Wednesday, November 27, 2013

There's the episode of AoS that we've been waiting for

This week's episode, Repairs, was easily the best of the season. It just goes to show what they can do when they're hitting on all cylinders with the production. Of course the season finale is in two weeks, so it's like damn, just when it starts getting good.

This week's show seemed initially to be about a young gal who developed telekinetic powers after an accident (a typical formula from the comics), except that it wasn't that simple. My initial thought was that she would turn out to be a conduit or magnifier for other's bad feelings or emotions. But instead there was a man who was trapped between dimensions from the accident who was actually trying to protect the young woman, but instead causing more harm than help.

That, in and of itself, was a nice thematic touch. They also had to bring in religion, as in the woman felt God had abandoned her or was punishing her, etc. I'm perhaps a bit hyper-critical of these themes because of my conservative politics and the never-ending bludgeoning we (conservatives, believers) take from the liberal media and entertainment complex.

I thought they missed just a bit on that part of the show. Too often liberals misinterpret belief and theology and the consequences in the lives of those who believe and practice. The girl's feelings and the resolution with her infatuated erstwhile protector felt a bit off to me, but not so much as to take away from the entire episode.

On the plus side, we learned that Agents May and Ward are having regular sex, so much so that they have to plan their arrivals/departures to avoid suspicion.  heh

And despite their closeness, Ward doesn't know the particulars of why May is called The Cavalry. But of course, Coulson does, and shares enough of the details with Skye to get her, and perhaps the audience, to see May in a different light.

A bit more fx in this episode, the acting and action seemed more solid, and the overall feeling was fairly poignant. Like I said, definitely the best episode so far. Worth watching on dvr before I passed out from another exhausting day at work.

And here's a few more pics of newby cutie Chloe Bennett, one from the Thor 2 premiere and the other from her post-coital lingerie scene earlier in the year:

chloe bennett lingerie
chloe bennett thor 2 premiere

For some hi-res Chloe Bennett hotness, check out my season ending review of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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