Thursday, February 11, 2016

I think this bears mentioning

Jeb Bush was on Megyn Kelly's show last night. After unsuccessfully trying to get Bush to explain why he's wasting money trying to destroy Marco Rubio and John Kasich while Trump waltzes untouched to the nomination, she brought up the subject of Trump's continuing vulgarity whilst campaigning.

Jeb, or course, doesn't go for that, he really is a decent guy, but Megyn played a clip of Trump from another network where he was saying that he'll be totally different once he gets in the White House. He said he's just doing what he has to do while campaigning.


I thought the whole point of this voter uprising was that we were supposedly tired of candidates saying one thing and then doing another once in office. I thought we wanted authentic candidates who portrayed themselves and their beliefs honestly. Not someone who is doing what he has to do to get the job.

This isn't the first time I've heard Trump in an interview say he won't be anything like his campaign persona once he gets in office. I thought that's why everyone was voting for him -- his brash, tell-it-like-it-is un-p.c. style. So which is it Donald?

He's also already backed off on the outsider meme a bit saying he would have to be a little bit mainstream to get things done once he's in Washington.

Am I the only one hearing this stuff? Where are all these vaunted political experts, bloggers, and pundits on this? Where are all the campaign and debate advisors? There's enough ammunition from Trump's own vulgar mouth to puncture this guy's aura as real and make this a proper race for the nomination.

Between his flip-flops on a lifetime of political ideology to his constant contradictions during this campaign, there's more than enough to show this pretender for what he is. Get with it guys.

Thank you Hammer! On tonight's Special Report during the panel segment Charles Krauthammer pointed out that you could take a just shown clip of Donald Trump saying that "I can become anything I want" and pair it with his statements on every political/sociological position he has ever held and holds now and show how he's not anywhere near as authentic as he claims to be.

Effin' finally! I wonder if he's been reading my blog? heh

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