Friday, June 10, 2011

No pretense of objectivity now

So if you haven't heard -- it's full on Operation Get Sarah Palin!

The New York Times and the Washington Post have signed on hundreds of volunteers to pour through two and a half years of Sarah Palin's e-mail corrrespondence from when she was governor of Alaska.

The news media did a live feed from the document drop, announcing with breathless anticipation that a storm was brewing for the former governor and private citizen, as they are sure there must be some damning e-mails in there somewhere.

Now bear in mind, these are the same liberals that don't seem to care that a sitting Congressman was sending pictures of his penis to underaged girls while in his office. The same Congressman that coached recipients of his slimey tweets on how to lie to the media to cover for him.

This is also the same media that ignores actual science when it comes to climate, and put forth their chosen political talking points.

They also ignore nearly 10% unemployment, nearly 20% underemployment, $14 trillion in debt, a downturning economy, an undeclared war, a looming recession (again), a Democratically controlled congress that hasn't put forth a budget in 2 years, and on and on.

They close their eyes to our gaffe prone President who alienates our allies and sucks up to murderous dictators and tyrants. Whose bigotry is on display when he dismisses Israel and speaks of white police officers as "acting stupidly" and refers to white businessmen as "those people." Who keeps as close advisors convicted domestic terrorists, communists, and racist hatemongers.

Nothing to see here, move along losers.

But let's look into Sarah Palin's old e-mails. Let's rent the house next door and spy on her. Let's chase her around the country like rabid dogs. Let's make up quotes and publish them as fact. Let's ignore historical facts and claim she's a moron about our country's history. Let's make jokes on tv and on stage about killing her or raping her children.

In my lifetime, I have never seen such a concerted effort to destroy one person's reputation as this. And for what? Because she's a conservative? Because she didn't butcher her imperfect child in her womb? Because she doesn't believe in a cradle to grave nanny state government?

And where are the women's groups on this? Where are the enlightened female intelligensia?

Oh they're grabbing their pitchforks and torches and running along side the frothing mob. She deserves it, they say. She's dangerous, they say.

You disgust me, I say.

After one day of pouring through Sarah's e-mails with drooling intensity we find that she was excited to be named to the McCain Presidential ticket, that she's "Team Edward," that she was a busy, hard working governor and CEO of her state, and oh yeah, she got lots of death threats! Want to guess how many main stream news organizations lead with that last little tid-bit?

My money's on not a single one.

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