Friday, January 30, 2015

Rule 5 Friday -- Tiffany Amber Thiessen

tiffany amber thiessen

Flashback Friday, so to speak.

Back in 1996, Beverly Hills 90210 actress Tiffany Amber Thiessen did her best to break out of the goody two shoes role with a saucy photo layout in Newlook magazine. Recently some hi-res images of that shoot have turned up, and I, you humble purveyor of such, have decided to share them with you. Enjoy.

*click on the thumbnails for full-sized images*

tiffany amber thiessentiffany amber thiessentiffany amber thiessen tiffany amber thiessentiffany amber thiessentiffany amber thiessen tiffany amber thiessentiffany amber thiessentiffany amber thiessen

Rule 5 Sunday suggested by this.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

While I'm loathe to use anything Daniel Ruth has written . . .

. . . for anything other than drubbing him for being a pretentious ass. There was something in his op-ed today in the Tampa Bay Times in referencing the remembrance of the Holocaust 70 years ago.

Discussing Hitler's systematic mass murder of innocent Jews, Ruth writes:
"We will never know how many of a future generation of artists, scientists, statesmen, husbands and wives were forever lost to the world merely because the were Jews..."

What lept to my mind instantly was this permutation of that quote:
We will never know these future generations of artists, scientists, statesmen, husbands and wives, now forever lost, as over 50 million innocent children have been murdered in the name of convenience since Roe v Wade was passed into law in 1973.

Funny how this ongoing holocaust is tolerated by so many supposedly enlightened people.

Not funny, actually.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Here's something we don't see enough of . . .

Taylor Swift in a normal bikini:

taylor swift bikini

Perhaps now that she's done with the country music scene, Taylor will ditch the Disney Princess line of clothes and swimwear she's been assaulting us with for the last couple of years and dress a little more fun. This is a good start.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Seriously, Mr. President?!

The King of Saudi Arabia passed away today, Yemen has fallen to a rebel faction within, Iran looks to have long range ICBM's . . . and what does our President do? Why he does a sit down with some fat ass chick in neon green lipstick who videos herself eating Fruit Loops out of a tub of milk she's laying in and puts it on the web.


Does the phrase beneath the dignity of the office mean anything to these people? I know it's asking a lot from an administration that makes Al resist we much Sharpton their spokesman on race issues, but still . . .

I've heard the b.s. from liberal/socialist commentators about how many subscribers this idiot has on her youTube account. But you know what? If this is what young people are paying attention to these days, do we need more evidence that our educational system is broken? And frankly, I don't think these politicians should be giving rodeo clowns like Colbert or Stewart any validity either, but those two bozos are already sort of entrenched.

But two days after outlining his BOLD plan for moving America forward, our President is demeaning himself and the office by inviting fools in off the street and granting them interviews, instead of working with Congress to hammer out some sort of bi-partisan agreements on his agenda.

You know . . . like a real leader would be doing. But that's the problem, isn't it?

Kate Hudson in yoga pants = perfect

Kate's got that ass rockin' a pair of yoga pants for some sportswear company and I'm loving it:

kate Hudson ass in yoga pants

When did Boehner grow a pair?

They mentioned last night that House Speaker John Boehner angered the White House by going behind their back and inviting Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to speak before Congress as they decide whether to bypass President Mom Jeans and put sanctions on Iran to slow or halt their nuclear ambitions.

I have a hard time believing that Boehner is so devious that he waited for the President to make a faux pas as he did during the SOTU Tuesday when he said and implied that we had turned the page on radical terrorism and troubles in the mid-East. But the timing couldn't be better, especially with news today that there is satellite footage of new ICBM's in Iran that may have the capability of reaching the US.

As Netanyahu had said last year (I think), Iran can already reach Israel with their current arsenal of missiles, it's the US they want to be able to reach.

And this is a bi-partisan outreach and concern here, with perhaps the ability to override a veto by the President, which would be a long overdue rebuke of his incompetent foreign policy.

President Obama and his administration have spat on Netanyahu and Israel for six years. Here's hoping they give Bibi a double venti double expresso prior to his speech, 'cause I'd love to see him rip into Obama, Hillary, Kerry and the rest of these stumblebumbs over how they're putting the whole world at risk with their stupefying incompetence.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

About that SOTU speech last night

I could go on and on about the nonsense in that speech, and may at another time, but one bit of populist bullsh*t should be addressed first. This bit about a living wage.

Our President, who's never held an actual hourly pay job in his life, is woefully ignorant on the history of wage and labor (along with the Constitution and the history that helped create it, but that's another post too) in this country. Minimum wage was not created to allow a single wage earner the ability to maintain a family of four in comfort. Minimum wage (usually coupled together as wage & hour laws) was brought into existence to combat the menace of sweatshop labor that cropped up prior to and subsequent to the Great Depression.

Along with child labor laws, the government sought to protect workers, desperate for any sort of payday, from being taken advantage of by unscrupulous employers. A base wage, along with restrictions on hours worked per week, right to overtime, etc., helped put an end to sweatshop labor in this country.

Despite inflammatory rhetoric to the contrary, I doubt you would be able to find those conditions anywhere in the United States today.

If liberal/socialists were really interested in creating a minimum wage to support a family of four, then why aren't they pushing for the minimum wage to be tripled? I would think that $45,000 per year would be the base to support a four person family. And that would have to be indexed for cost-of-living in whatever area you lived in. Because $45k in Florida is a hell of a lot different than $45k in New York, or Chicago, or LA, of Hawaii.

So why aren't liberal/socialists pushing for this? Because they don't really care. All they want is the populist rhetoric to inflame low information voters. The Republicans, and the RNC (I'm looking at you Reince) need to get busy on social media and elsewhere driving this home. We've got two years to lay the ground work to beat the Dems for the White House in 2016 (I'm still thinking Hillary is just a stalking horse for fauxcahontas) and they can't wait until the last minute to educate the masses on the lies of these liberal/socialists.

And apropos of nothing, Iggy Azalea decided to take her comically huge white girl ass out in short shorts that were totally not up to the task yesterday:

iggy azalea ass cheeks
iggy azalea ass cheeks

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Happy Birthday Stacey Dash

Birthday wishes to Stacey who turns 48 today. A devout conservative who takes an unreasonable amount of crap from liberals simply because her independent thinking goes against how they seek to pigeon hole both blacks and women in this country. Shame on them.

stacey dash nude
stacey dash nude
stacey dash nude
stacey dash nude
stacey dash nude

Monday, January 19, 2015

It's a day with a "y" in it, so climate hysterics must be lying again

HOTTEST YEAR ON RECORD the Tampa Bay Times and every other left-wing media outlet blared on Saturday. When I saw that headline, I knew it was bogus because I've watched how these climate astrologists massage data to fit their narrative. And I wondered how long it would take actual scientists to shoot down this b.s.

Didn't have to wait too long. Climate realists are a lot quicker on the draw now, and the lies and fabrications get debunked almost as fast as they come out. Which is a good thing. Although I'm sure the President will mention some bill he's going to pass by executive fiat to combat this supposed menace in his State of the Union address tomorrow evening.

If you haven't looked closely at this recent collection of lies and omissions, let me catch you up a bit:

To begin with, the record high is a whopping .69°C above the supposed 20th century average. What NOAA and GISS don't bother to mention, nor do the media outlets trumpeting this horsesh*t, is that the incredible .04°C increase over the previously considered hottest year is within the statistical ±.09°C margin of error. So basically, they can't say with statistical certainty that 2014 was in fact the hottest year on record. Except of course that they did.

In other words -- they lied.

And also, is a 1.24°C increase that significant? To quote climatologist Dr. Roy Spencer:
"...if the global average temperature is 58 or 59 or 60°F . . . if it increases by 1 or 2°F, that would be a catastrophe?"

just sayin'

And if the measurements are even correct, about which there is debate, what we have is three years in the last ten that measured within .04°C of one another. Doesn't that sound like global temperatures have been fairly stable this last decade?

The Times also points out in their article that all this warming occurred when there was no El Niño weather oscillation, the better to imply that the warming was man-caused. They got this from the NOAA paper. Except that it turns out there was an El Niño weather occurrence last year. NOAA used a specific data set that excluded the equitorial Pacific where El Niño conditions had existed since June according to the Japan Meteorological Agency.

Along with the omitted El Niño event was a secondary unusual weather event in the eastern extratropical Pacific, which is so well known that climate scientists call the hotspot it creates the blob. So NOAA and climate astrologists claims that there were no other factors in play that might have lead to any increase in global temperatures is false. And they know it.

In other words -- the lied. By omission, but it is still a lie.

As I've said in many of my posts on this before -- all this data is out there for anyone to look up. It doesn't take a lot of work. I'm lazy as hell, and I can find the data that blows Al Gore and his minions out of the water. So can you. Don't be bullied into silence. Educate yourself and fight back.

Here's something we don't see enough of . . .

Cutie Danica McKellar in a bikini:

danica McKellar bikini

Btw, Danica is 40 years old in that pic above! Here she is at her 40th birthday party at someplace called Riviera 31:

danica McKellar 40th birthday

Thursday, January 15, 2015

And now Megan Fox is in a bikini too . . .

megan fox bikini

As a rule, I usually eschew putting images of Megan Fox on here because I find her to be overrated and a pretentious ass. But she hasn't been on every magazine and fanboy drool site for a while, and she's in a bikini in public for a change, so here ya go:

megan fox bikini
megan fox bikini

In the battle of Hollywood moms in bikinis, I'm not sure if there's a clear winner between her and Jessica Alba, but to paraphrase a tag line -- I'll post . . . you decide:

Jessica alba bikini
Jessica alba bikini

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

So this was weird . . .

I finally decided last year to upgrade my home entertainment system. My tv at the time was a Hitachi 52" projection television I had purchased in 1995. And by the way, this is me tipping my hat to Hitachi -- 20 years of trouble free performance from that television. Not one service call. Amazing!

Anyway, I spent all last year buying components one at a time. New surround receiver, new speakers -- fabulous JBL Loudspeakers, new turntable, even new cables and speaker wires. A total overhaul. And finally a new television -- a Sharp Aquos 70" smart tv. I spurged for the model with 240hz refresh rate for better picture during games and such.

And finally I designed and built a rack to hold all the stuff in one place -- tv, components, dvds, albums (yes, I've kept them), and cds. The stuff sat in their boxes for most of the year as I collected the components and built the rack (which took over a month by itself). Btw, this is me giving the Nelson laugh to my ex who would probably scoff at the notion of me being this patient and deliberate in my work. Guess maybe at twenty I didn't have the patience for a project like this. But I'm an old f*ck now, guess I've grown a bit. Too bad she couldn't wait for me :-(

But I finally got it all together (no pun intended) and from the first time I turned the tv on . . . problems. The television does a sort of boot process, where it displays a dialog box in the upper corner showing input mode, screen resolution and sound input while the screen is black, then it fades away after the picture comes on. The problem was that it kept re-booting over and over. Sometimes occasionally, sometimes every couple of seconds, sometimes only a couple of times in an evening -- no discernible pattern at all.

I talked to tech guys and everyone I could think of, and no one had ever heard of something like this. My first thought besides an equipment problem was a problem with the cables. But everyone I spoke with told me that hdmi isn't like old-school coax or broadcast signals. With hdmi you either have enough data for your device to compile picture/sound or your don't. It's an all or nothing situation. So if your cables are faulty, you simply don't get anything.

So I'm flummoxed and pissed and ready to throw the receiver out the front door. It's a Sony and if you read the customer reviews on Amazon or even Sony's website, people talk about Sony like they're the crappiest tech company in the world. Which confuses me because Sony used to be THE company for electronic components for years. I often wonder if all these negative reviews are just assh*les spamming the boards. There were the same sort of horrible reviews for the JBL speakers I purchased and they work perfectly. So I'm at the point now where I don't even pay attention to customer reviews anymore.

But as the problem got to the point where I gave up watching cable television entirely and watched only dvds, which inexplicably worked perfectly, I decided to try one last thing before dropping tons of money on service calls.

I buy stereo cables from Monoprice online. They sell really great stuff at way lower prices than you get elsewhere, even after shipping. And last time I purchased from them, I saw they had new hdmi cables with something called Redmere technology incorporated in them. Basically, they were higher capacity cables, something I didn't know existed with hdmi. But I thought -- Verizon FIOS with it's high capacity output, a smart tv that's gulping up input -- maybe the thing is just starving for data. Like a sprinkler system dribbling out water because it's being squeezed by a too small pipe somewhere in the water line.

I ordered the cables, hooked them up, and bingo . . . works like a dream! A $50 solution to what could have been a really pricey diagnostic search. I went back through SHARP's owner's manual and didn't see anything about using special cables. And I've never heard anything from Verizon either. I'm surprised I'm the only one who's run into this problem. But I'm glad it's fixed and happy to see that sometimes my instincts are still worth following.

Btw, Charisma Carpenter turned 44 last year and looks like this:

charisma carpenter nude
charisma carpenter nude
charisma carpenter nude on twitter

The top pics are from a movie called Bound which is on cable ppv now (no, I didn't cap those pics) and the bottom pic is off Twitter which she posted on her birthday then quickly deleted.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Just to finish up . . .

I couldn't let this bit about the Globes pass without mentioning my two favorite ends of the hotness age spectrum:

Hilary Duff:

Hilary duff golden globes

Helen Mirren:

Helen Mirren golden globes

And the rest of those who caught my eye . . .

Not an exhaustive list to be sure, just those who I thought warranted mention or comment and presented in alphabetical order:

Amy Adams -
Amy's got the spanx and that bandage dress working to perfection, but I'm wondering about all those spots -- banquet beforehand perhaps?

amy adams

Diane Kruger -
That dress is giving me a Superhero vibe, but I'm wondering how many people she impaled with those shoes! Look how long the toes are!

diane kruger

Emily Osment -
They caught her on the way in to get ready. Right?

Emily osment

Gillian Anderson -
Oh Scully! We waited so long for you to break out the hotness. *sigh* Still beautiful tho . . .

Gillian anderson

Jaime Chung -
Best thing about rockin' the basic black? Don't have to get fancy with your toenail polish.

Jaime chung

Mary Elizabeth Winstead -
Adorable! And the only person I felt sorry for during the Fappening.

mary Elizabeth winstead

Reese Witherspoon -
Reese didn't seem to be actually smiling in any of the pictures I saw. Just being silly or is she that snarky in real life?

reese witherspoon

Rosamund Pike -
Nice to see her up for some awards this year. She's paid her dues in a variety of film genres. Hope she wins something and gets a little saucy on the red carpet at some point.

rosamund pike

Cara Delevingne won the first round of the Golden Globes week

Rent-a-lesbian Cara Delevingne was the clear winner in the kick-off to the first big awards show of the season -- the Golden Globes:

Cara delevingne

Runner up goes to Maggie Grace for some uncharacteristic showing of skin amid the stunningly demure outfits on display Sunday:

maggie grace shows some skin

And third place goes to my Rosie -- Rose McGowan for her nipular turn in an otherwise forgettable dress:

rose mcgowan

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Jessica Alba's in a bikini

Down in Cabo with her family for the New Year's holiday, Jessica [I play a stripper who doesn't actually strip in the movies] Alba broke out her collection of bikinis whilst enjoying the nice weather:

jessica alba bikini
jessica alba bikini
jessica alba bikini
jessica alba bikini