Friday, February 17, 2012

Yzerman, Bolts not standing pat. And yet . . .

Yesterday, the Lightning traded forward Dominic Moore to San Jose for a 2nd round pic in next year's draft. That gives the Bolts three pics in that round, which will be nice for either trade bait or stocking the pantry for down the road.

Veteran defenseman Pavel Kubina is reportedly on the trade block as well. The 34 year old did not play in the o/t win against the Sharks and is sitting out games to protect his trade value as Yzerman shops him around. Kubina has a no-trade clause and was asked to submit a list of teams he would be willing to go to if traded.

It's nice that Yzerman is working hard to upgrade the team, but what they need is a big time goalie and local favorite Kubina simply isn't going to fetch one in a trade. The thought is that someone looking for veteran leadership going into the playoffs will be interested in Pavel, which may be true. But that same team isn't going to jettison their goalkeeper to get him.

Are we looking at picking up someone else's back up or number three guy? Yzerman's got an eye for talent, so maybe he sees someone out there.

I don't know. It's just killing me to see this talented team languishing with a sub-.500 record because of less-than-stellar play in goal.

Oh well, hope springs eternal. I guess.

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