Monday, August 5, 2013

Why am I not surprised by this?

Sydney Leathers, the gal on the other end of self-destructive mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner's sexting scandal, has turned up at Vivid doing, at least for the moment, nude videos:

sydney leathers nude

No word yet on whether she'll be doing two-somes with Farrah Abraham anytime soon. [shudders]

sydney leathers nude
sydney leathers nude

I was going to make a crack about how this dude can really pick 'em, but he's quite the piece of work himself. Good thing his wife is Hillary-like in that she's so focused on climbing that ladder, she doesn't care what her douchebag husband does.


Well, folks are still linking to this post, I guess there's never a lack of interest in famewhoring young ladies who willingly jump right into porn to maximize their 15 minutes of celebrity. So here's some more images of the toothy Ms. Leathers for you to . . . enjoy?
btw -- if you're that interested, the unedited images come up when you click on the sanitized versions showing on the page.

sydney leathers nude
sydney leathers topless
sydney leathers vivid
sydney leathers naked sydney leathers porn

Update 2:
Oh gracious! On Hannity tonight, Ms. Leathers actually said she didn't think it was fair for people to engage in slut shaming her. Well, I can assure you that I have no intention of doing that here. If Sydney Leathers wants to capitalize on her 15 minutes of celebrity by doing porn and hosting events at gentlemen's clubs and whatever . . . I'm saying go for it.


Anonymous said...

remember, some guy already paid $1000 to eat that for 30 min according to her online bragging . . .

p.s. it would improve your post to do a google image search of miss piggy looking over her shoulder. compare and contrast.

The Funeral Guy said...

Good gawd! And that's with extensive Photoshop. (Shudder)

postaldog said...

Yowzers! Didn't know about the pay bit. Dudes that hard up in NY or what?

As someone who does some semi-pro photography, I've gotta say that I've rarely seen anyone who looks so significantly different from different angles, face-wise that is.

Thanks for commenting guys :-)

Chuck said...

dude you are smart

postaldog said...

Lolz! Just a bid jaded in my old age perhaps.