Monday, February 20, 2012

And it used to be a "classy" holiday

President's Day - that day between Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays that we use to celebrate the men (and someday women) who have led this country throughout it's history.

Yeah . . . it just got a whole lot more classy up in this joint:

courtney and jenny celebrate the holiday

Faux-celeb Courtney Stodden dressed up as Marilyn Monroe (where's Lindsay when you need her?) and did a knock off photo shoot with her creepy husband to celebrate the holiday.

Next we have that delicate flower, Jenny Farley, posting a little missive on her blog or website or something about PILF's. Yeah, you got that right folks - Presidents I'd like to f*ck. Rumor has it she kept it to only eight lucky guys. A couple of whom are still alive, so get steppin' fellas, you ain't gettin' any younger.

I simply cannot imagine a more dignified way to celebrate the sacrifice and service these men have given to our country. Can you?

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