Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sean Bean is not a metrosexual pantywaist

Out having a drink with his Playboy playmate friend April Summers, Sean Bean who you've seen in Ronin, Lord of the Rings, and currently Game of Thrones took exception to some young jerk making a snooty remark while he and April were outside having a smoke.

Bean pursues the guy looking to call him out on his wiseassness, but of course the townie runs off. Only to return later and ambush Bean when he's outside again having a smoke.

Try to tell you guys those cigarettes are dangerous . . .

Anyway, Bean gets cut with possibly a broken bottle and gets a punch in the face. Instead of calling the paps and staging a photo-op of him going to the hospital. He goes back in the bar, cleans up his bloody cut and has a few more drinks.

Dude's badass rating just went up a bunch of notches there.

And at home, girlfriends and wives are giving their men the side-eye wondering what their man would do in the same situation.

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