Sunday, November 30, 2014

Daily Duffster

Hilary Duff gets a parking ticket . . . looks adorable doing so:

hilary duff parking ticket torn jeans
hilary duff parking ticket torn jeans
hilary duff parking ticket torn jeans

Still rockin' the torn jeans:

hilary duff parking ticket torn jeans

And doing adorable mom stuff:

hilary duff parking ticket torn jeans

A couple of bonus pics from the set of Younger as Hilary gets a chuckle out of the paps' focus on her impressive derriere:

hilary duff on the set of younger
hilary duff parking on the set of younger

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Maitland Ward's Black Friday primer

Step 1 -- Dress with adorable sauciness:

maitland ward shopping

Step 2 -- Shop [helpful if you have a hot profile, but not required]:

maitland ward shopping

Step 3 -- Enjoy some ice cream [adorably if possible]:

maitland ward shopping
maitland ward shopping

Step 4 -- Remember to be charitable:

maitland ward shopping

The End:

maitland ward shopping

Happy Thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving today. Whether is all about football or family or just getting a day off and lounging around, get a break from the noise of the world and enjoy your day. And if you can, try to find something to be thankful for in your life. Sometimes it is hard to with everything that seems to be pressing in and down on us these days, but there's something somewhere, even if it is a tiny thing, that can put a smile on your face and allow you to say thanks.


Monday, November 24, 2014

Katy Perry > ice cream

After an epic Twitter meltdown the other day over paps pestering her on the beach for a bikini pic, Katy Perry decided to give the lads a little show on a yacht. Adding insult to women everywhere struggling with their weight and diets, Katy enjoyed some ice cream on a stick while showing off a pretty impressive bikini body. Girls can be so mean:

katy perry pink bikini
katy perry pink bikini
katy perry pink bikini

And for your lady-like pose of the day:

katy perry pink bikini

Kate Beckinsale won the AMA's

I haven't got the slightest idea why Kate Beckinsale was at the AMA's the other night. But she brought her usual refined hotness to the proceedings and showed these young hoochies what true beauty and classy sexiness is all about:

kate beckinsale at the ama's

Honorable mention to Selena Gomez for breaking out a little epic sideboob courtesy of a plunging neckline and her new chestal upgrades:

selena gomez at the ama's

And the WTF winner of the night (the "W" can stand for both what and who in this case) is Bleona Qeteri:

bleona qeteri at the ama's

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Miley Cyrus

Today is Miley's 22nd birthday. Seems like we've been talking about her for a lot longer than that.

miley cyrus terry richardson

That pic is from a shoot with ole pervy himself Terry Richardson. Miley cleans up nice when she wants to. I'm not going to waste time reposting her naughtier stuff, look here if you've been living under a rock for the last year and haven't been bludgeoned with the Miley topless overkill.

Final thoughts on the NASCAR season

kevin harvick wins sprint cup championship 2014

First off -- congrats to Kevin Harvick for winning the 2014 Sprint Cup Championship.

If you've followed NASCAR for any length of time, you may be familiar with Harvick's tumultuous time at RCR. There's tons of audio of Richard Childress yelling at Harvick during the races when Kevin was bitching about his cars. My favorite is Childress telling Harvick to just shut the f*ck up and drive the damn car. heh

Harvick's move to SHR was a blessing and as promised it brought him a championship. Along with Brad Keselowski and Joey Logano, Harvick was a dominant driver all season long.

I'll be interested to see what happens at Stewart-Haas for next season. Harvick was a man among boys over there. Kurt Busch did okay, but was wildly inconsistent. At year's end, they swapped entire teams -- cars and everything, between him and Danica, to try and find something. Busch seemed to do okay in her stuff, but Danica went straight down driving in Busch's setups.

These guys need to take a page out of Rick Hendrick's book and get all the crews on the same page. Btw, it was nice to see a SHR driver beat the Hendrick juggernaught with their own equipment. Again. heh

But back to my point yes, I was making one Harvick's crew chief clearly found something in their set up that made them really dominant all season long. They have to spread that tech around. Tony Stewart needs to find the right crew chief to work with. And they've got to get Danica up towards the front on a regular basis. I believe she has the driving chops to be up there, but something's holding her back. In a garage full of alpha male drivers who aren't known for being shrinking violets on the track, perhaps she can pick up some of that hard-nosed edge that she may be lacking to enforce her will on the track.

As to the Championship itself -- despite my buddy at work's disdain, the new format gave NASCAR exactly what it wanted. Drama. And tension. We haven't seen tempers flaring like that, on a race-to-race basis . . . ever in my memory of the sport. Plus the guys were driving harder than ever too. Watching Jimmy Johnson weaving his car from top to bottom of the track in that final elimination race (for him) was something we never see from the cool and calm Johnson.

I doubt NASCAR will alter the format. The fans were energized (I think Homestead was the only track to sell out all season), non-fans were peeking in to see what the hub bub was all about and could follow the simple set-up -- first driver among the four to cross the finish line wins the Championship. No tedious points or trying to count how many cars each had passed, etc. And no one tooling around the track with their arm out the window knowing all they had to do was finish the race and they had the title. It was simple and it worked.

And the drivers were exhausted at race and season's end. Hamlin and Logano looked pale and washed out like they had just run marathons during pit road interviews after the race. Tough break for Logano to lose his shot at the championship on a pit road snafu. Look to see that jack man working at a dirt track next year. Also, not surprising to see Hamlin lose on strategy. Folks seem to forget that Darian Grubb was fired by Tony Stewart after his championship season because of all the races he lost on strategy plays by Grubb. Also useful to remember here is that Grubb came to SHR from Hendrick Motorsports in the deal that gave SHR motors and chassis for their teams. If Rick Hendrick thinks a guy is the fifth best engineer/crew chief in his garage, that sort of means something.   just sayin'

NASCAR is of course tweaking the cars for next season. Lowering horsepower and decreasing the rear spoiler height (supposedly to compensate) which they say will level the playing field a bit. They've also outlawed private testing at tracks to stop monied teams for doing extra testing during the season. Don't know how that will all play out. But this season worked out okay, and I'm certainly looking forward to next year.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

And speaking of Red Sonja

My previous post on Rose McGowan referencing her aborted turn as Red Sonja is just the segue I need for a little more Maitland Ward hotness. Here she is at a ComicCon type thing as the afore mentioned barbarian warrior:

maitland ward as red sonja
maitland ward as red sonja

Sometimes these things just fit together perfectly   :-)

Nice to see my Rosie again

I've always been a fan of Rose McGowan from way back during the Jawbreaker days. I liked her pulpy turn in Planet Terror and of course Charmed with both her and Alyssa Milano . . . woof, must see tv indeed!

But during her time working with then husband Richard Rodriquez, she had a rash of physical problems -- an injury on the set of Red Sonja and then a car accident that caused some serious facial damage. Her reconstructive surgery changed the dynamics of her face, and perhaps she thought (or was poorly advised) that other cosmetic surgery might be a plus . . . she just didn't have the same look that had captivated me before.

She's done a few things since, most notably that awful Conan reboot, but she turned up in some behind-the-scenes stuff for some recent photo shoots that have her looking better than I've seen in a while:

rose mcgowan topless
rose mcgowan topless
rose mcgowan topless
rose mcgowan topless
rose mcgowan topless
rose mcgowan topless

Her face looks softer (as to the contours) and that might be simply make-up and/or lighting, but she looks beautiful in a way she hasn't for years. Rose isn't going to make anyone's list of the top ten actresses of all time, but she does credible work, isn't going to ask for body doubles all the time (*cough* Jennifer Aniston *cough*), and is certainly a better actress than quite a few of the younger stars getting work today.

Here's hoping she gets more on-screen work in the near future.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kim Kardashian does the Micaela Schaefer

In something called Paper magazine (yeah, I know . . . beats me too, it's effin' New York), Kim Kardashian gets naked as all get out. Not sure if this is a subscription thing or a newsstand thing, but whatever:

kim kardashian naked in paper magazine
kim kardashian naked in paper magazine

Saw a tweet by Naya Rivera who dissed Kim by suggesting that she remember that she's a mom now. heh

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thank goodness Lorde is 18 now

And thank goodness for pasties otherwise the sensitive young singer might have been scandalized by Jennifer Lawrence's breasts falling out of her dress all night long:

Jennifer Lawrence pasties

Since Jlaw called everyone sex offenders for looking at her hacked iCloud pics when they were posted online. I can't wait to hear her go off on whoever notices these pics online. And this will be coming from an actress who manages to script pratfalls at every red carpet to make sure she gets maximum news coverage and is wearing a dress this night she knows is dangerously low cut (hence the pasties).

Maitland Ward is promoting her new project right

maitland ward descent into the maelstrom

My new favorite nobody Maitland Ward is workin' it in a promo photoshoot for something called Descent into the Maelstrom which I'm assuming is a movie. But these days could be a video game. Anyway, she's doing her thing . . . and making me like her more and more:

maitland ward descent into the maelstrom
maitland ward descent into the maelstrom
maitland ward descent into the maelstrom

Found some more Maitland Ward hoochie hotness . . . man, I'm lovin' this chick:

maitland ward descent into the maelstrom

So the final four for the Chase is set

Congrats to Kevin Harvick for winning at Phoenix on Sunday. With the results of that race, we now know who will be in the running to win the Sprint Cup for 2014. And it's just the mash-up NASCAR was hoping for.

We have two drivers who dominated all season in Harvick and Joey Logano, and two drivers who shouldn't be even in the conversation after such unremarkable seasons in Ryan Newman and Denny Hamlin.

The race at Phoenix was completely dominated by Harvick, who because of NASCAR's arcane scoring system, might have missed out on the Chase after leading nearly the entire race, if he had not won. And then there was Newman.

I was tempted to get an old Seinfeld gif of Jerry saying "Newman!" but I thought that was too obvious. In the closing laps, Newman on older tires was passed by rookie Kyle Larson and Marcos Ambrose, both of whom gave Newman every chance to stay in front of them, but when it was obvious he couldn't keep up, they shot past him.

In desperation, needing to pass one car to get into the Chase (like I said, arcane scoring system), Newman ran hard into the corner and sideswiped Larson, putting him into the wall so he could pass him. After the race, Newman was unapologetic saying he did what he had to do to get into the Championship. And those who have followed NASCAR for years, know that Newman has a reputation for being an elbows out kind of driver.

It's exactly the type of move that had everyone infuriated with Brad Keselowski last week and led to some fisticuffs at trackside after the race. But no one seems angry at Newman so far. Perhaps it's because he's the scrappy underdog guy for the Championship. Facepalm award to Ricky Craven on ESPN for trying to equivocate on Newman's move by saying he had pulled even with Larson and just pushed him aside. Oh brother.

Anyway, whoever finishes in front for these four drivers wins the Championship. My money's on Logano even though I'd like to see Harvick win is for SHR. The Penske Fords have been dominant all year, and as we saw in earlier races, Logano and Keselowski have each other's backs on track. Brad will surely push or block to get Joey the title. And Harvick isn't going to get any help from Kurt Busch (who might not even be racing with the legal troubles decending on him) or Tony Stewart who isn't running that well.

Should be an exciting and nerve wracking race, which is exactly what NASCAR wanted with this new format. I know a lot of fans are pissed because their favorite driver missed out. But don't expect the format to change any time soon. Especially if we get a Death Race 2000 style finish with these four guys beatin' and bangin' on each other for the final laps for the title.

NASCAR reports that Homestead Speedway is sold out for the final race of the season. So it seems that they are getting exactly the enthusiasm from fans that they had hoped for with this new Chase format. I'm pretty sure this is the only sold out race of the season.

Random thoughts

So the USPS database got hacked yesterday. They stopped us in the middle of the morning to give us the news and later in the day the PMG issued one of his mumbling videos (tip: if you're going to be the head of the second largest civilian employer in the country, learn how to speak in public. sheesh!) Supposedly it was the Chinese that did the hacking. Not sure what they were hoping to find. As I told one of my customers who asked me about it -- if they think they're going to use my personal info to take out some huge loan . . . they're in for a big disappointment.

Got my oil changed today. The nice girl at the dealership came in with their complimentary 20 point inspection and pointed out that the tread depth on my front tires was 8mm and the rears were at 6mm. She recommended rotating my tires to put the deeper tread on the drive wheels. In my experience driving, that's sort of ass backwards, right? You want your best tires on the front for better steering -- which is to say, no loss of control in the rain or hard cornering, etc. Right? Not to mention that my fronts and rears are not the same size. Always astonishes me when the dealership doesn't know about little details like that.

I've been reading Lee Child recently -- the Jack Reacher novels. I saw the movie with Tom Cruise and pretty much liked it. Which is something since I don't really care for Cruise as an actor. I like some of the movies he's been in, but as an actor -- meh. Anyway, I've liked the books -- 5 of them so far, so I mentioned them to my buddy at work. Who proceeded to sh*t all over them, saying they lack character development, sufficient narrative to explain the plot, choppy writing style, blah, blah, blah. ?!?!?! Was he reading the same Lee Child I am? The guy spent half a chapter describing how Hook Hobie got undressed with one hand and got his prosthetic hand off! Granted, he's not George R.R. Martin, but I'm not having any trouble understanding character motivations with the books I've read. Go figure.

And speaking of cleavage:

Thank a Veteran Day

Take time out today to say thanks to the men and women of the Armed Forces who do the dangerous and noble job of protecting our freedoms. And think also of those who have given their lives in the line of duty for our country.

My son is active duty Army and this holiday always hits home for me. I bumped into a guy at the auto parts store wearing a t-shirt denoting a med unit. I shook his hand and thanked him for his service, mentioned my son to him. It was nice to see the smile on his face. Sometimes that's all it takes -- just a moment of recognition. Doesn't cost you a thing and it really means something to them.

Try it. Make a vet's day. It's good for your soul.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

So about now NASCAR's breaking into a cold sweat

First off -- congrats to Jimmie Johnson for his win today at Texas Motor Speedway. But to the point:

ryen newman

Yep. NASCAR's worst nightmare just might come true. After all that work to reconfigure the Chase into something that would excite the fans and give them a perfect Champion, we may just get a Champ who hasn't won a race all year -- Ryan Newman.

The new Chase format is supposed to reward, and hopefully require, the eventual Champion to win races. But Newman's arrived near the top by being consistently in the top ten race after race. With everyone else having an up and down Chase, Newman's level but unwinning performance has him mathematically in position to drive away with the trophy.

The idea for the Chase came about after years of drivers getting so far out in front in points during the season that they seemed to be driving the last couple of races with their arms out the window and a cup of coffee in their hand. One tweak after another has led to this year's format -- a series of elimination rounds that have produced some fireworks and desperate driving. But not the "win to win" situation they desperately hoped for to energize their fan base, bring them back to the tracks and bring in new fans as well.

In 2011 NASCAR got the magical finish they could only dream of. Tony Stewart got hot at the end of the season, won races in the Chase and basically drove the wheels off his car, willing himself to the Championship. It was perfect, but one of those lightning in a bottle moments. You simply can't legislate that kind of magic. Though they tried with the new format.

I like Newman. I was sorry to see him leave SHR, but I'm glad he's doing well at RCR. I'll be happy to see him as a Champion, but to win the title without actually winning a race at some point takes the shine off the trophy a bit for me. I'm sure it won't for him, but the endless talk about it will kind of ruin it for him. And that sucks. He should be able to enjoy the ultimate victory in his sport.

Here's hoping he wins at either Phoenix or Homestead.

Maitland Ward did the Halloween thing too

My new favorite nobody Maitland Ward was at Comikaze for Halloween:

maitland ward halloween comikazemaitland ward halloween comikaze
maitland ward halloween comikazemaitland ward halloween comikaze
maitland ward halloween comikazemaitland ward halloween comikaze

What no see through?! I suppose because it was a public Expo with kids around, that was appropriate. Being a responsible hoochie -- now she's even more interesting  :-)

Kate Upton did the Jessica Alba

On the set of a photoshoot in Miami yesterday, the crazy winds down here played havoc with Kate Upton's wardrobe:

kate upton upskirt
kate upton upskirt

Not that she seemed to mind, tho.