Monday, February 22, 2016

How long have I been saying this?

welcome to the party, pal

Over at HotAir (no, I'm not going to link them, screw those idiots!), Ed Morrissey did a post about Newt Gingrich going on FOX and Friends this morning and telling the hosts that they created Trump by having him on almost daily and giving him a free platform to create himself in the minds of conservative voters.

Wow! It's only taken all these months for someone as smart and savvy as Gingrich to speak this truth publicly. Of course, now that Newt has spoken, Ed's all in too. Okay, not exactly all in, he doesn't have the juevos to fully commit to slagging on FOX. But I have to give him credit for name checking the same people I've been calling out from way back -- Greta, Hannity, Bolling, Tantaros, etc.

I did a post last election cycle that I titled something like Conservative awareness not unlike a glacier. My point being that our supposedly enlightened commentators and pundits take an excruciatingly long time to come to some common sense conclusions.

Of course, just like the cowardly Allahpundit, Ed's basically throwing in the towel suggesting that no amount of counter-attack ads can stop the Trump juggernaut now, pointing out that Trump gets hours of free air time daily on every network, so he can respond instantly to every attack without much effort.

What a pussy. I know now why he's a blogger instead of working in the private sector. What employer would want a guy who quits every time he bumps up against an obstacle?

But credit where credit's due . . . people are slowly starting to realize that even the conservative media can be dangerous to our cause. Maybe it's time to shake that up as well.

And right on cue . . . here's Hannity making an in-kind political donation to his boy Donald Trump via a one hour special town hall meeting on the eve of the Nevada caucus. I'm sure there will be some softball questions from Trump's lapdog Hannity in this supposedly unbiased presentation.

What a tool!

Btw, did you see the open mic stuff they caught on Morning Joe where the hosts were tipping Trump off on what they were going to cover in the interview and getting his okay and other instructions from him first?


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