Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Starting to see some push back

I've been complaining (as my three regular visitors know) since the beginning of the debates about the nature of the debates themselves and the circular firing squad/self immolation path of the Republican candidates.

With the dog pile on Rick Perry situation reaching critical mass, I'm noticing some movement in the conservative blogosphere to moderate the attacks.

A Dr. Ronald DePinho, the president of MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, points out that the HPV vaccine, Gardasil, is not only sound, but calls it "one of the great scientific advances in the history of medicine."

In a study of over 20,000 women and young girls prior to the approval and subsequent release of Gardasil, the FDA found no negative side effects to the injection other than minor soreness at the injection site, concluding "Gardasil has one of the most favorable risk-benefit ratios of any pharmaceutical."

Rush Limbaugh on his recent radio show took Michele Bachmann to task for her over-the-top attacks on Gov. Perry on the subject as well. And though there still seems to be some anguish over the appearance of impropriety vis a vis the new meme "crony capitalism" pollsters don't seem to be finding the situation has a lot of traction among likely voters.

And as to Mitten's favorite slam on Gov. Perry -- the Ponzi Scheme meme, we're now seeing plenty of articles and columns from the past saying exactly the same thing. Even so-called economic expert Paul Krugman was calling Social Security a Ponzi scheme only 10 years ago.

Libertarian John Stossel's recent article was more blunt about it:

"Many people think that when the government takes payroll tax from their paychecks, it goes to something like a savings account. Seniors who collect Social Security think they're just getting back money that they put into their 'account.' Or they think it's like an insurance policy -- you win if you live long enough to get more than you paid in. Neither is true. Nothing is invested. The money taken from you was spent by government that year. Right away. There's no trust fund. The plan is unsustainable. Medicare is worse."

John Nolte, one of the editors at Breitbart's "Bigs" pointed out after the recent debate how upset he was that the candidates were allowing themselves to be manipulated by the moderators into attacking one another instead of President Obama. Which is pretty much what I've been griping about all along.

I suppose these things have to come about in their own time, but with 99% of the media in the President's pocket, I'd be a lot more confident if these guys/gals could get their sh*t together a little quicker and keep their eye on the ultimate goal.

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