Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So Huntsman is in . . . is Rick Perry?

So I see where former Utah governor John Huntsman has officially decided to run for President. It's getting to be pretty crowded for the upcoming debates.

I don't know a lot about him, gonna have to bone up a bit. I know that, from a fiscal standpoint, he did some good stuff as gov of Utah. He's also picked the wrong side on a few things -- global warming, Obama as a wonderful executive, etc. Things he's already begun to walk back. And he'll have to do a lot of dancing to cover. Though hearing him speak, he's a polished politician, so I've no doubt he can talk his way through various change of heart scenarios.

He reminds me, at first glance, of Mike Huckabee, whom I supported in the '08 primaries. I personally like former governors for the presidency as they've actually had to run something, not just sit around in committee and vote "present" like our current chief executive.

Oddly enough, that was conventional thinking until Michelle Bachmann got into the race. Now the same conservative pundits who championed the desireability of former governors, now dismiss that in favor of lifetime senators who they say have the preferred resume.

Guess it depends what horse you're backing.

Has Rick Perry decided to run? He's talking the talk. And I know that some conservatives are pointing out the flaws in his resume already. Like I said -- lots of homework to begin. And I don't think we're done with people jumping in this race as President Obama looks more beatable every day.

And just 'cause she's fairly wamdigeous -- here's Lucy Pinder testing the tensile strength of black tape of some kind:

lucy pinder

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