Monday, November 25, 2013

The most unflattering pic of Kate Upton you'll see today

Just goes to show you that when mom nagged at you to stand up straight she knew what she was talking about:

kate upton fat

And a reminder about picking your plastic surgeon with due diligence -- Tara Reid:

tara reid melting ass

'Cause Tara used to look like this, remember?

tara reid hot



matthew w said...

The picture of Tara in the blue bikini:

Why does her butt look like a stretch armstrong doll?????

postaldog said...

Side effect of a botched lipo that deflated her ass and buggered up her abs to the point where she's had to go back in and have her midsection redone to remove the sagging skin.

Like I said --> due diligence when picking a plastic surgeon.

Thanks for commenting :-)