Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pet peeve = Jennifer Aniston edition

From back when this blog was hosted at another service, I've often made mention of one of my major peeves when it comes to actresses today. That would be when they audition or aggressively pursue a role that requires nudity and then once they have the part, demand that it be rewritten to accommodate their sense of modesty.

These demands often extend to rewriting or deleting scenes, bringing in body doubles, backlighting, etc. Often at the expense of the continuity of the film's narrative.

Here's my thing -- if you don't want to go full monty in a flick, then don't audition for the part. Simple.

Well, now comes Jennifer Aniston in the movie We're the Millers. She either plays a stripper or her character strips for some reason, but following in the footsteps of Lindsay Lohan, Natalie Portman, Jessica Alba, and others, Jen plays a stripper who keeps her clothes on:

jennifer aniston see-thru nipples
jennifer aniston lingerie stripper

Now I haven't been to a strip club since college (a really long time ago), but if I plunked down my hard earned cash at a club and some chick climbed on stage and only wore the outfits above (including the spanx boy shorts from the Sydney Leathers collection), I think I'd be having a fairly animated conversation with someone about getting my money back.

And what makes matters worse, is that this is the umpteenth time we've had Jen in a movie where her publicists have blared loud and long about how she's finally going to show some skin, blah, blah . . . then there's nothing there when the movie finally comes out.

Seriously sweetheart, if you don't want to get naked on film, I'm okay with that. But quit promising that this is finally the film where you're going to go all the way and then not go through with it. Boy who cried wolf ring a bell?

Say what you want about Demi Moore and that crappy movie Striptease, at least she had stones to go all the way in it:

demi moore topless striptease

Though it sorta looked like her stones were in those rock hard implants.  eesh


And now it seems the talk is beginning again. After promising and not delivering in the original, Aniston through some spokesperson is saying that she intends to go topless in the sequel to We're the Millers. The money quote from a recent National Inquirer article speaks volumes:

"It’s possible the topless shot will be from a distance and Jen will be wearing a body stocking or even body art, but she’s also discussed with the studio the possibility of a close-up with her breasts pixilated or covered with a funny blooper motif," noted the source. "She thinks that could be funny but still provocative."

Right. So in other words...this will be like every movie she's put out in the last ten years where she's gone on about how she's in the best shape of her life, and wants to show her body off and break out of the America's Sweetheart mold, yada, yada . . . and still isn't going to go through with it.

Bottom line, is that the only time Jen's been found nude on film is when someone got ahold of the raw footage from something she was in and sold the unexpurgated image of her to the tabloids:

Jennifer aniston topless nipples

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