Monday, February 1, 2016

Hey Iowa . . .

Don't f*ck this up today! You've got a chance to stick a finger in the eye of all the self-important pollsters and pundits and bloggers and tv personalities who are claiming this race is over before it begins.

Be smart, not sheep. Don't fall for the con-man at the top of the polls. He'll never win a general election and there are other candidates that, while not perfect, are at least responsible conservatives.

Don't throw your vote away for the temporary gratification of showing your frustration with politics as usual. Don't vote for Donald Trump. Please.

I got home from work around 7:30ish and turned on the television to watch a bit of the caucus returns. At that time, Marco Rubio was around 15% while Cruz and Trump were duking it out around 30% each. As the night has gone on, Rubio is up to 22% while Trump has dropped to 25%. Surprisingly to me (not really, tho) is that Megyn and Brett keep talking about how it's a dogfight between Cruz and Trump. A dead heat they call it. Funny, Cruz is 3% ahead of Trump, who is only 3% ahead of Rubio. So why not a dead heat/dogfight between Rubio and Trump?

just wondering

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