Friday, February 24, 2012

Tony Stewart wins Daytona qualifier

tony stewart wins daytona qualifier

Tony Stewart showed this week that he has every intention of continuing his great finish last season by winning Race 1 of the Bud Shootout.

With his win, Stewart starts third in the field and looks to be in a position to win one of the races that has eluded him in his storied career.

Danica Patrick was collected in the last lap of her qualifier and suffered a very hard crash which will put her in a back up car for the 500 Sunday.

Danica's running a full Nationwide series this year for Dale Jr's team and a 10 race stint in the Sprint cup with Tony Stewart's team. Stewart has stated how impressed he was with Danica so far. And since she will finally be using top flight equipment, as opposed the the hand-me-downs she got in IndyCar, we'll get a chance to see just how good a driver she is.

I actually think she'll be quite successful, so I'll keep monitoring her results. And you can pat me on the back at the end of the season and say "Hey, you were right!"


danica patrick sidanica patrick si
danica patrick sidanica patrick si


Reaganite Independent said...

I thought I just read Danica is a lib or something

Oh well, looks and drives well enough:

A Lily Grows Out of the Swamp~
'Miss Kosovo 2011' is Aferdita Dreshaj

postaldog said...

Heh, I think that was based on her punting when someone tried to get her to weigh in on the contraception outrage de jour.

She's going to get a lot more attention running the Nationwide and NASCAR series than she did with IndyCar. She'll have to up her game a bit for the q&a now.

I think she'll do well.

Thanks for commenting :-)