Saturday, August 26, 2017

Elizabeth Hurley > father time

Elizabeth Hurley has her own swimwear line. Not sure how successful it is, but one thing for certain . . . she's got the perfect model for it -- herself.

elizabeth hurley sexy swimsuit

She's been putting out these promo pics for some time now, and as I've admitted in the past, at 52 years old she's way hotter than she was as a young woman. And that's saying something.

elizabeth hurley sexy swimsuit
elizabeth hurley sexy swimsuit
elizabeth hurley sexy swimsuit
elizabeth hurley sexy swimsuit
elizabeth hurley sexy swimsuit

Friday, August 25, 2017

Neil deGrasse Tyson is supposedly a scientist

With category 4 hurricane Harvey bearing down on Texas, science famewhore Neil deGrasse Tyson couldn't resist firing off a tweet to smack at those who dispute that whole "the science is settled!" nonsense put forward by climate alarmists.

His tweet read: "Hmm. Don’t see much denial of @NOAA climate scientists who have predicted Hurricane Harvey’s devastating path into Texas."

This on the heels of his tweet earlier this week tying to imply that astronomer's ability to see an eclipse coming meant that all climate models and predictions are beyond reproach: "The divided United States of America will unite today, sharing a cosmic event predicted by the methods and tools of science."

Not sure if that bit about the divided United States is over the notion of man-caused climate change or the race baiting of liberals or free speech in general. You'd think an educated guy like Tyson could be more specific.

And he is educated, no doubt of that. He's got a B.A. in Physics from Harvard, a M.A. in Astonomy from UT Austin and a phD in Astrophysics from Columbia. He's also got probably a dozen or so honorary phD's from numerous colleges, but those are pretty worthless. Wife beater Mike Tyson and pedophile Michael Jackson have honorary degrees. So does Kermit the Frog. And also the rock band Slade. So I wouldn't thump my chest over all the honorary degrees too much if I were him. And actually there's no evidence he does. But those who want to use him as an authority on climate science don't hesitate to bring that up without prodding.

But a guy with a B.A. in Physics ought to be a little familiar with the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics and why that argues against the popular "greenhouse gas effect." Also a guy with two degrees in astronomy should understand that throwing the planet Venus up there as an example how CO2 levels affect planetary temps is disingenuous at best. Venus' atmosphere is 95% CO2 compared to the Earth's .04% and in addition Venus' atmospheric pressure is 92 times that of Earth, making it like a pressure cooker. You should know how that works -- simply increase the pressure in a closed system and the temp of the system rises.

An interesting counter factual here is that Mars' atmosphere is also 95% CO2. But because its atmosphere is .001 of Earth, the surface temp is -75°C cooler. So just screeching about atmospheric CO2 doesn't mean a whole lot. So many other factors that figure into, or should figure into, the analysis.

But Tyson wants you to think that because there are tested and proven mechanisms to predict solar eclipses and track/predict storm paths, that every ridiculous prediction put out by Gore, Tyson, that idiot Bill Nye and others is beyond reproach. Which is absurd. As a scientist, Tyson should be skeptical. Even he knows a lot of what we believe in astrophysics is speculation. We're going on mathematical modeling and best guess scenarios since we don't have the ability to actually test or physically observe a lot of the phenomena we accept as "true."

But Tyson is the Kardashian of science. Better looking and more eloquent than nitwit Nye, he's got enough movie and television appearances to fill an Imdb page. He turns up at CinemaSins for god's sake! He doesn't care if he's right or what he's promoting is actual science, as long as gets gigs in front of a camera, he's happy. I got a chuckle out of the slap backs he got on Twitter after the Harvey tweet. I'm sure it won't faze him in the least, he's way too in love with himself to be bothered by it all.

And that's a pity, because he is intelligent and he is eloquent and if he worried more about science and less about his Screen Actors Guild rep, he could help bring some reason to climate studies.

And speaking of Kardashians, Kylie Jenner posted this little number to her Instagram account:

kylie jenner nipples see through

What is she, like 20 now? Astonishing that she hasn't gone the full monty yet in her social media or some magazine. Her mom must be losing her touch. She had Kendall doing see though and topless stuff about 5 minutes after she turned 18.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Steve Mnuchin's got game

I couldn't pick 54 year old US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin out of a line up if you put a gun to my head and threatened to force me to binge watch The View.

But sometime earlier this year, Mnuchin married 36 year old Scottish actress Louise Linton, and my goodness she's kinda sorta attractive:

louise linton sexy instagram

And she's apparently a bit of a firebrand in her own right. Coming back from an overseas trip with her husband, she posted some stuff to Twitter that wasn't shy about enjoying the perks of her husband's wealth (net worth $300m) and that set off the snowflakes. They unsuccessfully tried to white privilege/income disparity shame her and she responded with a pretty awesome smackdown that had whiny lefties howling.

Of course she ended up deleting the [scare quote]offending[/scare quote] post since she didn't want to cause her husband problems, but still, I like her grit (as they used to say in olden times) and she certainly brings some hotness to Washington. They need to get her and Melania out at events together, that has some possibilities.

louise linton sexy instagram
louise linton sexy instagram
louise linton sexy instagram
louise linton sexy instagram
louise linton sexy instagram

Monday, August 21, 2017

Jesse Kelly is supposedly a professional writer

I still occasionally drop by The Resurgent, Erick Erikson's little virtue signaling website just to see what sort of stuff is being posted there.

A recent posting by the above mentioned Jesse Kelly, titled It's not me, it's you is what I imagine the writer thought was a fairly clever riff on the political turmoil in the country right now. Deciding the country is irredeemably fractured, it's therefore time to reconstitute the U.S. into a smaller more accommodating country, Kelly then goes forward with a series of snarky rejoinders on why various states, like Florida (too much drugs), won't be included.

Not particularly amusing, but what really caught my eye was this whopper in the opening paragraph:

So once again, as The Beach Boys once so famously said, "our nation turns its lonely eyes to you".

Uhmmm . . . yeah, about that . . . you see it wasn't the Beach Boys that said that in song, it was Simon & Garfunkel in the very famous song Mrs. Robinson. You know . . . won a couple of Grammys, used in that little Dustin Hoffman pic The Graduate . . . hit number one on the charts . . .

You know, that's not a hard thing to look up with a search engine these days. Or perhaps maybe just ask someone over the age of twenty. I mean, you're supposed to be writing as a professional or at least a compensated blogger or some such. I should also mention here that he said it took him three tries to spell the word lonely correctly. Which is pretty pathetic. Spell check anyone?

And this guy gets to post his stuff on a big time website/blog? Go figure.

Also, there's supposed to be a big rally in Washington DC to support President Trump in September. It's being called The Mother of all Rallies, which I'm sure won't drive liberals or Trump haters any more crazy than they already are. But that's not all, now we see that the Juggalos will be joining the march. 'Cause that's exactly what the hyperbolic media needs to see is a bunch of guys in clown makeup marching with Trump supporters who the media already assumes are 100% racist, Nazi, white supremacists.

What could go wrong?

Oh yeah, almost forgot . . . Maria Chappelle-Nadal, the state senator from Missouri who wrote on her Facebook page that she hoped that President Trump would be assassinated, has finally apologized for that outrageous (and illegal) posting.

Yes, she was all straight back and shoulders square and she wasn't going to apologize for what she said. It was wrong to say it out loud, but she wasn't going to apologize for it. That bravery lasted less than a week as the Democratic party was publicly calling for her ouster from the Senate and Missouri's governor was, and is still, looking for ways to remove her from office.

With the prospect of losing her gravy train paycheck and perhaps having to actually go back to work looming and the realization that while Dems and their media lackies wouldn't blink about her calling the President a racist . . . indirectly calling for his assassination . . . no one's got your back on this one honey.

So she apologized. And naturally managed to virtue signal her sturdy Christian faith, that was oddly absent when she was calling for Trump to be murdered, while apologizing to anyone and everyone she could think of.

You buying that? Yeah, me neither. Know who else may not be buying it? The Secret Service. I believe their investigation is still open. I think I read somewhere that advocating for the assassination of a sitting President is a Federal crime. Ms. Chappell-Nadal might walk out of her cushy Senate office and right into an 8x10 cell if things don't go her way.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Taylor Swift wins a dollar

taylor swift wins lawsuit

Lost in the insanity of this weekend's festival of hate was a tiny victory for celebs who get treated like ATM's by unscrupulous parasites.

After losing his job over complaints by Taylor Swift's mother and management, DJ David Mueller sued Swifty for $3 million, claiming the charges that he groped Swift during a photo session were false.

Instead of backing down to avoid publicity, Swift counter-sued for $1.00 and went to court looking for a fight.

Mueller must have hired his attourney from upstairs law school (hat tip: The Simpsons), because this bozo did such a bad job questioning Swift that her own attourney didn't bother presenting a case, just asked for a ruling and got it from the jury.

Despite whether you're a fan of her music or not, it's hard to deny that Swift is a talented writer. And if you've watched any of the silly celeb stuff about her, one thing is obvious -- she isn't afraid to take a shot at anyone she feels has disrespected her, usually doing so in song. So how Mueller and his folks wouldn't think she'd show up prepared to perform at a trial is a headscratcher.

I personally liked the fact that she didn't play wilting flower on the stand, stating forcefully at one point that she wasn't going to be made to feel responsible for being groped. And later pointing out that no, the front of her dress didn't look disturbed by the groping because her ass is located in the back of her body (the photographic evidence is pretty damning and available everywhere right now).

Here's the photographic evidence --

taylor swift ass grab

Pretty awesome stuff. Not sure whether that will earn her cred with the girl power set, but it ought to. Also not sure whether this was just the result of an incompetent lawyer on Mueller's part and a well prepared Swift, but it may just be that under that carefully maintained public visage, Taylor Swift might just be a lot harder edged than anyone realizes.

Katy Perry and others might want to tread a bit more lightly next time they decide to start a cutesy music feud with Swifty. Just a suggestion.

Not exactly connected to the above post, but interestingly, as of yesterday Swift had wiped clean all her social media accounts, even removing the avatar images for those account. Her Instagram is now wiped clean too. And she's unfollowed everyone on her social media accounts. New music coming out? She's relentless about putting out new stuff every two years, so maybe that.

Like I said, I'm not particularly a fan of her music, but she does seem to have a way with working the industry to her favor. We'll see what happens.