Wednesday, June 8, 2011

And that's game 1

The Red Sox beat the hated Yankees last night 6-4.

David Ortiz hit a monster 2 run shot and Pap ended the game with a strikeout of A-Rod.

Video immediately after showed Cameron Diaz ripping three phone books in half, bending a steel bar over her neck, then climbing the Empire State Building where she swatted at airplanes for a couple of hours.

Tito's moving of Carl Crawford into the 6 hole has paid dividends all around as C.C. has brought his average up about 50 points in the last month. And Oritz has benefitted because pitchers now have to pitch to him, much like when Manny followed him in the line-up. He's responded with a month so huge I think he was named offensive player of the month or something.

This gives the Sox a solid 1-6 lineup of power and average that will be good stuff for the rest of the season.

Now if they can only keep their pitchers off the dl *raps on wood*

Also worth mentioning that the Sox are up 7-4 as I write this behind my boy Wake and Papi's hit another homer. yippee!

Boston wins 11-6! This puts the Sox in first place in the East and gives them a 7-1 record against the Jankees. heh

And also for no reason other than her general hotness, here's an early released pic of the anti-Megan Fox, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley from her July layout in Maxim:

you're welcome

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