Sunday, November 24, 2013

Natalie Gulbis is hanging in there

Natalie Gulbis rallied from seven shots down at the start of the third round of the CME Group Titleholders LPGA event in Naples Saturday to tie for the lead at 11 under.

Gulbis hasn't won an event in six years and has spent most of this season battling malaria, of all things. Local cutie Brittany Lincicome is well off the pace at 4 over, and my other fave Morgan Pressel is at 3 under.

A victory for Gulbis after all she's been through this year would be a nice thing for her. And she looks pretty good in body paint too. Which is nice for us fans:

natalie gulbis si bodypaintnatalie gulbis si bodypaint
natalie gulbis si bodypaintnatalie gulbis si bodypaint

Natalie blew up in the final round, shooting an 82 to finish tied for 29th at 1 under. Morgan Pressel finished tied for 16th at 5 under and Brittany Lincicome finished tied for 51st at 6 over.


Anonymous said...

She has an amazingly tight body, you have to remind yourself that she's essentially naked in those pictures. Wouldn't mind being the guy who got to put that paint on her.

postaldog said...

Yeah, first off, how do you get a job like that? And secondly, how in the world do you stay focused on your work when you're that close to some naked hottie?!

Thanks for commenting :-)