Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tonite's episode of AoS

'Cause I'm getting tired of typing out Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. all the time.

Oooh, bunches more clues about Coulson tonight. We now know, that he knows, that he died (which sort of contradicts something from the first episode, so oops?). He mentions that he knows that he was dead for more than 8 seconds and that he went "there." And that it was beautiful.

We know that he knows something isn't right with himself, as he ordered blood work (normal except for high iron...clue?) and a physical. Simmons declares him perfectly fit (again...clue?) then guilelessly tacks on "for a man your age."  heh

We got to see the scar on his chest from when Loki impaled him in the Avengers movie. And at first, I thought they were hinting at a relationship between Coulson and May, but I'm thinking now that she was referring to her own "near death" experience (that prompted her to get a desk job as mentioned in the premiere) when they were getting all misty together at the end of the episode.

It looks like they're going to go with the death changes a man vibe for a while. But I'm thinking that's some misdirection from the writers and Whedon. I can't imagine they went through all the trouble to resurrect Coulson and start a mystery around him, only to pass it off so blithely.


Anonymous said...

The "It was beautiful" definitely had Buffy overtones. Will he resent beign brought out of heaven to resume worldly duties?

postaldog said...

At this point, he seems very focused, almost to a fault, at putting this particular team together and making it work. So I don't see him suffering the angst of not being "there."

Still not sure what line they're taking with his resurrection. The writers have made some effort to not be totally straight forward in the storylines so far, so I can't see them simply doing a "we resuscitated him" thing. Where's the fun in that?

Anonymous said...

He seems focused, but he has been willing to sacrifice his life at the drop of a team member. To me it implies that he is totally willing to go back to his former state. He feels the pull of duty, but it seems clear to me that he is willing to be reckless with his own life.

I think Joss has had thoughts about how he wrote Buffy handling it, and wasn't finished with that idea. As far as 'how' there are mystical healers in the Marvel universe, some not so nice. I think Nick Fury made a deal or traded a favor with a 'bad guy' to bring him back and that is the secret. Just my guess.

postaldog said...

You may be right about the sacrifice bit. Or it may be that he feels he's on borrowed time and doesn't have anything to lose now that he knows what's waiting for him there.

I rewatched the first episode to see if I missed anything. They specifically mentioned that Coulson can't ever be told he wasn't actually in Tahiti. So there's definitely something hinky about his resurrection. In the comics, he's dating the Scarlet Witch. Can't imagine they're going to get that obtuse/deep into the mythology for explanations.

Your guess is a good one. Another might be that they took him to Asgard to let Odin bring him back to life in some form. Fun to geek out about this stuff. Hopefully the show will get a long enough run to have some fun with it.

Thanks for commenting :-)