Saturday, February 13, 2016

About that Ted Cruz commerical . . .

Okay, by now you probably already know the story -- the Cruz campaign shoots a commercial slamming Rubio over his Gang of 8 immigration disaster. The tag-line for the spot is uttered by a handsome looking blonde who says something along the lines of "Maybe next time don't vote for a pretty face." It's another riff along the lines of Chris Christie's endless "boy" remarks. Only problem is, the comely lady who spoke the line isn't exactly unknown to television audiences. Especially fans of late-night soft-core cable television porn:

amy lindsey nude

Yep. Amy Lindsey has an unremarkable career as an actress in those quickie low-budget skinimax late night flicks. Not sure who figured this out. And my first response would be to wonder exactly how he recognized her . . . that might lead to an interesting exchange if you know what I mean.

But Cruz, and his campaign, desperate to position him as the evangelical go-to guy, quickly yanked the spot and apologized for not vetting the actress more thoroughly. Insert your own double entendre there if you like.

Now I have some knowledge of folks who work in the adult industry (don't ask), and most are certainly liberal in their politics, but just like Hollywood, there are conservatives in the adult industry and they keep their views to themselves just like their mainstream counterparts in Hollywood.

If I had anything to do with Cruz's campaign, I would have reached out to Ms. Lindsey and asked about her political views. If she was sympathetic to Cruz and/or conservatism, I would have left the commercial on the air, and when the kerfluffle hit the fan, my response would have been that we, as conservatives, don't judge people by superficial appearances. This is the young lady's chosen line of work, and yes, we'd be happier if she was able to earn a living without exploiting herself thusly, but all are welcome under our tent. And if she doesn't share our political views, we certainly aren't about to deny her a right to make a living over simple political differences.

Or some such. Point being, there was a chance to show some real compassion and inclusion here, they accept Bruce Jenner for crying out loud, why not a c-grade late night actress?

But what's done is done. No one asked me my opinion (and why not?), but Amy's getting her 15 minutes of bright light and Google searches. I'll do my part, here's a couple of screen caps from something she's done. Don't ask me what, I'm not that much of a connoisseur of that late night stuff.

amy lindsey nude
amy lindsey nude
amy lindsey nude

So it seems someone had the bright idea of actually speaking to Ms. Lindsey about politics (gee, reading my blog again? How come I never get credit for these ideas?) and she had some interesting thoughts on Hillary and Bill.

In regards to Bill Clinton's sexual escapades, Amy pointed out that "Bill Clinton had real sex with real people, it destroyed real lives." As opposed to her own theatrical portrayals of consentual sex in the movies she's done.

She said she was initially put off Hillary Clinton because of her defense of a rapist back when she was a practicing lawyer. Her behavior in recent years hasn't warmed Ms. Lindsey to Hillary one bit:

"All of her stuff that woman has been involved in, to me, is just disgraceful, absolutely disgraceful, and you know, in light of all of this, the emails and our national security and all of this other stuff, the fact that she’s running for president blows my mind."

She doesn't mind the idea of a woman as President but I don't think she'll be pulling the lever for Hillary if it comes to that.

Like I said, maybe they shouldn't have yanked that ad so quickly. Amy Lindsey looks like a keeper to me.

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