Saturday, December 26, 2015

The new Deadpool trailer dropped on Christmas as promised

The studios had promised another red-band trailer for Deadpool would be put out on Christmas day, and they did deliver:

This one's not as great as the first trailer out, but it has more characters and more implications that this movie is going to go along the lines of the most excellent Watchmen movie. Which is to say that it won't be a cookie-cutter comic book movie -- instead using more adult language and themes than studios usually want to try in flicks based on comic books, even though the audiences are primarily adults.

As an old-time X-Men fan, it's fun for me to see Colossus properly presented in a movie, and I see Gina Carrano is making another attempt at a movie career (saw she was in a movie on pay-per-view as well yesterday). I think Ryan Reynolds box office clout, such as it is, is helping the writers and director of this movie get out the version they want. Bully for them. That backfired on Thomas Jane when he tried that with The Punisher some years back.

This movie is out Feb 12, and like I said previously, I think this will be the first movie I've seen in theaters in more years than I can remember.

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