Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Political periods

Last night at the Reagan Library, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie slammed the door on the pundits and so-called conservative intelligensia who've been clamoring for him to enter the Presidential race.

In his usual charming way, he pointed questioners to a video collection posted at Politico that is a series of his statements saying he won't run for the office all strung together.

Also last night, Sarah Palin made the most definitive statement on her intentions while chatting with Greta at FOX.

When asked point blank, once again, about if she was any closer to making a decision on entering the Presidential race, Sarah replied that she wasn't sure having a "title" would make it easier on her to effect the changes in this country she believes are necessary.

Her point was that she wondered if the constraints put on a candidate and eventually the office holder were too limiting, whether it would cramp her style, so to speak, to have to be more "diplomatic" with how she brings her views and ideas about this country to the public forum.

I find that position interesting on two levels.

First, it shows a good grasp of the fact that Presidents are constrained by their office. Every decision and statement has nearly global ramifications. If being a governor is complicated, being president is that multiplied by a thousand.

I'm not saying Sarah doesn't think she's up for the job or that it would be too overwhelming for her, what I'm saying is that I think she feels it's easier to shape opinion/steer the conversation from the outside where her rhetoric can be a bit more incendiary and less nuanced than if her words would be considered the voice of the leader of the free world / have the imprimitur of an official position of the US government.

Secondly though, I wonder if a politician who's reveled in the cloak of being a rogue or a maverick wouldn't also revel in the possibility of changing the nature of the Presidency. I wonder if she wouldn't find the task of bringing a more take charge attitude to the White House. After all, haven't we constantly chided Obama for leading from behind? Christie slammed him for just such lack of leadership in his speech.

Of all the candidates on the Republican side at the moment, she is the only one who strikes me as the sort that wouldn't mince words about her position or the country's position on any given situation. She strikes me as the sort that would bring back a bit of Teddy Roosevelt to the office -- some swagger and bravado and down-to-earthness/common manness that we haven't seen in a while.

Personally I'd like to see her get in if for no other reason that to upset Mitt's apple cart. He's on cruise control with no one to challenge him as pundits continue to annoint him as the front runner.
We've got until Oct 14, that's the deadline for filing for a couple of the state primaries. We'll see.

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