too . . .

Sunday, February 16, 2014

So my friend died yesterday . . .

Tuesday was a pretty horrible day at work -- cold, raining. And my friend, who is not on the overtime desired list, was given part of an open route to carry. I went home at 7:30 that night, and he wasn't back off the street by then, so no telling how late he got back.

Anyway, he called in sick Wednesday morning. Actually, he called in for Wednesday and Thursday, which most PO workers do since our sick calls get tracked -- most folks just take two days on one call in. I figured it was a protest sick call. Sometimes that's the only way you can get your point across -- I don't want to work overtime and you keep forcing me, so bingo . . . I'll take a couple of days off. Get the message, boss?

Well, he didn't come to work on Friday either. And no call in this time. No one could get ahold of him. We get to work Saturday and get the sucker punch to the gut -- he's dead. Died in the hospital of pneumonia.

Just like that. Gone.

I had known this guy for nearly 26 years. When I was speaking to our union president Saturday morning, I used the word "gentle" to describe him. Our president said that was probably the perfect one word description of my friend. He was one of those guys that wouldn't say beans if he had a mouthful. Always soft-spoken, a ready smile -- he moved through the world and barely left a ripple behind him.

It's easy to be a wonderful person when everything is smooth sailing and problem free. It is how we behave, what we project and become under duress that gives a better indication of who we are inside. I never heard my friend say a bad word about anyone. Ever. Despite the increasingly stressful workload and atmosphere at the Post Office, my friend was never ranting or raving like so many of my co-workers. He didn't want to carry overtime. He was on what we refer to as the work assignment list. Meaning he just wanted to do his own route and go home each day. But with the daily understaffing, he was often asked to help out. And he did. Without complaint, again, unlike so many of my co-workers.

With all the problems at work, you could see my friend was concerned about things management was doing, often in violation of the contract, and yet though he would question and comment on things, he was never angry or ranting like many others do. Instead, he was just this pleasant, calming presence at work. He adopted one of our more troubled co-workers, doting on her, befriending her, bringing her coffee or a little something in the morning. He would help one of the tinier employee's push her very heavy hamper out through our busted up parking lot to her truck. Little random acts of kindness. Something rare in this world.

The acting OIC was at the office to speak about my friend. He went on about what a great mailman he was and others chipped in with similar statements. My friend shouldn't be defined, nor should any of us, by his job. It was not being a mailman that defined my friend, but how he handled himself day to day at work does tell us about what kind of person, what kind of man, he was -- decent, caring, trustworthy, honorable . . . that's who he was and how he should be remembered.

We see so many people around us each day -- miserable, execrable, rotten human beings that fall ass backward into money, and fame, and the easy life, or commit terrible acts upon society, and they seem to live forever. Taunting us with their immortality and invulnerability. And yet my friend, one of the simplest and softest people I've ever known, is snatched away in the blink of an eye. He spent 26 years toiling in this hellhole of a job, and never got to have that period of rest that we all hope for at the end of our working days. That just sucks.

Though I knew him for many years. I didn't know him intimately. We weren't buds, we didn't hang around, and that's my loss. I should have taken the time to get to know him better.

So, goodbye Ivan. I'll miss you. We all will.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Kendall Jenner is see through . . . again

Barely legal Kendall Jenner, after mastering the see-through look on twitter (or was it facebook, I can't keep all this social media straight) is now working on her 1000yd stare as a runway model:

kendall jenner see through nipples

Bad hair, boring make-up, hideous outfit . . . I just don't understand fashion at all.

The Pretty Reckless -- Heaven Knows

When I saw the song title, I was wondering if Taylor Momsen and the guys were doing a remake of the old Robert Plant song. Which would have been kind of weird. But it isn't. And it's a pretty decent song. Simple. Sort of anthemic. I love Taylor's pipes. Check it out:

Jimmy's in the back with a pocket of high
If you listen close
You can hear him cry

Oh, lord, heaven knows
We belong way down below
Sing it
Oh, lord, heaven knows
We belong way down below
Way down below, way down below

Judy's in the front seat picking up trash
Living on the dough
Gotta make that cash
Won't be pretty
Won't be sweet
She's just sittin' here on her feet

Sing it
Oh, lord, heaven knows
We belong way down below
Oh, lord, heaven knows
We belong way down below
Oh, lord, tell us so
We belong way down below
Oh, Lord, tell us so
We belong way down below
Way down below, way down below
Way down below, way down below

I've had better days, man
I've seen better days
I've had better ways, man
I know better ways

One, two, three and four
The devil's knocking at your door
Caught in the eye of a dead man's lie
Show you life with your head held high
Now you're on your knees
With your head hung low
Big man tells you where to go
Tell 'em it's good
Tell 'em okay
Don't do a goddamn thing they say

Oh, lord, heaven knows
We belong way down below
Oh, lord, tell us so
We belong way down below
Way down below, way down below
Way down below, way down below

I've seen better ways, man
I know better ways
I've seen better days, man
I've had better days

Jenna's in the back with a pocket of high
If you listen close
You can hear the crying

Oh, lord, heaven knows
We belong way down below
Oh, lord, tell us so
We belong way down below
Oh, lord, heaven knows
We belong way down below
Oh, lord, tell us so
We belong way down below

Way down below, way down below
Way down below, way down below

taylor momsen toplesstaylor momsen nude
taylor momsen fhmtaylor momsen revolver magazine

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Daily Duffster

Well it's not exactly what I had in mind, but we've finally got Hilary Duff in a bikini this year:

hilary duff bikini 2014

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Another thought on AOS

As I mentioned in the last post on the show, it seems the main baddy for the series is this "Clairvoyant." And with a name like that, the natural reaction is to assume that he/she is psychic or some sort of spooky being or something.

But all the stuff that has been attributed to the Clairvoyant, could easily have been managed by a mole or evil-doer within the S.H.I.E.L.D. organization. There hasn't been any big reaches by this entity, it's all been basically a knowledge of everything that's going on with the team and people who have some contact with S.H.I.E.L.D.

I haven't seen this theory broached on any of the sites where I check on the show (not that I hit a great ton of them) so either I'm way ahead of the curve, or completely off the tracks on this.

We'll see.

Topless Lebanese skier = trouble

It seems Lebanese Olympic alpine skier Jackie Chamoun did a photo shoot for a calendar that included some racy imagery. With Lebanon being nearly 60% Muslim, you can imagine the uproar when candids from the shoot appeared online recently. Chamoun is duly apologetic about the incident saying that she never imagined the images would become public or linked to her. I'm guessing she was hoping to earn a little cash on the sly and with the public/internet's fascination with hot Olympic chicks, someone did some digging and facial recognition work and . . . busted. I hear there is actually rioting going on over this.


I'm not getting all that religious angst over a little sideboob, but I know that strict adherents of the faith don't tolerate any skin showing on their women in public. Pity, she's a very attractive gal:

Monday, February 10, 2014

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. -- T.R.A.C.K.S.

Man! That's a lot of effin' puncuation!   *whew*

This last episode will have to hold fans over until early March, as the Olympics and such are filling prime time television. Which is okay because this was another very good episode, as they seem to have hit their stride in storytelling and character portrayal.

We have the gang riding on a train as the bad guys from Cybertek are transporting a mysterious package to the equally bad Ian Quinn. The team splits into groups for the surveillance. There's some fun there as May debuts herself in a sexy Black Widow-eque outfit sporting some nice cleavage which Ward is taken aback with. And Simmons has to pose as Coulson's daughter so she wildly over-prepares a background for the character so she can lose herself in it.

Everything goes wrong as the team's cover is blown and the baddies from Cybertek attack the team. We see Coulson and Ward dive off the back of the train as a grenade of some sort is tossed out after them. The train then disappears in a clould of blue smoke.

Uh oh.

The writers do a neat thing here by splitting the story up and telling it from each character group's point of view. Leading to a final showdown at Quinn's mansion where everyone returns to a single timeline.

As I said, they've got the storytelling down much better now. There's plenty of subtle humor -- Coulson's quip about the disappearing train as he hopes this doesn't mean another interaction with the Asgardians, Simmons' interaction as Coulson's daughter, and Ward and Coulson trying to figure out how to use the holotable was much like someone's first interaction with a touch-screen device. The action is much better too. After some clunky early efforts, we get to see May as something that should rightfully be known as The Cavarly. She shows a nasty side, gets bloody, does some serious ass-kicking and kills someone with a carpet knife.

There's plenty of foreshadowing as well. The Clairvoyant is apparently going to be the recurring baddy for the show. And he now controls Mike Peterson who will become the Deathlok character (a minor MARVEL character -- reanimated cyborg) for the series. More hints about the danger of Skye as an 0-8-4 designated item. With the next episode supposedly taking place at The Hub as the team needs some emergency medical stuff to save a critically wounded member, we may get some more background into Coulson's own death experience.

All in all, some pretty good stuff for 8:00pm network television.

And I say that because I'm a bit mystified at some of the crabbing by various folks online who bitch about the series. I don't find the interaction between May and Ward to be a distraction. In fact, I find it sort of cute that they've reversed roles with the two -- May (the female) is simply using Ward for release sex, while Ward (the male) is getting sort of emotionally involved. I also like Skye's character and the slowly evolving mystery of her background is not a diversion to me. If the series lasts (fingers crossed), they've left themselves with a lot of room to do something cool with her. I'm curious to see where they're going with the Deathlok/Clairvoyant plotline, so the writers have done their job there. Supposedly, we've got upcoming cameos from Lady Sif from the Thor movies, so more Asgard stuff. It's enough to keep me coming back every week and not just to gripe about things.

These folks bitch on one hand because things aren't wrapped up in one episode, then complain that they aren't stretching stuff out on the other. Or want characters like Skye killed off because they don't like her. Plenty of fans didn't like Andy Sipowicz in the first season of NYPD Blue, and he turned out to be one of television's best characters. Not that Skye = Sipowicz, but give them time to flesh her out -- jeez.

No fun pics of Chloe Bennett this time. Instead here's a couple of Saffron Burrows who plays S.H.I.E.L.D. senior agent Victoria Hand:

She's put on some weight from her younger days, I almost didn't recognize her when she first appeared on the show. heh

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hey, look who came out of hiding

It's Anna Kournikova! She's still around and doesn't look like she's been shoveling down doughnuts and ice cream by the pound for the last however many years it's been since we've seen her:

anna kournikova miami shoot magazine
anna kournikova miami shoot magazine

nice :-)

People like to yack on Anna about her not earth-shaking career in professional tennis. But it is important to remember that coming out of Nick Bollettieri's tennis camp in Florida, everyone thought she was going to be the next big thing. Anna was, by far, the best female player there and routinely defeated Bollettieri's male students.

Big tennis career never came about though. But she is still one of the hottest female athletes of all time.

Friday, February 7, 2014

'Cause I'm too tired to do anything original . . .

It's been two crudtastic days at work, and after today's cold and rainy yuckiness, I don't have the energy to do a lot of typing, so . . .

Here's more Miley, this time from Vogue Germany, where's she's just as topless as in her W magazine outtakes.

*click on the image for uncensored*

miley cyrus topless vogue germany
miley cyrus topless vogue germany

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

About that CBO report . . .

It is just killing me listening to various Democratic mouthpieces saying that having 2.5 million Americans reduce their hours to part-time or drop out of the workplace altogether, is somehow a good thing.

How exactly does one "pursue their dreams" when they don't have any disposable income to live off? Carney's crack about creating more entrepreneurial opportunity was laughable. How, pray tell, does one do anything entrepreneurial (as in create a business that would employ others, etc.) when that person won't have any money to work with? What bank is going to give an unemployed loser a start-up loan?

These clowns live in a fantasy land. I've said many times before that Obama's economic team acts like they're doing a college lab or something. Just throwing around pretend money and doing all sorts of crazy stuff with no knowledge of how the real world works or worries about real world consequences of their stupid decisions.

And none of that begins to touch the topic of what will happen to a moribund economy when 2.5 million citizens see their disposable income reduced. I would think the result will be catastrophic.

And by the way, where and who are all these people who are "trapped" in a job because of health care? Dems make it sound like everyone in America is running to the ER or a family doctor a half dozen times a month! Who the f*ck is that sickly? Seriously, have you heard any numbers from the Dems about how many people are stuck in this supposedly tragic situation? Because I haven't.

Barack Obama said his goal was to "fundamentally transform" America. Well, apparently his vision of America is one where citizens choose not to work and simply sit around with their hands out, being catered to by Big Nanny Government.

What's that you say? Why yes, there are outtakes of Miley's photoshoot with W Magazine.

And yes, she is really seriously plainly topless.

And yes, I do have it here. And yes, you'll have to click on the image for the uncensored view

miley cyrus topless in w magazine

Monday, February 3, 2014

Don't hate me for this . . .

. . . but I'm kinda liking Miley's look in W Magazine here:

miley cyrus nipple in w magazine

And no, I'm not talking about her slipping out of that weirdo pantsuit thingy there. I mean the blonde hair, combed down like that . . . minimal make-up . . . her tongue not hanging out . . . kinda hot for a change (especially the pic below):

miley cyrus in w magazine looking hot

'Cause the alfalfa hair just isn't doing it for me even if she is topless:

miley cyrus topless in love magazine

I see she took my advice about the pasties tho   :-)

And after the game . . .

. . . man, that was some ass kicking! You know?

Every time one of those Tim Tebow commecials came on, I wondered if he was sitting somewhere with a big smile on his face thinking about how they could have been running the option, doing rollouts, and other things to slow the Seahawks defense down, if only . . .

Oh well, so much for Peyton Manning's legacy . . .

Plus, I watched both of those comedies after the game.


Guess I just don't get sitcoms anymore.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Before the game . . .

. . . for the record

The opera singer was nice, but they can just do the MetLife Peanuts thing for the National Anthem from now on out and I'll be happy.

Rule 5 Sunday -- Mai Nishida

mai nishida

It's Super Bowl Sunday, and I'm sure everyone is going to be doing football themed stuff. So I'm taking it out a whole different door.

I came across these pics of Japanese model Mai Nishida a while back and thought wow! So enjoy something a little different today and I hope whichever team you're rooting for does well.

*click on the thumbnails for full-sized images*

mai nishidamai nishidamai nishida
mai nishidamai nishidamai nishida
mai nishidamai nishidamai nishida

Rule 5 Sunday suggested by this.