Monday, February 27, 2012

Anna Faris & Milla Jovovich for the win

This is based on a quick glimpse through various thumbnail sized images from the red carpet at this year's Academy Awards. But I'm thinking it's pretty much a tie between Anna Faris and Milla Jovovich for who I thought looked the best last night:

anna faris & milla jovovich 2012 academy awards

The short, blonde bob Anna's rocking is pretty cute on her, though I wouldn't mind so much if she'd lay off the lip injections.

And Milla just looks wonderful -- the pale skin with the perfect red lipstick, the hair . . . woof. Both she and Anna had dresses that fit perfectly, weren't too crazy with the cut or style and both women have the bodies to pull off those dresses.

Looking good, ladies :-)

One of the celeb sites I cruise through was trying to suggest that pinched-face Tina Fey out glammed Milla on the red carpet. Heh. Tina Fey is a one-trick pony clinging desperately to her character assasination of Sarah Palin for relevence. Her vaunted tv show is in the toilet ratings wise, but these celeb blogs, that mostly lean precipitously left, just continue to fawn over Tina because of her sole dubious achievement.

Nice try folks, but epic fail on your part.