Sunday, September 4, 2011

"Obama's bullet train to bankrupcy"

Tell me again why this woman isn't Presidential.

It's a long speech, but worth the listen. She takes a lot of shots at the current president along with some advice on/warnings to, the Republican candidates. Probably missed by many was what I thought was a suggestion of term limits for congressman. An idea who's time has probably come.

She points out the millions of jobs available in the energy sector if Washington would simply allow the industry to open up. And the point about these jobs not costing the government money, that is, not adding to the deficit, to create them was well put.

She had a number of quote-worthy moments of her own in the speech, but I liked that she also quoted both Kennedy and Reagan as well. She had something about us being "...born the heirs of freedom" that I thought was a nice touch.

I'm sure the media haters on both sides will be pouring through the speech to pick out any mis-spoken words or grammatical errors on her part. My prediction right now is that you'll see something about "status quo" popping up on various lefty sites and news outlets.

I've already seen a couple of comments in the left wing media about the speech, where the writers went out of their way to mention she was reading off notes . . . seriously?! We have a President who brings teleprompters to speak to kindergarten children, and they mention Sarah Palin using notes in a speech?! Pathetic.

Watch it yourself and judge. I'm impressed.

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