Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Early take away from tonight

I'm team Shrub.

Early today spineless coward Rush Limbaugh defamed former President George W. Bush by claiming that he and his wife Laura voted for Hillary Clinton. This is a patent lie. A falsehood. Bush's spokesman came out immediately and stated that Bush did not vote for either candidate for President, but did vote the down ballot races.

Exactly what I did.

Rush on his radio show went on to imply that Bush and Hillary and others were simply working to keep themselves and others like them in the "club" which is to say, keep the same groups of insiders and career politicians in Washington.

What horsesh*t! Especially coming from a guy who does everything to keep himself in with the in crowd among conservatives. Hypocrite much Rush?

Anyway, Allahpundit says this is the beginnings of an intraparty war between what he called Rush Republicans and Bush Republicans. Well count me as team Bush. At least he's a man of integrity and courage who has the spine to do what's right despite the howlings of spineless cowards who simply go along to get along.


Almost over


One way or another, this nightmare ends today. Granted, we're going to be stuck with whichever asshole ends up in the White House, but this ongoing trainwreck of a political campaign ends tonight.

I've said previously, that in the aftermath of this election there needs to be a reckoning on the Right, but that is also true on the Left. We have seen just how corrupt and manipulative both parties are as they seek to thwart the will of the people to put their (the party establishment) candidate on the ticket.

Laid bare has also been our media and their shameless bias towards one political ideology or another. While we expect a right-leaning approach from FOX, the other networks still make the risible claim they are neutral. After leaks showing debate questions given in advance to Hillary and the way that lefty journalists have twisted themselves into pretzels to defend her against what should be disqualifying breaches of ethics and security, how can any reasonable thinking American not be concerned about who they get their news from.

The Right is just as bad as we've seen exactly who and what the people we've been listening to for the last decade or so really are. Bald-faced partisans and shallow thinkers positioning themselves as alternatives to the socialist left media . . . they are truly no more insightful or correct in their thought processes than you or I.

We've got a lot of soul searching to do after this election. Hopefully we can keep this country together for the next four years while we, as a people, get our sh*t together and get this country back on track.