Monday, June 13, 2011

Game, set, match -- Taylor Momsen

So Taylor Momsen is now in England at the Download Music Festival, or something like that. And she's got her dark rocker thing going on. Nothing new there. Then she turns sideways . . .

And just like that, Taylor puts a fork in Miley Cyrus' - "Look at me, I'm so edgy, I'm rockin' in South America..." tour strategy. 'Cause while Miley's down south wearing Disney approved sexy wear, Taylor's in England letting everything hang of her top for anyone to see. Good thing the roadies didn't run out of electrical tape setting up or heaven knows what we would have been treated to there.

And to top it off, Taylor didn't just flash everyone at the interview, she took that sh*t on stage and flashed the crowd too. There's a video of her online just yanking her top up for the fans. I mean that's it, there's no topping that for poor Miley. She might as well put on a demure sundress and go back to doing church hymns with Billy Ray, 'cause she's got no answers for this chick in the bringin' the hoochie department.

Here's the money shot so to speak from the video I alluded to above. Like I said, Miley could be juggling chainsaws while wearing a bikini made of bacon on stage and no one's going to notice with Taylor doing this stuff night after night.

Game over, man. Game over!

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