Thursday, February 23, 2012

Maybe the RNC should hire Lindsay Lohan

Proving that the folks in Hollywood have all the spine and resolve of Pavlovian dogs, Lindsay Lohan has finally secured an acting gig playing Elizabeth Taylor.

Linds managed this via a relentless campaign of name checking Liz and Marilyn Monroe at every opportunity; being photographed in poses reminiscent of either woman; even being photographed in sweatshirts bearing Liz's image.

Hollywood naturally fell for this, which we knew they would, because Hollywood fell for, and continues to fall for President Obama's socialist clap-trap, bait-and-switch empty rhetoric politics.

Here's my thing -- Lindsay has managed to score an acting gig, and despite her hard partying and documented drug use, has convinced a sitting judge that she is turning her life around, so maybe the Republican party should hire Linds as a campaign consultant.

She'd have the liberals eating out of our hands in no time.

liz taylorlindsay for terry richardson

Because the resemblance is uncanny, right?

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