Sunday, November 10, 2013

Florida Legislature shows spine -- part 2

Thursday this past week, a panel of Florida lawmakers soundly rejected a proposal to repeal the state's "stand your ground" law despite hectoring and demagoguery from the usual groups such as the recently created (in the wake of the Zimmerman/Martin case) Dream Defenders.

The 2-11 vote was actually bi-partisan as one of the laws supporters, Dem. Rep. Katie Edwards was quoted thusly: "The people I represent, the people we represent, need not be required, or have imposed upon them, a duty to retreat...I won't turn my back on responsible self-defense laws."

Also included in the ruling was a bill to spare those who fire warning shots from being convicted under the state's 10-20-Life law. This bill was also bi-partisan as the bill's 28 co-signers were from both sides of aisle in the Legislature. Probably why you don't see a lot of ink about this in the liberal papers. Democrats and Republicans agreeing on a lefty hot button topic in favor of conservative ideals just isn't news in their opinion.

Final passage of that bill will be up to the full Legislature when it convenes in March of next year.

Nice to see some Republicans showing some spine when it comes to conservative ideology. Pity it's only at the state level. You'd think those wimps at the national level might take notice and straighten up and do what we put them there to do.

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