Sunday, November 3, 2013

What's a shrieking AGW harpy to do?

The planet is currently in a 10 year period of global cooling. The US is seeing extreme heat events (over 100 degrees) at their lowest numbers in nearly a century. The number of tornadoes are on pace to be the lowest in 13 years. No major hurricanes (cat. 3 or higher) have made landfall from either the Atlantic or Pacific this season, the first time that has occurred since 1968. And the number of wildfires is the lowest in a decade and the acreage involved in those fires is tied with the second lowest in that time period.

So what is an eco-douchebag like James Cameron going to do? Why, he's going to gather some climate morons like Matt Damon, Harrison Ford, and Arnold Schwarzenegger and make a movie about the dangers of man-made global warming.

Of course.

No word yet on whether Ed Begley Jr. will make an appearance as an animated GIF popping up throughout the movie alternately shrieking "The science is settled!" and "Peer reviewed!"   One can hope.

And that would be the same James Cameron that dared noted foe of the fake AGW hysteria, Marc Morano, to a debate only to back out when Morano agreed. Cameron then offered to debate Sarah Palin (?!?!) and then backed out of that as well. The same James Cameron who owns three houses, a fleet of submarines, a couple of yachts, multiple vehicles, flies all over the world, and basically has a carbon footprint the size of mega-Godzilla. And don't even come at me with that nonsense about the scam of "carbon offset" fees he supposedly pays. If you're gullible enough to buy that load of horse manure, I've got some swampland and a few bridges to sell you.

I'm sure with Cameron's big dollars, special effects expertise, and Hollywood connections, the flick will be an Al Gore/Michael Moore wet dream of propaganda -- half truths, outright lies, and cherry picked data sets.

And just like the Goreacle's schlockumentary, it will be lauded by self-hating liberals and low information voters, and pronounced by intellectually uninterested MSNBC hosts as "The Truth!"

And like all lies, it will get around the world before the real truth can get its pants on and strike back.


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