Thursday, February 18, 2016

Because it's your f*cking job, Rush!

rush Limbaugh is a fucking coward!

I only made it through the first couple of minutes of Hannity as Sean had Laura Ingraham on and they were bouncing in their seats, beaming, because Donald Trump was ahead in all the polls, except the one Hannity called an "outlier" and looked to be ready to run the table on his way to the nomination.

Ingraham and Hannity were joking about how the Republican establishment was going through the 5 stages of grief at the prospect of a Trump nomination.

Really?! Are you two so fucking stupid that you can't see the danger in making Donald Trump the face of the Republican party in this country?! I'm always astounded when you hear one of these bozos opine that a Trump Presidency is preferable to a Clinton/Sanders Presidency. What metric are you using to come to that conclusion? Where in the endless contradictory statements, leftist stances and childish outbursts are you finding a man suited for anything other than a carnival sideshow performer?

In another of his click-bait, the sky is falling, game over man, posts at HotAir, the execrable Allapundit spotlighted Rush Limbaugh losing his cool with a couple of callers who dared to ask why he wasn't speaking out about Trump's ill-suited-ness for the Oval Office.
I’m gonna answer it this way. Honest, from the depths of my heart: This country needs to be saved from the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party is the most destructive force in this country, and anything that beats it, anything that blows it to smithereens, anything that renders it a minority institution — ’cause that’s what I think needs to happen . . .

It’s really simple, my friends: I don’t want to destroy anybody who could defeat Hillary Clinton. I don’t want to damage anybody who could defeat the Democrat Party. It’s no more complicated than that.

Really, Rush? Is it really no more complicated than that? Because maybe you should take a look at the polls and polling data. You know, the polls that show that Trump loses to anyone the Dems throw up there -- Clinton, Sanders, Biden, Warren . . . anyone. Trump loses, and badly, to all of them. And the polling data that shows Trump with the highest unfavorables of anyone on the Republican side of the contest.

Here's what's uncomplicated big boy -- Trump won't win independents, he won't win moderate Democrats, and just like with John McCain in 08, a significant portion of Republican voters aren't going to vote for Trump no matter what. So how is he going to win? Simple, uncomplicated point -- he won't.

And where will you have been? Sitting on your ass, behind your gold microphone disparaging the Republican establishment because the guy you foisted on the voting public got his ass handed to him in a winnable election? You've been all to happy to wear the mantle of the Voice of Conservatism for years. You've made your millions by claiming you were Equal Time for conservative thought in a predominately liberal media. And yet when the time came to point out that a pretender was set to destroy everything us grass root activists have fought for these last years, you went AWOL. Afraid to take a stand.

So save your arrogant newsletters and haughty poses for someone else pal. Like Sarah Palin . . . you're dead to me.

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