Sunday, September 11, 2011

It is and always should be a day of remembrance

I remember being at work and walking by the break room. One of my co-workers was watching the television intently. I asked what was going on. He said a plane had just crashed into the World Trade Center. I stood there watching with him as the horrible tragedy unfolded.

For days afterward, even though I did not know anyone who perished in the cowardly attack, it just felt like a psychic punch to the gut. Over 3000 lives snuffed out almost right before our eyes. Certainly nothing like it had happened in my lifetime before Sept 11, 2001. And thankfully, nothing since either.

With the loss of life and concurrent acts of bravery that occurred on that day, I am always mystified at attempts by the liberals who say the emotion of the day must be defused, neutered, so that conservatives cannot claim the tragedy as a rallying point.

The President himself has repeatedly said that the day must become a "day of service" to better honor those who perished. I cannot disagree more strongly. This was not a natural disaster -- a hurricane or tsunami or some such. It was a cowardly act of terrorism and should be remembered as such -- a war-like attack on U.S. soil that killed thousands of innocent Americans.

You never hear anyone suggesting that Dec 7th be transformed into a "day of service" to honor those who died at Pearl Harbor! How is this any different? Because the PC police demand we not mention that the planners and those who performed these heinous deeds were Muslims?! Acting according to their faith?!


You want to honor those who died that day, then remember who murdered them and why.

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