Monday, February 22, 2016

Who wears short shorts?

These gals wear short shorts.

My default first choice is always going to be my Duffster, even if this isn't her best look. And on a side note -- I'd like to really thank Miley (not) for bringing back these high-waisted shorts again. *sigh*

hilary duff cut-off shorts
hilary duff cut-off shorts

On the set of a Carl's Jr. commercial, Hayden Panettiere is looking like a Duffster mini me with those solid thighs. But points off for the cigarette boo hiss

hayden panettiere cut-off shorts
hayden panettiere booty in cut-off shorts

Shockingly, my winner here is Kristen Stewart who's looking pretty hot in some really short shorts, not the high-waisted type and showing off her cute booty for a change. Points off for the greasy hair, but she still gets the win today.

Kristen stewart cut-off shorts
Kristen stewart booty in cut-off shorts

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