Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hmmm, do we have a horse race here?

Rick Santorum won the caucuses in Minnesota, Missouri, and Colorado last night to add to his win in Iowa at the start of the Republican Presidential candidate campagin.

This might give the former Pennsylvania Senator a respectable boost as the official "non Romney" candidate as Newt's often off-putting personality is . . . well, putting a lot of voters and pundits off. Santorum's picked up the backing of several high profile conservative bloggers which certainly helps his cause. But money's the 800lb elephant in the room here.

Mitt's got tons of it and Santorum doesn't. If his campaign can do a credible job of fund raising, the race's angry white man® may become a serious threat to the beltway elite's preferred candidate.

The other interesting thing to come from this will be more questions directed at Santorum in upcoming debates. He's had a couple good outings recently and he's not shy about slamming the opposition. The possibility of some tasty fireworks might just tempt me into watching the next debate when it's on television.

Like I said -- maybe we got a horse race here after all.

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