Monday, January 11, 2021

America died a little today

Remember this day -- Jan 11, 2021 this is the day totalitarianism took off the mask and let the country and the world see who they are and what power they yield.

For several years now, liberals in the media have laughed and mocked conservatives for their complaints about being silenced on social media and being de-monitized and shadow banned and multiple other attempts to censor speech that they, the left, don't approve of. "Don't like it?" They laugh. "Start your own platforms." Well, someone did. And Parler became the number one app on Apple and Google Play as tens of thousands of fed up conservatives flocked to a platform that wouldn't restrict their First Amendment rights to speak freely.

But as of this morning, Parler is off line. Cut off by Amazon web-hosting services, because a bunch of whiny bitch soyboys in their company wrote a letter to Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, and complained that he was allowing speech they didn't approve of.

Only a few days ago, we saw the major communications platforms shut the President of the United States out. Don't think of this as Trump, think of this as the office. Tech companies just shut down the leader of the free world. Decided his voice should not be heard. And the left cheered. CNN and various manscaped pantiwaists are calling for Fox News and any number of conservative bloggers and writers to be banned and deplatformed (a delightfully orwellian term for censoring someone). How long before something as minor as this blog are wiped off the internet? Are you scared? You should be. Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Jeff Bezos and a company called Alphabet Inc., are now the most powerful entities in the world.

Did you put them in charge? Did you vote for them? Agree to their vision? Perhaps not tacitly, but we have all stood by and allowed Big Tech to take control of every aspect of our lives. They are insinuated into the very fabric of our existence. What to do? Is there anything we can do?

Don't look to politicians, they are all either power hungry facists looking to control every aspect of your life, silence dissent and create a two tiered society with them and their enablers (press/media, useful idiot celebs and the entertainment industry) at the top and the 300+ million other Americans as serfs. This is only a slightly more comfortable version of what Soviet Russia looked like (and probably still does for the most part) back in the cold war era.

The other group of politicians, we'll call them Republicans, don't have any interest in reigning in this horror. Many people, including myself, have been warning about this day for a while now. Republicans in the House and Senate don't care about you, all they care about is riding that gravy train. Oh they make wonderful sounding speaches and spout angry rhetoric (looking right at you Ted Cruz) but they won't actually push for anything. And if you have noticed, they only get loud when they know they are powerless to actually accomplish something. Like now.

Listen to the outcry from R's in Congress. They could have stopped this years ago. Twitter and Facebook are monopolies, have any doubt? Look what they have done in shutting down their competition. This is actual collusion, by the way. But when R's had the chance, they held whimpy little hearings that let Dorsey and Zuckerberg off the hook. I spent 10 years as a union steward doing plenty of grievances and arbitrations, I could have twisted these two soyboys up, but our vaunted betters, all those Harvard debate champs and former prosecutors and such led hearings so feeble, those guys must have been laughing when they got offline from the hearings.

And why did that happen? Because Ted Cruz doesn't want his Twitter account closed, doesn't want his Facebook page erased. He still wants the donations from wealthy corps and lobbyists to fund his campaign. So he and other R's will bark like dogs, but won't do much of anything else. They'll still go on The View and let those dessicated idiot harpies insult them and spout lies and they'll just grin and take it and promote whatever book they've got coming out. And that's the thing see, they want to be in with the in crowd. They want to go to the parties, be pals with the anchors on the very networks calling them a white supremicist, they want to be the noble jobber, never winning, always just there to take a beating to give the illusion that there is an alternative to the one-party country we now have, so they can go to their voters and say "See, I tried. I know I lost but keep sending me money so I can keep up the good fight for you." They are grifters, all of them, plain and simple.

And for the record, everything I've written applies to election fraud as well. The Dems told everyone what they were going to do, how they were. going to steal this election and these losers just stood by and let it happen. Why? Because they'll keep their jobs in the end. You might lose yours, but you and I don't count. Only our betters matter. R's will desperately claim they are the last line of resistence to a socialist movement in this country. But they aren't. That battle has been lost. Dems control all three branches of Government. They have showed the world the template to win any election from now on -- their candidate isn't winning? No problem. Simply stop counting until they can manufacture a couple of hundred thousand ballots with their guy/gal selected on them, start counting again and viola! They win.

Dems are already talking about adding Puerto Rico and DC as states. That will give them a permanent majority in the House. They've already stolen two seats in the Senate, there will probably be more coming along with even more squishes like Romney and Murkowski who will only vote Republican when it's a lost cause so they can virtue signal to their idiot voters who somehow still believe in them.

I don't know what's coming from here. I expect a lot more authoritarianism from the left. More companies punished financially until they toe the Democrat/Socialist line. Will people have the spine to stand against this? Who can say. We disreguard the obvious science that these cloth and paper masks will stop a virus particle that measures less than a micron in size and willingly walk around with our masks on and our heads down like compliant sheep.

I could go on, but this is just a start for me. Guess I'll have to start blogging regularly again. I've got things to say. I'm going to say them while I still can.