Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rule 5 Sunday -- Pamela Anderson

pamela anderson

This week's Rule 5 submission is Pam Anderson.

These celeb bloggers always find the most unflattering candids of Pam and photoshop the crap out of them to exaggerate every wrinkle and blemish so they can ply their trade of snark. But considering the fairly hardcore life she's led -- she looks pretty good for 44.

I always thought that Barb Wire was the perfect role for her as an actress. No one else had that straight from the comic book look down, and for how the movie was written, I thought she did an admirable job in it. The one scene where she's crouched down shooting with the two Desert Eagles -- a great iconic image.

She's more of a look than anything now. I personally would like to see her soften her image a bit -- the extreme eye make-up isn't working sweetheart -- but maybe she thinks she still has to bring it hard for every appearance.

Anyway, here's some older Playboy stuff to remind that there's some serious beauty under all that eye shadow.

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