Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ah jeez, enough already . . .

So I haven't been online much the last couple of days for a variety of reasons. I finally get some time on the 'puter today and what am I bludgeoned with:

lindsay lohan terry richardson photoshoot

Oh look . . . Lindsay Lohan's done another photo shoot with avante garde photographer Terry Richardson. *yawns* And she's managed to yet again be juxtaposed with images of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. *sighs*

It's like when Democrats make sure to say the word racist in the same sentence as Republican hoping to get them linked inexorably in people's minds, Lindsay seems to think if her image is always linked to Marilyn and Liz, she'll be considered in the same catagory as those legendary Hollywood women.

Uhhhh . . . no.

Then I see a cover of In Style magazine, and who's on the cover . . . yet again:

jennifer aniston in style magazine

Yep, everyone's favorite pity party Jennifer Aniston. And for the millionth time, she brings up Angelina Jolie and says she doesn't want to talk about her . . . then talks about her *groan*

Honey, just shut up! Please! You drove away the man in your life with your clingy neediness, you've proven you can't carry a movie on your own, and these relentless publicity grabs -- Jen's in love, Jen's pregnant, Jen's not pregnant, Jen's appearing topless in her next flick, Jen this, Jen that . . .

Just stop already!

And finally I see that songbird Leann Rimes is in the studio working on a new album . . . oh wait, that's not it at all:

leann rimes in a bikini yet again

No, Leann's poured herself into another skimpy bikini and managed to get lots of pictures herself taken. *facepalm* I mean, she used to be a singer, right? Fairly well thought of, as I remember. So now her entire life seems to be centered around getting pictures of her ass posted on the internet.

Oohh, and the trucker cap is a nice touch. Didn't those go out of style about 20 years ago? Way to stay current, baby!

Enough! Okay?! Between these three and that Rhianna chick, I've got famewhore overload goin' on here today.


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