Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Groan . . . I may have to watch this in theaters

The third movie in the Wolverine series is supposed to come out in March of this year (I think). The writers are riffing off an alternate reality storyline from the comics referred to as Old Man Logan. In the comics, the world is some dystopian hell where the U.S. has been conquered and divided up between various super-villains to control. Logan has killed the X-Men while under the spell of another villain and has run off to live out his life in the desert.

This movie seems to be taking bits of that storyline and running with it. In Logan, we have an aging Logan, his regenerative powers fading, hiding out in Mexico with a mildly insane Professor X. They encounter a young girl who is not at all what she seems and end up on the run from those out to capture this girl.

It seems the girl is supposed to be what the comics referred to as X-23, real name Laura Kinney, and she is basically a clone of Logan with the same mutant abilities -- regenerative healing, heightened senses and seemingly, at least from the trailer, the same berserker rage the comic version of Wolverine was known for.

She also has adamantium claws in her arms, two instead of Logan's three, and if they stay true to the comics, she'll have one in each foot as well.

I've railed long and loud about Disney's butchering of the X-Men character mythology, storylines, timelines and pretty much everything they've done with a comic book series I loved as a kid. I've hated much of what has been done with the Wolverine character, and I hated the first two movies in this series. But I'm liking the look of this one so far. I like that they're going for the R rating. And I know that Hugh Jackman is looking to send this role off in the best possible way. So it might turn out okay.

It's going to be a cool year for movies. Logan, then Wonder Woman, then the Justice League, and I don't know what else in in the pipes. I'm going to feel like a real person actually going out for some entertainment a few times this year.

Hell, maybe I'll even get a date too.

I know . . . that's just crazy talk.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Suzanne Young would like you to shut up

Especially if you don't agree with her on global warming, I mean global cooling, I mean climate disruption, wait a second I'll get it . . . climate change.

Told you I was going to start calling people out by name.

Ms. Young got her letter to the editor published in this Sunday's editorial section of the Tampa Bay Times. She got the preferential highlighted posting in the section. She opens her letter thusly (emphasis mine):
"Climate change is a real threat. It is not a theory, it is not up for debate, it is not an issue that needs further discussion.
Got all that? The science is settled according to Ms. Young so shut the f*ck up and do what she wants.

Apparently Ms. Young works as USF in some capacity, I know not what, but she has written a letter and was able to get one hundred (exactly 100, how about that . . . you never hear of anyone getting 99 or 101 signatures on a letter) of her colleagues to sign on asking the college to make a statement in support of students and employees (why is she using that word instead of faculty?) to study climate change.

Apparently she has received no response.

Ms. Young was spurred to write the Times because Rick Perry and Scott Pruitt both made statements that about the lack of a so-called crisis with the climate. And also because President Trump ordered the EPA and other government agencies to stop issuing tweets and such about climate change and put a hold on research grants. A procedure so benign that members of the EPA weren't upset about it, saying it was business as usual with an incoming administration. But Ms. Young wouldn't know that, she only saw the headline at the Daily Beast or a hashtag trending on twitter and had a meltdown.

In her letter she worries about the "...propagation of misinformation" on climate change. On that we both agree. Problem is, the misinformation comes from climate scientologists like Ms. Young.

Twenty years of steadily increasing planetary CO2 levels and we have a global temperature flat line -- no increase. No increase in the number or severity of storms, floods, tornadoes or any extreme weather event. The arctic is not devoid of ice as Al Gore so famously predicted. Polar Bears and penguins are not extinct. Manhattan and Miami are not under water from rising ocean levels. In fact, ocean levels are rising at the same rate they've been rising at for the last century.

Climate change might be a real threat if it were occurring to some extraordinary extent. It isn't. The climate of this planet has always changed. There is no evidence that anything man is doing is causing that change. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

The only people who are being silenced on this subject are those who point to actual proof and data that show that hysterics like Ms. Young are attempting to push a political agenda through under cover of a so-called climate crisis.

It's a pity that universities, once a place for diverse and challenging thought and study have devolved to the point of being group think echo chambers.

Sorry Ms. Young, this subject needs much more debate, much further discussion and you don't get to decide whose opinions matter.

So Iggy Azalea went paddleboarding

iggy azalea paddleboard

So rapper/songstress Iggy Azalea rounded up a posse of brothers to go yachting and paddleboarding and such, and . . . yikes!

iggy azalea fat ass cellulite
iggy azalea fat ass cellulite

Iggy has been the subject of a fair amount of criticism from the hip-hop community who contend that the white Australian rapper is simply appropriating black culture for monetary gain. They point to her inability to rap extemporaneously, the forced ghetto/urban accent to her speech and her seemingly unnatural look as evidence that she is un-authentic.

It's been apparent that Iggy's had some work done -- breast enhancements and lip injections to be sure. And there's been a lot of talk about implants and injections to her derriere, often from celeb bloggers who simply seem to be looking for a reason to mock her. But she certainly has a lot more junk in the trunk than when she first came on the scene.

iggy azalea fat ass cellulite
iggy azalea fat ass cellulite

I'm no expert on the subject, but if Iggy is doing the Kardashian/Jenner thing -- trying to turn herself in a white girl parody of what black girls look like, I think she's making a mistake. Other than her clownish appearance, what exactly is she going to do with that stuffed ass when she's 50? Her skin isn't going to stay young and firm forever, and when gravity begins to win that battle, she's going to have a real problem to deal with. If she isn't a rich recording star then, how's she going to pay for all the surgery to correct that?

And if that is a natural condition brought on by her particular genetics, then I feel bad for her. And bully for her for finding a way to deal with it. But something tells me, she brought that behind on herself. I don't get it, but hey . . . the brothers she's with seem to be digging it. So there ya go.

The outsider candidate

trump pence ryan

When the 2016 Primaries were beginning to shape up, grassroots Republicans began a push for what they termed as an "outsider" candidate, someone who was not a career politician. The idea being, besides the notion of returning the country to government by civilians, that a non-political lifer would not be beholden to self-interest and self-preservation of a lifetime appointment/career in politics.

Much of what drove voters to Donald Trump was the belief that a wealthy man would not be able to be swayed by the graft of lobbyists and as a man with a full career outside politics, he wouldn't worry about being re-elected and would instead do the "right" thing for the country and his supporters.

The danger of a political novice in the White House was that there might be blunders, perhaps even on an epic scale, by someone who simply doesn't understand how government or the world works. So you have a bit of the double edged sword when the outsider/political novice becomes President.

And that's pretty much what we've seen in Trump's first week in office.

Some of his Executive Orders have been good -- stopping the payment to Palestinian terrorists Obama tried to sneak through in the last hours of his Presidency, setting the stage for repealing/replacing Obamacare, money for increased border patrol agents, tasking the military to draw up actual plans for defeating ISIS, stopping funding for sanctuary cities and so on. Even the temporary ban on immigration isn't as bad as everyone is making it out to be. Even man-god Obama restricted immigration during his 8 years in the Oval Office. Throughout this country's history, we've restricted immigration from time to time. This is a 120 day stay and increased vetting for those travelling to and from countries designated as sponsors of terror.

Not sure what all the hubbub is about. Other than lefties and Hollywood are so determined to lash out at anything Trump does, they're in full meltdown at the moment. I liked Mark Levin's tweet about having all Syrian refugees and immigrants from these terror countries be housed in Beverly Hills.   heh

Of course, there has been the bad, particularly in the way President Trump has handled the press and coverage of him. One would hope he will outgrow that. But with a large portion of his supporters cheering him on every time he or one of his agents attacks the press, I fear we're in for a rather inelegant four years from the Trump administration.

To his credit, he seems to be trying to deliver on his campaign promises. And that's what we're always screaming about when a new President is elected -- "You campaigned on [this] or [that] . . . why aren't you pushing ahead on it?!"

Well, he seems to be trying. It's only one week in, 207 weeks to go.

We'll see.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Why Helen Mirren is the BOMB

Dame Helen Mirren has had a long and wonderful career as an actress. She's won numerous awards and is generally considered to be the sort of admired performer that Meryl Streep tries so desperately to convince everyone she is.

Mirren has not done a lot of nudity in films, there's been a little, and she's done some on stage, but in interviews she has openly said she finds nudity in performing to be liberating and feels many of today's young actresses are a bit too uptight about appearing in the altogether. She posed for this bit of partial nudity back when she was a smoking hot twentysomething:

helen mirren topless bath

So hot. If you haven't seen Excalibur, her turn as Morgan le Fay shows just how crazy beautiful and sexy she was when she was young.

Now at 71 years of age, I personally find Helen to still be wonderfully beautiful and sexy, as do a great many other men my age. And I love that she has allowed herself to age naturally without the maniacal cosmetic surgeries that are disfiguring so many women I've watched age through my lifetime.

Recently, Helen reprised her bathtub photo:

helen mirren topless in the bath at 71

F*cking amazing! I know there are a lot of built in jokes about grandma here, but how ballsy of her to do that! And frankly, wrinkles and all, I think she looks amazing. I'd soak in a tub with her any day.

There's bold, and then there's BOLD

I'm not going to constantly belabor the point that I was #NeverTrump from the outset, but I think it may be necessary for a while on the off case that some, unfamiliar with my political views, may wander over here due to something I've posted.

Anyway, despite the hysteria by liberals and Democrats and those unhinged women at the Women's March -- blow up the White House?! Seriously?! Trump's having sex with his daughter?! Seriously?! He's going to assassinate his son-in-law ala Mussolini?! That on-air from Chris Matthews, btw . . . seriously?! New President Donald J. Trump hasn't really done much since his inauguration except accept the confirmation of a couple of Cabinet posts and sign a formality Executive Order to set the stage for repealing Obamacare.

But this is precedent setting:

Important because Presidents have frequently talked about moving the US Embassy from the safety of Tel Aviv to the proper capital of Israel -- Jerusalem, for decades. It is a marked departure from the Obama doctrine of flagrant anti-Semitism and sends a more than strong signal that the US under Trump will fully support Israel and its right to exist.

Important because terrorist Palestinians will see the Embassy as a target for terrorist attacks and will require the US to maintain safety of that Embassy with some effort. Military effort. And money. That's going to ruffle some feathers.

The danger of a President Trump is also the benefit of a President Trump -- he may do some good as well as some bad with his loose cannon/outsider stylings. Let's hope the good far exceeds the bad.

It's only two days in . . . 1458 days to go.

Movie review -- Mr. Right

mr. right movie poster

I ran across the movie on cable recently and thought it deserved a little commentary from your humble correspondent.

Anna Kendrick plays Martha Agatha McKay, one of those little kids who ruins show & tell with the sort of out-of-control exuberance that has parents pumping their kids full of Ritalin and other ADHD/OCD drugs these days. Martha's all grow'd up now and living in New Orleans with her friend Sophie. Martha has some sort of degree in paleontology (possibly a PhD) but isn't doing anything with it. She's mostly just existing and stumbling through a series of disastrous relationships with douche-y guys.

Her latest break up results in a two day binge of drunken closet followed by a night of over the top bar behavior and yet another disaster at Sophie's pet boarding establishment. Wandering back to their apartment, Martha, wearing her trademarked quirky hip outfit (see the movie poster above), is spotted by Mr. Right, real name Francis Munch played by Sam Rockwell.

Francis is yet another in a long line of James Bond/Bruce Lee super assassin types cranked out by the super secret...don't talk about it...hush hush CIA Ultra program that seems to be in every movie anymore. Max Landis wrote this screenplay about the same time he wrote American Ultra, another movie about a James Bond/Bruce Lee assassin type from the Ultra program. So either little Maxie has no imagination or he has a real issue with a CIA program that was shut down by Presidential Order in the early seventies.

Anyway, Francis (he hates his real name by the way) has had an epiphany of sorts, either a crisis of conscience or maybe because his partner turned on him and dropped a building on him while they were in Serbia. Whatever the cause, Francis now thinks that murder is wrong, but his reputation as a top flight assassin won't go away. . . people keep hiring him. So he does the next best thing -- he finds those who hire him and kills them instead. It sort of makes sense if you look at it just right.

Francis is immediately smitten with Martha and they begin a quirky cute courtship over the next couple of days. They finally seal the deal with one another over a one-of-a-kind sort of seduction that I won't ruin for you here, but it involves kitchen knives and probably not in the way you're thinking.

Martha and Francis' burgeoning relationship is in trouble of course from a variety of sources. Francis is being hunted by his former partner Ed Hopper, played by the wonderful Tim Roth, affecting a Brit's interpretation of a soft Georgia drawl. Hopper has been tasked by the CIA to kill Francis since no one seems to be able to capture him. There's also a mercenary, who is the lone survivor from a failed assault on Francis in the movie's title sequence, stalking him. And a comically inept wanna-be gangster kingpin who is trying to get his older brother to hire Francis to kill someone, hoping that Mr. Right's reverse hitman ethos will get Francis to kill the older brother and allow the younger brother to take over the gang.

Got all that?

It's not actually all that hard to follow whilst watching the movie. Director Paco Cabezas (Paul Head . . . really?!) does a nice job of interlacing the various narratives to further the plot seamlessly.

The movie is mostly cast with actors I've never heard of before. Other than the three above, two faces I do recognize are Anson Mount who plays older (gangster) brother Richie, working a fun anger management shtick, and RZA, taking a break from playing in mystical kung fu movies as a hired thug for the gang. Martha's roommate Sophie is played by Katie Nehra, unknown to me but cute in a scrawny thin sort of way, and seems to have gotten the role solely for her ability to yell What the f*ck! in various situations.

But it's the performances, particularly Kendrick's, that almost make this movie magical. Anna Kendrick has been working hard this last year or so to position herself as the heir apparent to Zooey Deschanel's quirky "it" girl/sexy in a safe way title. And had this movie been hitting on all cylinders, this might have done the trick. The interactions between Kendrick and Rockwell, in the quiet moments, are almost perfect. Their stream of consciousness/non sequitur dialog is endearing and seems natural. Most probably due to Rockwell, as he wears that sort of role effortlessly. The writers also managed to work his old school soft-shoe dancing style into his fighting techniques, which was a clever conceit in my humble opinion.

The problems mostly come from when Kendrick isn't interacting with Rockwell. She dials up the manic to eleven and it comes off as too forced. Perhaps the director should have let Rockwell help with the directing or even just work with Anna more directly as his scenes, when he's doing the hitman thing, show how easily that persona can be maintained in various situations.

All in all, I like this movie enough that it fits easily in my default movie list. A little more nuance in the performance of Kendrick and this might have been a home run for her. As is, it's more like a decently hit line drive that took a crazy hop and went over the fence for a ground rule double. How's that for metaphor? Heh.

Be warned -- this is an R rated film, so lots of killing and blood and bad language. No nudity of course, Kendrick still struggles with just how sexy she wants to be (that's a topic for another post). And we are talking about a movie about an assassin here, so there are moral questions in play. But it's only a movie, it's okay to suspend disbelief for 90+ minutes and have some fun.

Did you find this review helpful? Check out my other reviews for my thoughts on the flicks and the occasional gallery of hotness that accompanies them:

And speaking of galleries of hotness -- here's some pics of Anna Kendrick trying to look sexy while trying not to be too sexy, including a shot from her Playboy pictorial that shows just how sad that publication has become:

anna Kendrick sexyanna Kendrick sexyanna Kendrick bikini anna Kendrick sexyanna Kendrick sexyanna Kendrick playboy

Friday, January 20, 2017

So, there was this Inauguration today

trump inauguration

And in a nifty little package, we see exactly why Trump is President, why liberals lost and why we have Republican majorities in the House and Senate and Governor's mansions around the country.

Donald J. Trump was sworn into office today as the 45th President of the United States of America. He gave a speech that was basically the boilerplate speech he gave throughout the primaries and general election -- us versus them, take the country back from the elites and establishment types, spend money here not abroad, seek no nation building, strong military, lots of jobs, etc.

The basic speech that got him standing ovations around the country last year. Light on specifics, heavy on populist rhetoric. For a nation tired of eight years of Obama's hectoring, race blaming and petulant superiority, it galvanized voters to vote against a lifelong corrupt politician in the form of Hillary Clinton.

And liberals and Democrats showed they learned nothing from the crushing electoral defeats of the last eight years.

Television commentators compared Trump to Hitler (can't you f*ckers find another insult to throw?). Protestors firebombed vehicles, broke windows, blocked uniformed military members from getting to the Inauguration. Fyi, don't ever try to tell me that Dems/liberals actually like or care about our military. They hate them with every fiber of their being. Every action and word they utter show their haughty disdain for the men and women that risk their lives to protect our way of life. It was in plain sight once again today.

Pathetic desperate famewhores like Michael Moore and other tweeted idiot things about Trump and forecast doom and gloom for the country ahead. Tiresome actor Shia Lebouef announced he was teaming up with Will Smith's gay cross-dressing son for some sort of daily podcast that would last four years. And on and on.

People I spoke to on my route today, people that vote Democrat by the way, were appalled at what they watched from the liberal protests. And I don't blame them. What a bunch of whiny babies on the left. And this spectacle is exactly why plenty of voters, who may not have believed Trump was the right person to be in the White House, went ahead and voted for him over Hillary.

The left has become a parody of itself. Frantically clinging to every out-of-the-mainstream bit of ideology, they have alienated vast portions of this country that simply want to live their lives, make enough money to pay their bills, and be secure in their homes and workplaces. They don't want men in dresses using the same bathrooms as their grade school daughters. They don't want to be told how much soda or coffee they can buy in a restaurant. They don't want to be told what they can have on their fries or how they should be cooked. They don't want to turn on their televisions and be inundated with endless leftist/socialist propaganda messages built into sitcoms and hourly dramas. Or pay $15 to see a movie and get 90 minutes of political messages instead of entertainment.

But instead, the left is doubling down on their failed agenda. Threatening impeachment proceedings before Trump even picks up a pen.

I didn't vote for Trump. In fact I didn't cast a vote for President this cycle. And if Trump runs again in four years, I probably won't vote for him then either. But if liberals/Democrats keep this insanity up, it won't matter. He'll win again. Because that electoral map will just keep getting redder and redder.

You'd think Dems would have learned by now.

Apparently not.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

A word about the upcoming Inauguration

china's chicken trump statue

If you've been watching any sort of new or even the celeb blogs, you know that the incoming Trump administration has got its work cut out trying to find performers for what has traditionally been a day long celebration of an incoming President.

I think the list of performers who had initially agreed to perform only to back out after their respective industries threatened them is actually longer than the list of performers that will perform. Last I saw, they had a couple of country music types -- Toby Keith and Big & Rich (the latter has mocking headlines built in) are the latest to sign up.

I had thought of this a while back, but I saw that someone else had already put it online so I never bothered. But I think it is a great idea -- don't have any celebrity people or performers for the Inauguration. Do like they did with that young girl who's going to sing the National Anthem -- mine the country for home grown talent. We've got a big beautiful country with all kinds of talented people working and performing out of the limelight. People just as talented, and in some cases more talented, than the ones celebrated by the big dollar media. Line these folks up and let them shine in front of the entire world.

If you've read any of my posts you know I didn't vote for Trump. I don't believe in him, never did, still don't. But his campaign was predicated in part on push back against the established elites in the media and Washington. What better way to celebrate that than an Inauguration of ordinary Americans celebrating the outsider President?

Once again, look at the electoral map:

2017 electoral map

New York and L.A. backed a loser. Celebrity and elite media hubris lost the presidential race. Epically. So fuck New York. Fuck L.A. And fuck these whiny Democrats that don't want to attend the Inauguration. Despite their opposition to Barack Obama's liberal agenda and ideology, Republicans didn't boycott his Inaugurations like a bunch of whiny babies with full diapers.

This is something Republicans in Washington and in online media need to hype relentlessly. Democrat hypocrisy writ large starting even before Trump is sworn into office. And with each hyperbolic apocalypse that fails to come to pass during this administration, conservatives need to blanket social media with how Democrats and liberal celebs were wrong. Like they did with the I'll leave the country if Trump wins nonsense that got thrown in the faces of celebs after the election.

There's an opportunity to do some good here for the country. Not sure I trust establishment Republicans to not f*ck it up. But who knows?

Guess I missed kiss a ginger day again

But my favorite thirsted redhead didn't miss the chance to get her see through on:

maitland ward see thru nipples

Haven't heard much from Maitland Ward these last months. Hardly any new content or Instagrams or shameless self promotions, the likes of which always make me smile. Perhaps she's giving up on her 15 minutes of fame. Pity. I think there's some potential there.

If only she had the right person managing her career. Hmmmm . . .

That was short lived

ariel winter see thru

I mentioned in a post earlier that young Ariel Winter had done a nice job finding an outfit that was actually quite pretty, though perhaps a bit saucier than it should have been for the event she was at. Still . . . it was nice to see what was possible.

Well, that was Christmas of last year. It's 2017 now, a new year, and she's back at it again whilst leaving the Peppermint Club in West Hollywood:

ariel winter see thru
ariel winter see thru

Though in truth, this outfit isn't as bad as it could have been, she's still got the hoochie factor dialed up pretty far here. I am getting a kick at how she's been shepherded through the crowd here. By both arms no less. Like they're afraid she's going to run off.

ariel winter see thru
ariel winter see thru

Tough life these celebs have.

Just to set the record straight

So I'm reading the paper this morning, the Tampa Bay Times -- I have a Sunday only subscription for the sports and comics, and I glanced through the Perspective section. That is where the paper puts it editorial columns . . . hahahahahahahaha . . . sorry, the whole paper is editorial columns, and letters to the editor.

It seems sometime during the week, the paper did an article about these quicky concealed carry classes that are offered at gun shows and gun stores. And there were letters to the editor about the article and the reader's own experiences in the paper today.

Now, I've been to a few gun shows, and I've seen these quicky classes in operation personally. Though I have ample evidence, via my years as a competitive shooter, to qualify as competent for a CCL, I took a class for the heck of it. One offered by a local gun store. It was a half day class. You burned up about a hundred rounds of ammo in various shooting scenarios, they gave me a run down on the laws of concealed carry and what to do in the aftermath of a self defense shooting and then they helped me fill out the forms, took my picture, presented me with documentation accepted by the state, and I was on my way. Like I said, I didn't need it, but it was kind of fun.

These quicky classes are quite different from the class I took and indeed are a joke -- a couple of minutes on the law, how to fill out the forms, fire one bullet into a sand trap . . . I agree with what the Times probably said. They are just a legal way to comply with the regulations required by the State to apply for the license. They are the inevitable outgrowth of any opening for a business to make money. Sort of like the sub prime lending market created by Bill Clinton and the Democratic congress that led to this country's economic collapse during the Bush administration.

But what prompted me to write this today, were the letters in the paper about the classes.

I'm not going to apologize for saying that if you took a class that advertised that you could complete a firearms training class in one half hour and you thought that would make you skilled enough to defend your life with a firearm and you came away disappointed . . . well, you sir or madam are a fucking idiot!

You, sir or madam, are the sort of fucking idiot that shoots themselves or someone else while trying to clean a loaded firearm. You, sir or madam, are the sort of fucking idiot that shoots someone at a shooting range because you turned around with a loaded firearm in your hand and began talking to the person in the stall next to you. You, sir or madam, are the sort of fucking idiot that leaves a loaded firearm where a small child can get access to it and allows a tragedy to happen.

In point of fact, if you're taking one of these classes because you cannot distinguish between filing out the forms to apply for a CCL and taking a defensive firearms class then in my opinion, that alone should disqualify you from ever owning a firearm. Because you, sir or madam, are a fucking idiot!

Now I'm not naïve enough to think that the Times had any other reason to publish this article than to push their agenda of ending private firearms ownership in this country and repealing the Second Amendment. This despite all the statistical data that shows that private ownership of firearms saves lives and that illegal use of firearms, like that done by criminals in Obama's hometown of Chicago where young black men gun each other down by the hundreds each year while Barack the Savior does nothing, gets ignored.

There is no statistical evidence that conceal carry laws have increased death by firearms in this country. None. The Times and liberals in general look at repealing the Second Amendment as their Holy Grail. That's why they politicize every tragedy involving firearms. It's why they refuse to point out and call terrorist acts as terrorist acts. It's much easier to call them workplace violence or shooting incidents and that way they can push their political agenda. It's why Katie Couric isn't publicly shamed by the fake news left wing fact checkers for her deceptive editing on her anti-gun documentary. It's why Michael Moore isn't publicly shamed by the fake news left wing fact checkers for his deceptive lie-filled propaganda pieces like Bowling for Columbine. It's why Hollywood keeps churning out dreck like Miss Sloane to push lies about private firearm ownership and why television is replete with factless storylines about private citizens exercising their Constitutionally protected rights to own a firearm. And why bloggers and idiot Hollywood celebs have epic meltdowns because they don't have any understanding of what a suppressor is. Hint -- there's no such thing as a firearm silencer, you can't silence a firearm, that's a movie myth. You know -- make believe.

And though I've already thrown this morning's paper away, I'm tempted to buy another copy, just to publish the names of the idiot's who wrote in to the paper about their disillusionment over their CCL classes. Because you idiots wanted your names in the paper to push your political agenda, don't complain when you get called out for your stupidity.

/end rant

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Tove Lo is topless . . . again

tove lo topless fault magazine

I think singer Tove Lo has had one hit or notable single in her career so far. She still draws well at her concerts, part of which is due to her bi-friendly songs and part of which is due to the fact that she flashes her audience for no apparent reason throughout her show.

I guess that's one way to get guys to show up with their girlfriends.

She's a one-trick pony, or so it would seem. So go with what works I guess. These pics are from Fault Magazine I think. I actually prefer the two images below, more subtle. And the last has sort of a throw-back glamour look to it. Not bad. Of course the black & white is always a plus for me, which you should know by now:

tove lo see-thru mesh fault magazine
tove lo sexy fault magazine

And yes, I still find the nose ring vulgar and disgusting.

Fashion at the Golden Globes = uninspiring

So the Golden Globes happened over the weekend. Did I find any fashion looks I liked? Glad you asked.

hilary duff 2017 golden globes

Hilary Duff brought some understated beauty to the event with this elegant green dress that eschewed the boob window look that seemed to dominate the style that night. Simple gold accessories and basic hairdo, she looked amazing. Not totally discounting her impressive figure, the dress was clingy/fitted enough to accentuate her curvy figure and impressive power-lifter booty:

hilary duff 2017 golden globes

Haven't seen much from Leighton Meester in a while, I think her last movie came out in 2015 and supposedly has a series in pre-production, but she rocked a simple white dress for the Globes:

Leighton meester 2017 golden globes

In a confusing trend I found in these red carpet pictures, there were head shots that looked really amazing, but they never seemed to include the full body. Not sure what was going on with the photogs at the event, but how could you get an amazing look like this one and not capture the entire subject:

Leighton meester 2017 golden globes

The surprise in the red carpet photos for me was Maisie Williams:

maisie williams 2017 golden globes

Like so many of the actors/actresses on Game of Thrones, Maisie came out of nowhere to become a common face on red carpets and talk shows and a presence on Instagram and Twitter and so on. I'm loving the old school look of that gown she's wearing. The bright yellow, long train, and just a hint of daring with the open sides . . . wonderfully appropriate and classy for a young lady who's only turning 20 this May.

All in all, it was a fairy unimpressive showing this year. Probably because Hollywood is in morning over the end of The Enlightened Being®'s eight years in the White House.

And having said that . . .

I think pretty much everyone is aware of Globe Winner Meryl Streep's tone deaf attack on President-elect Trump and the people that supported/voted for him. There's been some fun pushback so far. This real time image during Streep's speech is a classic:

mel Gibson vince Vaughn 2017 golden globes

And afterwards, two advocates for Meryl's disdain of the plebian life spoke out on Twitter to defend their respective employment industries:

Tony Siragusa -- "It must be great to have all your friends give you an award for being someone else. Did you ever get an award for being you? Btw athletes ARE real people, we don't have to pretend to be someone else we are real!!!"

UFC President Dana White -- "It’s not going to be everybody’s thing and the last thing in the world I expect is an uppity, 80-year old lady to be in our demographic and love mixed martial arts . . . We have fighters from all over the world, World Champions, men and women, we do fights in tons foreign countries. She’s not educated about the sport and it was a completely uneducated comment."

And lastly Piers Morgan. Morgan is an irksome, smug, arrogant Brit who thinks his accent makes him superior to everyone else. He's probably more pissed at the American cinema industry than Streep herself, but it is still a marvelous smackdown:
"Last night, Streep received a Lifetime Achievement award at the Golden Globes, and chose the moment to launch a very personal attack on Donald Trump.

She began by saying that Hollywood, foreigners and the press are ‘the most vilified segments of American society right now’.

At which point the cameras panned out to hundreds of the richest, most privileged people in American society sitting in the audience in their $10,000 tuxedos and $20,000 dresses, loudly cheering this acknowledgement of their dreadful victimhood.

She then said that if all the ‘outsiders and foreigners’ were kicked out of Hollywood, ‘you’ll have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts, which are not the arts.’


I haven’t heard such elitist snobbery since Hillary Clinton branded Trump supporters ‘a basket of deplorables’.

But putting all that to one side for a moment – and if Trump WAS mocking a man’s disability then I agree it was disgraceful – let’s move to what Streep said next: ‘Disrespect invites disrespect. Violence incites violence. When the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose.’

At this point, I laughed out loud with incredulity.

Not at the words themselves, which are laudable.

No, it was at the hypocrisy.

You’d be hard-pushed to find an industry that encourages more disrespect and violence than Hollywood."

Note to elitist snobs like Streep -- Donald Trump didn't get elected because America is racist or backward or uneducated or any of the other nonsense peddled by the media. Trump got elected because of eight years of a petulant, racist, anti-Semitic, arrogant would-be King hectoring the American people because they simply didn't bow down to him and accept his guidance. Trump was elected because the media spent eight years kissing Obama's ass and covering for him and everyone of his failed policies and charging anyone who wouldn't fall in line with racism, sexism, homophobia and every other -ism and phobia they could manufacture. The second worse candidate in recent memory was elected because the Democrats nominated the worst candidate in history to face Trump.

Note to Meryl -- this is the electoral map:

trump electoral map

Wake up princess! If you want your next Mrs. Doubtfire impression to sell at the box office, you may want to stop talking down to the people that pay your salary. The majority of the country doesn't agree with you or think like you.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Well, what do you know . . .

. . . Ariel Winter does have some sense of style after all.

ariel winter cleavage

Prior to Christmas, Ariel Winter turned up in the actually pretty little white dress at some outing. To be fair, that's way more cleavage than is appropriate for an outing with kids at a Christmas Village. But still . . .

The dress is perfect for her height and physique. I'm loving the hippy-chic big sleeves. And as I said, way too much cleavage and eye make up for a day with little kids, but she actually looks very pretty here.

See what you can do with a little effort?

ariel winter cleavage
ariel winter cleavage